Episode:The Central Universe (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

The test of time is almost over; the race for eternity has been all but run. The days of uncertainty are ending; the temptation to doubt is vanishing; the injunction to be perfect has been obeyed. Step by step, life by life, world by world, the ascendant career has been mastered, and the goal of Deity has been obtained.

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Keywords: Urantia, Havona, Afterlife, Heaven, Cosmology

Summary by Kermit

26:9. The Father Guides

On the third circle of Havona, these Father Guides maintain schools of wisdom and colleges of technique designed to enable the pilgrims of time to attain the Universal Father, their passport to eternity. This represents a momentous occasion, the last venture of time when the pilgrim of space seeks entry to Paradise through the portals of eternity. Herein is the feasibility of the ascension plan proved, while demonstrating the justice and righteousness of the Universal Father’s command to his lowly creatures to be perfect, even as He is perfect. Thus, the Havona broadcasts send out the space reports of glory announcing the truth of the transformation of creatures of animal nature and material origin, through evolutionary ascension into the perfected sons of God.

10. The Counselors and Advisors

The second circle of Havona is where the pilgrim receives the helpful advice of these supernaphim in adjusting to the new responsibilities of Paradise.

It here also that the pilgrims who have failed in their first effort at Deity attainment are brought before returning to superuniverse service, to receive the counsel and comfort of these angels. Following a long sojourn on this circuit, the disappointed pilgrims are examined and certified as having passed the Havona test, insofar as their nonspiritual status is concerned. While the candidates’ spirit was acceptable, their failure was due to some phase of their technique of approach or some experiential deficiency. From here the candidates are remanded to the service of the superuniverse most propitious for the candidate’s eventual success in the Deity adventure.

For the successful pilgrims, the second circuit, while wholly pleasurable and highly profitable, lacks some of the anticipative enthusiasm of former circles. It is here that these ascenders look back with what sounds like nostalgia to their long career, wishing they might somehow go back and do it all over again, much as we of advancing age view our life’s journey.

The Counselors and Advisers here begin the preparation of their subjects for the last transit sleep that intervenes between epochal stages of the ascendant career.

11. The Compliments of Rest

On the first Havona circle, these Compliments of Rest utilize the presence of the manifold types of beings to further the education of the pilgrims of the impending problems of Paradise residence.

Here the trinitized offspring of mortal finaliters and similar progeny of the Paradise Citizens are being prepared for some future work. On this circle, both ascending and descending pilgrims, interassociate with each other and the creature trinitized sons. The superaphic compliments of rest do much to promote understanding association with diverse groups.

It is suggested that the Creator Sons and their mortal children are preparing for some future and unknown universe service. The blending of human and divine, the comingling of creature and Creator. Our author takes a jab at the idea that human manifestations of divine mercy and tenderness represent an anthropomorphic God, while in reality, such manifestations should be seen as evidence that mortal man is motivated by the indwelling spirit presence of the living God.

We then went back to the beginning of Paper 26 to read sections one and two for some background and a look at the Tertiary Supernaphim

26:2. The Mighty Supernaphim

The three major orders of Supernaphim are, primary, secondary, and tertiary.

The primary are the exclusive offspring of the Conjoint Creator, ministering to certain groups of Paradise Citizens and ascendant pilgrims on the Isle. We will be meeting them shortly.

The secondary we just met, offspring of the Seven Master Spirits (individually), thus there are seven types, each of which can serve in all the channels of activity. e.g. Father Guides, Son Finders etc.

The tertiary supernaphim take origin in the Seven Spirits of the Circuit, themselves the collective (thus, uniform) creation of the Seven Master Spirits. These Spirits of the Circuits were not a part of the original pattern universe, but appeared in response to the emerging purpose of the Supreme Being.

3. The Tertiary Supernaphim

They are the angelic specialists of the various Havona circuits. They also minister to both the ascenders and descenders. While each of the classifications of tertiary supernaphim take origin on a particular Havona circuit, most serve throughout Havona.

  1. The Harmony Supervisors — Of origin on circuit number one, these angels insure harmony in all the work of preparing the pilgrims of time for Paradise. They keep everything moving along smoothly and expeditiously.
  2. The Chief Recorders — Originating on circuit number two, but operating everywhere in the central universe, they record in triplicate for the literal files of Havona, the spiritual files of their order and the formal records of Paradise. They also serve to “update” the living libraries of Paradise, the custodians of knowledge, whom we shall meet presently.
  3. The Broadcasters — Taking origin on circuit number three and functioning throughout Havona these are the broadcast receivers and senders of the space reports of all Deity phenomena on Paradise. They can operate all the basic circuits of space.
  4. The Messengers — Hailing from circuit number four, they bear messages throughout the Paradise-Havona system requiring personal transmission.
  5. The Intelligence Co-ordinators — Coming form circuit number five, they promote fraternal association between the ascending and descending pilgrims. Securing information by the Havona graph method, these “living newspapers” keep ascenders informed of the affairs of the universe of universes. We did some crude estimations using the author’s quantitative description and came up with an information assimiliation rate for this Havona graph method of 7 Urantia Books per second.
  6. The Transport Personalities — Of origin on circuit number six, they operate from circuit seven to take back to the superuniverses the disappointed candidate who fail in the Deity adventure.
  7. The Reserve Corps — These reserves are required to meet the fluctuations in the work with the ascendant beings, Paradise pilgrims and other orders of beings in Havona.