Episode:The Betrayal Comes Home (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Prince of Urantia went into darkness at the time of the Lucifer rebellion, thus precipitating the long confusion of the planet. Caligastia's betrayal of trust was premeditated, a deliberate sin that completely distorted his personality. Upon the outbreak of rebellion two hundred thousand years ago, the system circuits were severed; the world was isolated, and it was a time of great testing. All superhuman personalities were compelled to choose between the ways of Lucifer and the will of the unseen Father.

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Keywords: Urantia, Lucifer Rebellion, Betrayal of Trust, The Devil, Iniquity

Summary by Kermit

66:8. The Misfortunes of Caligastia

Caligastia’s ultraindividualistic nature, his inclinations to side with critical protesters, and his restlessness and resentment of authority and supervision were noticed early in his career. Yet, he had always proved loyal to the universe rulers and obedient to the Contsellation Fathers when tested, up to the time of his shameful betrayal of Urantia.

Warnings and instruction concerning their critical tendencies, and the subtle development of their pride of self were misconstrued by Caligastia and Lucifer, as unwarranted criticism and unjustified interference with personal liberties. They judged their unselfish advisors by their own evolving selfishness.

Urantia civilization progressed fairly normally for almost three hundred thousand years, given the irregularities and evolutionary fluctuations that go with being a life-modification sphere. The rebellion and Adamic default have markedly modified all subsequent planetary history.

Commentary: Subsequent to the rebellion, the authors refer to Caligastia in very diminished terms. They provide us with a perspective at odds with the fictitious, historical, and current picture of the “devil” as a being with extraordinary powers to disrupt and harass normal humans. We are herein reminded of our sovereignty of personality and its associated free will. The absolute dimension of our personality prevents even the Father himself, in his indwelling presence, from compelling us to think a single thought or to perform a single act against our will. Yet, as this story of Lucifer and Caligastia illustrates, the sovereignty of personality, when gone astray can become the very tool of our self-destruction.

Thus is this rebel, the traitorous and iniquitous Caligastia shorn of all power to harm his former subjects, while he awaits the final adjudication of the Uversa Ancients of Days.

Paper 67. The Planetary Rebellion

Understanding the problems associated with human existence on Urantia is impossible without a knowledge of our epochal history, in particular the planetary rebellion. Social evolution and spiritual development have been markedly modified by the rebellion.

1. The Caligastia Betrayal

It was Lucifer’s assistant, Satan who led Caligastia into betrayal during one of his periodic inspections of Urantia.

Commentary: The traditional depiction of the rebel leaders as caricatures of nefarious majesty are completely erroneous. Lanonandek Sons are creatures of light. Extra-Biblical writings produced down through our history, beginning with the Apocalypse of Peter, Dante’s Divine Comedy and most recently Milton’s Paradise Lost, and have been highly contributory to the aggrandizement of the devil’s power and influence.

In violating the most sacred trust of providing for the welfare and guidance of evolving mortals on a newly inhabited world, Caligastia completely distorted his personality that his mind has never since been able to fully regain its equilibrium. Nothing is more destructive of personality status than betrayal of trust and disloyalty to one’s confiding friends.

Discussion: We had an edifying discussion (again) on the role of personality choice and nature of error, evil, sin and iniquity, in relation to the threefold actuality of individuality (fact), associativity (truth), and unity (goodness). The serious student is encouraged to use their individuality consciousness to sort out the details of these components of reality.

Error suggests lack of intellectual keenness leading to a misconception of distortion of reality. Evil suggests a deficiency of wisdom leading to a maladjustment to universe realities. Sin is abject spiritual poverty leading to the conscious choosing to oppose spiritual progress. Iniquity indicates vanishing personality control in persistent defiance of recognized reality.

Discussion: The genuine sinner recognizes goodness and chooses the opposite. Thus, the application of goodness in an attempt to overcome sin is futile. Your personality with its absolute dimension when misused leads to oblivion. Being from the Father, personality trumps the mind realities of the Infinite Spirit and the spirit realities of the Eternal Son. With such great and powerful gifts (personality), come great responsibility.

2. The Outbreak of the Rebellion

After Satan’s inspection, and a prolonged conference between Daligastia and Caligastia, a staff meeting extraordinary of the Prince’s ten councils was called. All administrative groups were ordered to resign their functions and powers into the hands of Daligastia, pending the reorganization of the planetary government. Van branded these moves as bordering on planetary rebellion and proposed that the staff wait until an appeal could be taken to Lucifer, the System Sovereign of Satania. Van won the support of the entire staff. However, Lucifer upheld Caligastia’s action, ordering absolute and unquestioning allegiance to his mandates. Van’s reply to Lucifer’s command was a seven hour long address, indicting Daligastia, Caligastia, and Lucifer as standing in contempt of the sovereignty of the universe of Nebadon; and appealed to the Most Highs of Edentia for support.

The severing of the system circuits left every group of celestial life isolated and cut off from all outside counsel and advice. All such beings were detained on Urantia and compelled to choose between the God of liberty and God the Sevenfold (sin and righteousness).

For seven years the struggle continued, whereupon Van and his loyal associates received vindication of their appeal.

Discussion: We had an intriguing discussion concerning the fact that on Jerusem, Lucifer was deposed after about two years time. The five-year difference between intervention by the Most Highs on Jerusem and their intervention on Urantia strongly suggests the possibility that transit time from Jerusem to Urantia could be on the order of five years.