Episode:The Celestial Artisans (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

In this session we continue the exploration of the source patterns for the various forms of earthly artistry. Catch a glimpse of those realities which God has in waiting for those who survive the life in the flesh!

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Keywords: Urantia, Afterlife, Heaven, Artisans, Prophetic

Summary by Kermit

44:2.1 The Heavenly Reproducers

We continue to suffer humiliation at the hands of the archangel author, as he refers to the “gross and limited symbolism of our language.” Can we challenge ourselves to refine and expand the symbolism of our language?

Seven groups of reproducers:

  1. The singers-harmonists? on the morontia level.
  2. The color workers-sketchers and painters
  3. The light picturizers-like motion pictures: semispirit-phenomena, spirit being self animating, this movie plays itself.
  4. The historic pageanteers-reproduce events and records of history.
  5. The prophetic artists-project historical meanings into the future.
  6. The life-story tellers-here alluding to the perpetuation of meaning the projection of selfhood experience into future values.
  7. The administrative enactors-significance of governmental philosophy and administrative technique. Depict the consequences over time of governmental policy purpose. Help compensate for lack of foresight.

Heavenly reproducers collaborate with reversion directors to combine memory recapitulation with mind rest and personality diversion. Sometimes they engage in dramatic spectacles to represent the purpose of morontia conclaves. To give us some basis for comparison with our earthly activities they tell us a recent production involving a cast of one million in one thousand scenes

The Heavenly reproducers are effectively utilized for the purposes of morontia educational activities. Also, much of their work is of a permanent nature. En masse they can re-enact an age and portray the eternal values of the spirit world to the mortal seers of time.

What about this portrayal to the mortal seers of time? We are reminded that the CAs function on worlds in light and life, where most mortals would be “seers”. What about our seers who have been given a vision for greater revelation.

Make note that our “inspired” works are in fact reflecting harmony on high. The idea of the reluctant receiver of inspiration was discussed. To be a conduit for the delivery of these heavenly messages etc. can cause serious burnout.

44:3.1 The Divine Builders

These are the makers of the various structures for the morontia and spirit equivalents of home, work, recreation, worship and education. Also included in their activities is the logistical planning for the personalities of all the realms and their co-ordinate associations.

They reiterate the literal nature of morontia and spirit substance.

Home designers and builders-engage in designing and remodeling living abodes.

Vocation builders-construct the workshops and industrial plants. Discussion regarding type of activities, word factory not used. However, many manufacturing activities required and these creatures harmonize the workplace and the worker for mutual enhancement.

Play builders, the venues for the reversion directors. Recall the amphitheater on Jerusem seats 5 billion.

Worship builders these are the most exquisite creations of the morontia realms. Refleting on our material countepart, the artisans who spent their entire lives in the building of our magnificent cathedrals.

Education builders-creating the schools and libraries i.e. institutions of learning.

Morontia Planners-like city planners for all the personalities of all the realms as they are at any one time present on any one sphere. Tremendously complex transactions to contemplate.

Public builders-The structures of common assembly are described as great and magnificent. A reiteration that while invisible to us in the flesh, still very real to higher beings.

James described his experience in Medillin at the Cathedral de Candelaria on the special worship where the name of Jesus was repeated one thousand times.

44:4.1-3 Thought Recorders

Thought Preservers-thoughts preserved in language. Discussion of the languges of Uversa and Salvington. Here we are told that a chance meeting on Paradise reveals more of mutual understanding that could be communicated by a mortal language in a thousand years. This illustrates that the higher we ascend, the more unity like nature we have and when we engage another individual we are able to engage unity to unity. Language (associativity) expression becomes less and less necessary. Or the higher we go the more non-linear language becomes-like sharing a picture. Even on Salvington we “know as we are known”.


They can translate thought into language at the rate of half a million words can be registered in one minute of Urantia time.


Concept recorders-Can gain more knowledge in one hour of our time than you could in one hundred years, perusing ordinary written language.


Ideograph recorders improve one thousand fold on the work of the concept recorders.

P26:3.8, p.289 the intelligence coordinators-using the Havona “graph method” transmit more information than one thousand years of our most rapid telegraphic technique.

118:3.7, p.1297 Interesting reference regarding ideas and space- all patterns on the material level occupy space, but spirit patterns only exist in relation to space, they don’t occupy, displace or contain space. The riddle of space pertains to an idea. Does an idea occupy space? We don’t know but we’re sure an idea pattern doesn’t contain space. But we can’t say that the immaterial is always nonspatial.


Promotors of oratory-in a half hour’s address in the language of Nebadon they can cover the subject matter of the entire lifetime of a Urantia mortal. (Is that complimentary or more smackdown)? Interesting notation about our dream life and time compression. Discussion about linear v non-linear use of mind and time.


More smackdown, and confessions of the archangel author as to his inability to convey these otherworldly realities to the human mind.


The broadcast directors-here are described some details of the Paradise, superuniverse, and local universe broadcasts, even to the individual planets. These broadcasts to individual planets aren’t for our consumption, maybe when we are in light and life. Discussion of the words preserve (ideograph recorders) and conserve (broadcast directors). The three words: preserve, observe, conserve in this order are tied to the past, present and future. Current usage for these words is very sloppy. Preserve-to maintain (past) unchanged. Conserve, to keep the essence intact amidst change. Ex. we conserve a forest, while we preserve a text, and we observe Christmas.


Rhythm recorders-their work likened to poetry. Rhythm contributes to efficiency and pleasure in morontia and spirit work, being less exhausting to morontia and spirit beings than...?

P143:7.3, p.1616. in Jesus’ teaching about prayer and worship, we are reminded, worship must alternate with service, work should alternate with play, religion should be balanced by humor, and profound philosophy should be relieved by rhythmic poetry.


The morontia recorders-The group photographers of the transition worlds. Yet the author confesses that he is at a loss to explain to our material minds their work. Thus, their work is considerably more complex and puzzling than just a group shot. Gives us pause to consider the real nature the universe records.