Episode:The Constellation Headquarters (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

We conclude our time at the constellation headquarters, learning to live happily and work effectively with the univitatia and our fellow morontia progressors. During this most settled period in our ascension career, we achieve the real socialization of our evolving morontia personality and attain Edentia citizenship.

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Keywords: Paradise, Most Highs, Faithful of Days, Trinity Son of Paradise, Constellation

Note: James joined us live from Rio de Janero, Brazil, introducing us to study group attendees. We were treated to hearing our revelation read by these attendees in both Portuguese and English.

Summary by Kermit

Clarification of morontia vegetation, a purely energy growth. Reminder that on the mansion worlds we continue to eat, drink and rest, only with our morontia forms there is no residual waste. What about the water? Puzzling as we consider the relationship between morontia and material substance. Literal considerations difficult to fathom.

7.1 The Univitatia

The univitatia are the permanent citizens of the constellation worlds with a most prominent role in our education and training. On the seventy primary constellation worlds we see an association of the “tenfoldness” of matter and the “sevenfoldness” of spirit, in this, the mid-point of our progression from creatures of matter to creatures of spirit, a seventy fold, associative mindal domain.

Univitatia possess seventy different visible forms corresponding to the seventy primary constellation spheres and our morontia forms are re-tuned for each of them.


Univitatia come in seventy diverse orders of personality corresponding to the primary satellites. Further, each order exhibits ten major variations of intellectual activity, corresponding to the ten sub-satellites of each primary sphere. Ascender activities here are more horizontal as opposed to vertical. This similar pattern found in the major sectors of the superuniverse, we go to all major sectors of the superuniverse of Orvonton.


Pointed out that univitatia have a close association with the celestial artisans in bringing the beauty of Havona out into the superuniverses. This is part of a whole evolutionary process of manifesting in the superuniverses, the patterns of the glory of Havona.

43:8.1-2 The Edentia Training Worlds

Our time here described as the most settled period in our career up to the status of a finaliter. Emphasis is on the threefold nature of the system, constellation and local universe and on the horizontal experience here encountered, as opposed to upward movement.


The mastery of group ethics predominates the training regime of Edentia. On the mansion worlds we unify our mortal personality. At the system capital we submit to group activities, and now we achieve the real socialization of our morontia personality. Another way of looking at the matter, mind, spirit threefold nature of reality is individuality, associativity, unity. Morontia individuality is established at the system level. Unity is established at the local universe level, and associativity established at the constellation level. The entire local universe career consists of the growth of individuality, through associativity to unity.


Here we are introduced to a three stage progression of socialization beginning with our living with ten (diverse) fellow morontians (as individuals). Ten such groups associated in companies of one hundred and then federated into corps of one thousand. Commentary on the word federated e.g. USA. Root of word same as faith. Faith grasp up. Federation denotes reaching up to a common unity (one nation under God)

The next stage involves living with ten univitatia, similar intellectually but different in every other way. We then function with ten other families which are in turn confederated into a corps of one thousand univitatia. Why the use of confederated here? Because the common unity is not “above”, but “with” the univitatia, i.e. same level. The univitatia are spiritually alike (kindred spirits).

Confederation as in Confederacy implies a unity with something on the same level e.g. government (slavery) rather than above (one nation under God).

Revelators are trying to get us to use our language properly federated v. confederated.


Next stage builds on former. Here we adjust to both fellow morontians and univitatia. True socialization of submitting self to group co-ordination and co-operation. Here we are developing a relationship to supremacy. Next we achieve intellectual harmony and make vocational adjustment to both groups. Kindred spirit nature being built into kindred mind nature. Achieving satisfactory personality socialization on intellectual and vocational levels, we next further perfect our ability to live intimately with both groups with less irritability and resentment. Refers to the spirit tension, i.e. dealing with non-unity situations. Commentary on “spirit tension”. This tension drives-draws the pilgrim to Paradise, through this conflict.


Confronting the tension and incorporating the adjustment thereto into your being yields progressive coordination of the Paradise –ascension career.

Kindred spirits is an initiation, a starting point. We need to grow kindred spirit fact into kindred mind. Transform the potential of kindred spiritness into kindred mind-the brotherhood of man.


Its really more complicated than described in points 1-3 above. The actual progression is more drawn out with the ratio of morontians to univitatia starting at 1:10 on the first group of seven major worlds, 2:10 on the second group of seven major worlds and so on until, the last or tenth group of major worlds the ratio is 10:10, resulting in improved ethics with our fellow morontians. There’s a different feeling to engaging the associative domain than directly engaging spirit (unity).

43:9.1 Citizenship on Edentia

We now hear the glowing portrayal of our ascension career from the Faithful of Days at the assemblies of Paradise.


Our mid-way status in our morontia career is reiterated, characterizing us being “as the angels”. Biblical reference to us “as the angels”, with respect to their being daughters of the local universe mother. They are fundamentally more “place-like”, than “direction-like”, functioning at a level. This is referred to as a period of true and heavenly bliss, as we find respite from the ardor of the Paradise-perfection climb.


This is the prespirit socialization training, analogous to the prefinaliter spiritual experience of Havona and preabsonite training on Paradise.


Upon attaining Edentia, we are occupied with the assignments on the univitatia worlds as well as addressing the enlarged issues of group, racial, national and planetary welfare. The analogy between the evolutionary progression of civilization from the individual, up through clans, tribes, nations, and territorial states and this list is interesting to reflect on. Clans are like races, tribes like a world, nation is like a local system, territorial states like the constellations-the realms of law.


And on to Salvington following this most beautiful and refreshing epochs of training this side of Paradise.