Episode:The Betrayal Comes Home (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Throughout the seven crucial years of rebellion on Urantia, Amadon was the outstanding human hero. He remained steadfast in the service of the universe and in loyalty to Van, his superhuman associate and the leader of the band of loyalists. The rebels chose Nod as their leader, and their descendants were long known as the Nodites. Great confusion reigned in Dalamatia after the instigation of rebellion, and this onetime planetary headquarters was subsequently destroyed by a tidal wave.

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Keywords: Urantia, Rebellion, Nod, Nephilim, Melchizedek of Salem

Note: Kermit was unable to join this week, and there were only 3 co-hosts. Also, this week Chris began joining from a new connection with lower audio quality than the preceding episodes.

Summary by Kermit

3. The Seven Crucial Years

Following the broadcast of the rebellion on Jerusem, the Satania system was, isolated, quarantined.

Forty of the one hundred corporeal staff, including Van, as well as many of the human associates (modified and otherwise), defended Michael and his universe government. and refused to join the rebellion

Large numbers of seraphim, cherubim and over foru-fifths of the primary midwayers joined Caligastia.

Van led the loyalist midwayers and other faithful group in the battle for the salvation of the planetary staff and other marooned celestial personalities. (interesting conversation on who these beings might have been).

The tree of life remained in the custody of the loyalists. (being outnumbered, how did the loyalists maintain such custody?) Master Physical Controllers?

Many elements of Van’s magnificent character were illuminated. Amadon’s fully consecrated will was empowered to make amazing acts of loyal devotion to the Father’s will and way through the contact of his Thought Adjuster with the decision-determining powers of the human personality.

At last, the final decision of the last personality was made, following which a Most High of Edentia come, with emergency Melchizedeks to seize authority on Urantia.

The Caligastia panoramic-reign records were then erased, initiating the probationary era of rehabilitation. Panoramic records are described and plans for their restoration mentioned (46:8, p.528).

4. The Caligastia One Hundred After the Rebellion

The box score of rebels and loyalists is here given. Nod became the leader of the rebels, (known as Nodites) and migrated to the north and east. This became known as the “land of Nod”, coming down to today by way of biblical reference. Being deprived of the system life circuits, the rebel staff were degraded to the status of mortals. They were ordered to resort to sexual reproduction, by Daligastia, knowing that they would eventually suffer extinction by death. The question of the possibility of rehabilitation and restoration for such a “second death”, might be inferred in the use of the word “extinction.”

The goings on of these rebels, mating with the local humans, gave rise to the traditional stories of the gods coming down to mate with mortals.

With the arrival of the Melchizedeks, the loyal staff (minus Van) were returned to Jerusem and reunited with their waiting Adjusters. The fate of the sixty staff rebels is unknown, and expected to remain so until the Lucifer rebellion is finally adjudicated. It was very difficult for such beings as angels and midwayers to conceive of brilliant and trusted rulers like Caligastia and Daligastia going astray and likewise for the primitive-minded evolutionary mortals. Those beings who fell into sin — they did not deliberately or premeditatedly enter upon rebellion — were misled by their superiors, deceived by their trusted leaders.

We are told the vast majority of the beings who were victims of the rebellion on Jerusem and various planets have heartily repented of their folly and are believed to be eligible for rehabilitation and restoration to universe service, upon the final adjudication of the rebellion by the Ancients of Days, which was initiated at the beginning of the last century.

5. Immediate Results of the Rebellion

Confusion reigned in Dalamatia for almost fifty years. Revolution displaced evolution as the policy of cultural advancement and racial improvement, and liberty was translated into license by the primitive peoples of those days.

The semi-savages who had been prematurely taught these doctrines of liberty drove the secession staff northward.

Caligastia’s accelerated program for the reconstruction of human society in accordance with his ideas of freedom and liberty were a complete failure, and left the world little advanced from when he had arrived.

It was suggested that the tidal wave of destruction, destroying Dalamatia was the work of the Master Physical Controllers.