Episode:The Central Universe (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

Long before reaching the central universe, the ascendant children of time have learned to feast upon uncertainty, to fatten upon disappointment, to enthuse over apparent defeat, to invigorate in the presence of difficulties, to exhibit indomitable courage in the face of immensity, and to exercise unconquerable faith when confronted with the challenge of the inexplicable.

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Keywords: Urantia, Havona, Afterlife, Heaven, Cosmology

Summary by Kermit

26:5. The Pilgrim Helpers

These secondary supernaphim function on the seventh or outer circuit of Havona worlds. Their work is conducted in three major divisions: 1. the supreme understanding of the Paradise Trinity, 2. the spiritual comprehension of the Father-Son partnership, 3. the intellectual recognition of the Infinite Spirit. Each of these divisions is divided into seven branches of twelve minor divisions of seventy subsidiary groups, further divided into one thousand classifications (bringing us to in excess of seventeen and a half million “classifications”).

The above is represented as the primary or elementary course confronting the pilgrims of space. We spent considerable time on the feast on uncertainty, fatten upon disappointment passage. This description of the heights of courage and faith to which these pilgrims have attained along with their appetites for challenges and difficulties of all kinds should serve to titillate, and lure us to happily embrace our evolutionary struggle for perfection, instead of serving as a reminder of our failings. The Father’s gifts to us come with the full potential to engage infinity, NOW.

Each of the Havona circles holds a definite requirement for the pilgrims of time. Time is of little consequence on the Havona circles. It is on this circle that the pilgrim attains the spiritual recognition and realization of the Master Spirit of the pilgrims’ superuniverse of origin.

6. The Supremacy Guides

Upon translation to the sixth circle, ascenders are designated “spiritual graduates”. On this circle the ascenders achieve a new realization of Supreme Divinity, and come near to encountering the central universe source of time-space unity — the spiritual reality of God the Supreme.

Here we had another extended discussion, involving among other things, the compensatory role of the Seventh Master Spirit in making up for the noncontactability of the Supreme Being in the pilgrims’ efforts to penetrate the divinity level of the Trinity of Supremacy, in further preparation for their work to achieve the eternal and existential Deities of Paradise.

7. The Trinity Guides

ON the fifth circuit of Havona we find the Trinity Guides. Pilgrims here are designated “candidates for the Deity adventure”. Here the pilgrims are given advanced training concerning the divine Trinity, in preparation for the attempt to achieve personality recognition of the Infinite Spirit. It is following certification for the Deity adventure that the pilgrim, accompanied by the transit trio of the superaphic circle associate, the Graduate Guide and, the servital associate, makes the initial trial excursion to Paradise. On this trip the pilgrim has the difficult task of recognizing, discerning and comprehending the Infinite Spirit sufficiently to constitute personality recognition.

8. The Son Finders

Ascenders go from this circuit to achieve an understanding contact with the Eternal Son. Here the descending pilgrims achieve a new comprehension of the nature and missions of the Creator Sons. On seven special worlds of this circuit the Paradise Michaels serve the mutual ministry of both the ascending and descending pilgrims, where both groups of pilgrims arrive at their first truly mutual understanding of one another.

These Son Finders instruct their subjects in the adequate spiritual comprehension of the Son; the satisfactory personality recognition of the Son; and proper differentiation of the Son from the personality of the Infinite Spirit.

Following the attainment of the Infinite Spirit, no more examinations are conducted. Pilgrim performance while in the embrace of the enshroudment of the Deities constitutes the tests of these inner circles. Advancement is based on the spirituality of the individual.

Concerning seeming failure to attain any of the Paradise Deities (as the authors describe simply inescapable delays), no reasons are given nor are the disappointed pilgrims chided or criticized and no disgrace is attached to such postponement. The defeated candidates are sent back to the superuniverse realm most propitious for the necessary retraining to ensure their subsequent success. We are told, such candidates are always victorious on their second attempt.

We inferred that the apparent failure of candidates in attaining any one of the Paradise Deities is somehow related to experiential background. The Paradise Deity most likely to occasion failure is that Deity aspect or nature missing from the Master Spirit of the pilgrim’s superuniverse of origin. So I would suspect that, being from Orvonton, whose Master Spirit is of all three of the Paradise Deities, that we should hopefully expect success on our initial attempts at attaining the Deities.

That is, Candidates who fail to attain the Infinite Spirit are usually from superuniverse number one. Those who fail in attaining the Son almost always come from superuniverses three and five, while those who fail in the first attempt to attain the Father come from superuniverse number six, although some are from two and three.