Episode:The Constellation Headquarters (Part 2)

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Continuing our tour of Edentia we meet the Faithful of Days, a Trinity Son of Paradise origin. We also learn more about the ramifications of the Lucifer rebellion and discover entrancing morotonia creations, gardens of unimaginable beauty.

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Keywords: Paradise, Faithful of Days, Trinity Son of Paradise, Most Highs, Constellation

Summary by Kermit

This study mightily stimulated our imagination with descriptions of features, personalities and practices on the constellation headquarters world Edentia.

43:4.1-2 Mount Assembly – The Faithful of Days

Here we are introduced to the Faithful of Days and his dwelling place, the most holy mount of assembly. This stationery Trinity Son of Paradise has been on Edentia since its construction three hundred billion years ago.(P57:3) (compare with our astronomers’ estimate of the age of the universe-13.8 billion years). The oldest inhabited planets in Nebadon date from two hundred billion years ago. Commentary on revealed universe dates, including the completion of the system architectural worlds five billion years ago.

The constellations represent the lowest universe level to which these Supreme Trinity Personalities (order of Days) come to represent the Paradise Trinity. Rebellions always occur below the constellation level of administration, i.e. system or planetary.


The Faithful of Day’s residence is described as exquisitely beautiful and marvelously appointed, and yet modest compared to the abodes of the Most Highs. The residence of the Faithful of Days is located north of the residences of the Most Highs, coupled with the polar location of the sea of glass, we can infer that the southern hemisphere is residential and administrative, while the northern hemisphere is nearly one vast garden.


Biblical references to the rebellion were examined in relation to the names of the rebels, i.e. Lucifer and Satan. As has been previously mentioned, the authors use names in our lexicon to create as close a linkage between scripture and the truth of events, the revelation is evolutional in this respect.


The rebel mischief makers were able to attend administrative conclaves, their arrogant effrontery unrestrained, up until Michael’s attainment of sovereignty underscoring the role of due process in universe affairs. Again, scripture reference to such events are utilized, even though their biblical context is confused.


Sympathy for the rebels was exhausted even before Michael’s death in the flesh, as illustrated by the scripture reference to Jesus seeing Satan falling as lightning from heaven. P53:8 p.609; P163:6.2, p.1807.

Comment on the etymology of the name for our system Satania. Satan means adversary (Hebrew). Satania, means not “Satan’s place”, but “place of adversity” or “nation of adversity”.

5.1-5.3 The Edentia Fathers since the Lucifer Rebellion

The usual ruling trio of Most Highs has been expanded to twelve Most Highs, as a result of the two momentous events, the rebellion (200,000 years ago) and Michael’s Urantian bestowal (2,000 years ago). The normal 50,000 year rotation was suspended so that the original three have been on duty for over 200,000 years.


The designation and roles of the additional nine Most Highs are here given. Commentary on the presence of certain archangel activities and numerous other irregular ministrations on Urantia, together with the special activities of the Brilliant Evening Stars on Jerusem. Archangels activities described on 37:3 p.408-409 possibly associated with Michael’s promise to return. Brilliant Evening Stars reference hints at a special future for our world and system in the future of Nebadon.


More biblical references to reinforce the fact that the existence and actions of the Most Highs were known to our scribes of old. Here the intervention of the Most High observer’s action in delivering Abraham’s enemies into his hand is validated. (Genesis 14:18-20)

6.1 The Gardens of God

System capitals are characterized by material and mineral constructions, local universe headquarters by spiritual glory, and constellations by morontia creations. Thus the matter, mind and spirit three fold reality is found paralleled as matter, morontia, spirit. (Think of morontia as what you would have if mind-energy were a substance). Even the administrative parallel with executive, legislative, judicial functions universe government are intriguing to entertain.


Eden is a Hebrew word meaning “delight”, thus garden of Eden becomes garden of delight.


Most High shrine is described using biblical reference (24th Psalm). We infer that they have ten day weeks and on the “tenth day of relaxation” worshipfully contemplate God the Supreme. Why not God the Father? (see paper 117-God the Supreme-it’s God the Mother). Appropriate to contemplate God the Mother in the midst of the Gardens of God-harkening back to our evolutionary intuitive experiences with “Mother Nature”.


Here we find myriads of living creatures unimaginable to us, ten forms of material life. They are intelligent, serviceable, gentle companionable and non-carnivorous. These animals do the work of maintaining these gardens. Considering the pattern aspect of realities on high i.e. no carnivores, leads to the speculation that in light and life, carnivores will not be found on Urantia. Interesting discussion followed regarding the mind boggling implications for our future.


Morontia vegetation glow and reflect a violet color disclosing mindal kinship with Material Sons and Daughters.


The authors end the section in the futile attempt to describe the biologic beautification of Gardens of God.

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    • The content is not necessarily endorsed by Symmetry of Soul.
    • Notably, Causland's interpretation builds upon the tradition that the Milky Way is one minor sector, despite the revelators writing "the physical center of the superuniverse of Orvonton [is] far, far away in the dense diameter of the Milky Way" [32:2.11] and "the densest plane of the superuniverse [is] the Milky Way" [42:5.5]
    • Also, Causland places Andromeda within the superuniverse of Orvonton despite the revelators writing that Andromeda "is outside the inhabited superuniverse" [15:4.7], "the light you behold left those distant suns [of Andromeda] almost one million years ago" [15:4.7], and "From the outermost system of inhabited worlds to the center of the superuniverse is a trifle less than two hundred and fifty thousand light-years." [32:2.11]
    • Chris Halvorson favors the assumption that Milky Way is nearly all of one superuniverse, the "seventh galaxy." [15:3.4]