Episode:The Central Universe (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Havona is the perfect and divine universe; it occupies the center of all creation, the one and only settled, perfect, and established aggregation of worlds. One billion training and proving worlds are arranged in seven concentric circuits surrounding Paradise. There are definite tasks—intellectual, spiritual, and experiential—to be achieved on each sphere.

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Keywords: Urantia, Havona, Afterlife, Heaven, Cosmology

Summary by Kermit


Not an evolutionary development. This is the one and only settled, perfect and established aggregations of worlds. This is the core of perfection around which the evolutionary experiments of the Creator Sons swirl. This is the pattern universe, the ideal of divine completeness, supreme finality, ultimate reality, and eternal perfection.

There are seven space conditions and motions that comprise the Paradise Havona system. Impinging on Paradise is a quiescent midspace zone, next are the three Circuits of the Father, Son and Spirit, followed by the seven circuits of the billion Havona worlds. A semiquiet zone separates these Havona circuits from the inner belt of dark gravity bodies. Then another unique space zone separating the two belts of dark gravity bodies. And finally, a third space zone, semiquiet, separating the outer belt of dark gravity bodies from the innermost circuits of the seven superuniverses.

The ten circuits (three Paradise circuits plus seven Havona circuits are considered one system, reflecting the combined material (ten) and spiritual (seven) nature of the central creation.

The two circuits of dark gravity bodies are unique in all creation and serve to balance tremendous forces and enshroud the central creation from the view of the evolutionary realms of time and space.

The Paradise-Havona day is for all practical purposes one thousand years of our time.

2. Constitution of Havona

The physical reality of the Havona spheres is of threefold nature (Trinity), as opposed to the local universe creation which is twofold (Creator Son and Creative Spirit). The basic organization of a threefold creation is wholly unlike that of a twofold creation.

The material and energy organization of Havona is such that the Havona natives have 49 specialized forms of sensation. We are further told that there are seventy morontia senses, and the higher spiritual orders of reaction response vary form seventy to two hundred-ten. Needless to say, were we material beings transported to Havona, we would be deaf, blind, and utterly lacking in all other sense reactions.

While the control and stability of the central universe is perfect and predictable, mind phenomena and personality volition are not so predictable. Our authors infer that sin is impossible of occurrence in the central universe, because it has never happened. No errors or mistakes have been made, no ascendant soul has ever been prematurely admitted to the central universe.

3. The Havona Worlds

There is no government in Havona, as it is perfect and no intellectual system of government is required. Here is found the height of the ideals of self-government

While not automatic, the administration of the Havona worlds is perfect and divinely efficient. The planetary administration is vested in the resident Eternal of Days, a Trinity origin personality, one on each of the billion Havona worlds.

The Havona spheres are training worlds of the descending Paradise and Havona natives, and proving grounds for the ascendant children of time. The pilgrims land on the outer Havona circuit and progress inward, planet by planet until they attain the Deities and achieve personal residence on Paradise.

We are told that only about one percent of each Havona world is utilized in connection to the Father’s universal plan of mortal ascension, and further that only about one-tenth of one percent of the area of these enormous worlds is dedicated to the life and activities of the Corps of the Finality.

The planetary construction of the Havona spheres is entirely unlike that of the evolutionary worlds and systems of space. By virtue of the Triata physical construction and the balancing effect of the dark gravity bodies, physical forces and attractions are so balanced as to enable these enormous spheres to serve as inhabited worlds. Nowhere else in the grand universe is this possible.

Descriptions of the architecture, lighting, and heating as well as the biologic and artistic embellishment, as well as the manifold activities that take place there, are beyond the greatest possible stretch of human imagination.

We then took a little side trip to find out about the Eternals of Days.

Each of the billion worlds of Havona is directed by an Eternals of Days, offspring of the Paradise Trinity, yet no records of their origin exist. Their individual Havona worlds are developed in accordance with their own personal ideas and ideals. The Eternals of Days do not copy or imitate each others’ work. Their worlds are wholly original.

The architecture, natural embellishment, morontia structures, and spirit creations are exclusive and unique on each sphere. Every world is a place of everlasting beauty and is wholly unlike any other world in the central universe. And you will each spend a longer or shorter time on each of these unique and thrilling spheres on your way inward through Havona to Paradise. It is natural, on your world, to speak of Paradise as upward, but it would be more correct to refer to the divine goal of ascension as inward.