Episode:The Central Universe (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

There is a refreshing originality about the vast central creation; even the technique of Havona thought is unlike the process of thinking on Urantia. Continuing astonishment, unending wonder, is the experience of beings who traverse the Havona circuits and tour those gigantic spheres.

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Keywords: Urantia, Havona, Afterlife, Heaven, Cosmology

Note: Ann joined late at about 77 minutes in.

Summary by Kermit

14:4.1-8 Creatures of the Central Universe

There are seven basic forms of living things and beings on the Havona worlds, ranging from material and proceeding up through morontial, spiritual, absonite, ultimate, coabsolute, and absolute.

Commentary: These levels of universe reality include personal beings, impersonal beings, and non-personal things. No level is left unexpressed in the central universe, being the pattern universe, the pattern for everything.


The life cycle on the Havona worlds does NOT include death or decay, to accomplish the transmutation of materialization. This reference highlights the variability of living things over the course of existence, even perfect beings.


Being eternal, these beings were never created. Any portrayal of the creation of Havona is a philosophical concession to the human point of view that requires a concept of “beginnings”. The logical sequence of various facts is portrayed temporally without introducing error.


Havoners can be considered “material” creatures, if the term “material” is expanded to describe the physical realities of the divine universe. They live their lives, there in the same sense that other orders of permanent citizenship throughout the universes of time and space do.


There is a life that is native to Havona quite apart from their involvement with ascenders and descenders in the central universe.


The worship of faith sons on the evolutionary worlds contributes to the satisfaction of the Universal Father’s love, in a similar way that the adoration of the Havona creatures satiates the perfect ideals of divine beauty and truth. Mortal man strives to do the will of God in the same manner as the Havoners live to gratify the ideals of the Paradise Trinity.

As we contemplate on beauty, truth and goodness as material creatures, in the central universe the reciprocal pertains where the order is changed, goodness, truth, and beauty. Our spiritual ascension doesn’t begin until we reach Havona. Interesting commentary on the reciprocal flow in the central universe compared with the time-space universes.


Havoners do progress, even though perfect, they must penetrate Havona to completion. Again, we see more reciprocity in comparison with us ascenders.


All manner of classes of pattern beings are found in the central universe.


Here we find both beings who have attained the Universal Father as well as those attainment candidates who have attained the central universe, but have yet to achieve the spiritual development requisite for Paradise residence.


Here also we find the mighty supernaphim, representatives of the Infinite Spirit who administer the affairs of the central universe and teach and train all the ascendant creatures.

5.1-3 Life in Havona

From our material existence on Urantia, up through the morontia phases of ascension in the local universe, we then acquire true spirit stages of progression in the superuniverse domains in preparation for transit to Havona. In the central universe our attainment is intellectual, spiritual and experiential, with definite tasks to be achieved on each of the worlds of the Havona circuits.

The reason of righteousness (social) and rule of justice (economic), or what we would call fairness, are behind all of the requirements of Havona.

Commentary on the technique of Havona thought. We progress from individuality, up through associativity, reaching towards unity. Havona thought is the reciprocal. Beginning with the unity we so ardently seek, Havoners reach up through associativity (mind) to a transcendant individuality.

We had a great commentary on the word economy, meaning the laws of the domain. This led to a discussion of Jesus’ role as a spiritual uplifter, as opposed to a social or economic uplifter. This underscores the role of cosmic consciousness v. spiritual consciousness.


Here we are shown the circuit goals of attainment.

  • 7. identify comprehension of their superuniverse Master Spirit
  • 6. realization of Supremacy
  • 5. the Infinite Spirit
  • 4. the Eternal Son
  • 3. the Universal Father
  • 2. familiarity with the Paradise hosts
  • 1. indefinite task and time from which they pass inward to Paradise residence.


Aside from basic physical organization, fundamental constitution of beings and other living things, each Havona world is unique and exclusive. All features of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of planetary existence are unique, due to their being the expression of the unique personality of the resident Eternal of Days.


Only after the last Havona circuit is traversed will adventure and curiosity disappear from our careers, when the forward impulse of eternity will replace the adventure lure of time.

Love of adventure and curiosity were put into us to suggest that death is only the beginning of an endless career of adventure, and everlasting life of anticipation, and eternal voyage of discovery, even though we must experience disappointment on earth, we will be fully gratified respecting these desires and ambitions in the long ages to come.