Episode:The Betrayal Comes Home (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

In the aftermath of rebellion, the affairs of Urantia were administered by a council of planetary receivers, twelve Melchizedeks, who were supported by the heroic loyalists Van and Amadon. Though greatly handicapped by planetary isolation, a small band of human and superhuman leaders continued the work of fostering the natural evolution of the human race. While evil and sin have material and social consequences, and may even retard spiritual progress, no Urantian soul has ever been eternity-jeopardized.

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Keywords: Urantia, Melchizedek of Salem, Van, Loyalty, Evolutionary Progress

Summary by Kermit

6. Van-The Steadfast

Van and his followers sought retirement from the attacks by the confused races, and planned for the rehabilitation of their world.

Commentary on the Badonites and their link with the Neanderthals. Here the revelators reset the clock on the age of early man and fills in the gaps in racial evolution. Chris mentioned his discovery of a city in Iran named Vanak, whose name contains references to a small shrub. ?The tree of life? As was mentioned, with reasonable intelligence and healthy curiosity, you will begin to leave behind the highest IQ’s with the truths of the 5th ER.

Van and Amadon plus the remaining loyal staff reorganized themselves along the same 10 fold structure as the original one hundred, during the seven years of waiting. All the loyal staff (save Van) were returned to Jerusem.

The 144 loyal Amadonites (including Amadon) were comprised of 39 men and 105 women (56 of whom were immortal) were translated to Jerusem following the seven years of waiting (save Amadon). (The gender differential here illustrates the greater likelihood for men to become iniquitious than women, why, because of the children) They, with the remainder of the noble band continued until their death, supplying the biologic leaven which furnished world leadership during the long dark ages of the post rebellion era.

Van and Amadon remained until the time of Adam, sustained by the tree of life and specialized life ministry of the Melchizedeks for over 150,000 years.

Interesting discussion on the techniques of translation v. death, of the 143 loyal Amadonites and also the specialized life ministry of the Melchizedeks which sustained Van and Amadon.

More discussion on the nature of the council of planetary receivers, their orders of being, and their circumstances in being on Urantia at the time of the quarantine. Were they marooned celestials?

Also, Van’s current service in behalf of Urantia, while awaiting resumption of his ascension career a curious reference.

Finally, interesting discussion of the marooned message from the Most Highs sustaining Van in his opposition to Lucifer and Caligastia. This was discovered by the midwayer investigation and full meaning and implications not revealed.

7. Remote Repercussions of Sin

The revelators make abundantly clear the difference in the implications and repercussions of sin in the personal and collective domains. To wit, sin only jeopardizes eternal destiny of the sinner (iniquiter) when it is whole-hearted, the choosing of the mind and willing of the soul.

Sin always has far reaching retarding and deleterious effects in various aspects of the collective domains, but no individual is ever robbed of eternal life because of the sins of others. The collective effects of sin and iniquity can never prevent the highest spiritual achievement by any individual who chooses to know God and sincerely do his divine will.

Neither did sin do much to delay biologic evolution. However, it did operate to deprive the mortal races of the full benefit of the Adamic inheritance.

Sin is wholly personal as to moral guilt or spiritual consequences, notwithstanding its far-flung repercussions in administrative, intellectual, and social domains.

Even the author confesses an inability to fathom the wisdom that allows these temporal catastrophes in the realms of space. Yet the beneficial outworking of these things are discernible as they are reflected out upon the universe at large. Likewise we now have the 5th ER and should be able to let it change our worldview, externalize and expand our consciousness to discover that which is genuinely spiritual and personal.

8. The Human Hero of the Rebellion

What does it say about the precolored Andonite race, that Amadon, is referred to as the most outstanding character in the entire system as regards his loyalty and steadfastness in the face of the rebellion of his superiors? This seems to be a triumph of the Life Carriers’ plan in bringing this race into existence. The see such lowly beings manifesting transcendant character and performance, realizing part of the Supreme that can’t be achieved any other way.

Amadon and his band, arising out of the “common clay” of evolution to ascend and become finaliters, and outshining many beings who were created directly by the Creator Son and Creative Mother, demonstrates a transcendent influence of a totality attitude of the Trinity.

And so with the 5th ER we now can penetrate the deep past of our world and our race to discern the origin of current day tales of fantastic goings on as are reflected in our fairy tales, folktales and obscure biblical references.

Now having completed our study of the 1st ER, we proceed to our next study of the creative plan of bringing the perfect patterns of Havona to the perfecting struggles of lowly Urantia.