Episode:The Corps of the Finality (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Corps of Mortal Finaliters maintain their own headquarters on Paradise, in the superuniverses, in the local universes, and on all the divisional capitals; and their oath of allegiance is only to the Paradise Trinity. They are the accumulating tried and true souls of time and space—the evolutionary salt of the universe—and they are forever proof against evil and secure against sin.

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Keywords: Urantia, Finaliter Companies, Father Fragments, Grandfanda, Gravity Messengers

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We briefly discussed the complexities involved in contemplating with our time-bound nature the intersection of eternity phenomena and events in time. The bestowal of personality is ever mysterious in this regard. Besides being a puzzling cosmic fact in its own right, its bestowal (in eternity) by the purely existential Father poses even further inscrutable realities to ponder. A helpful analogy to illustrate the intersection of time and eternity is as follows: Imagine a straight line representing time, composed of an infinite number of points, each of zero time duration. Eternity touches time at any and every point along the line, and manifests phenomena from eternity at a specific point in time, e.g., personality bestowal, in reality, personality observability. Why this manifestation occurs at one point in time and place and not another has to do with the deep mystery of the transcendent coordination of experiential and existential Deity, i.e., the Mother and the Paradise Trinity.

At the conclusion to our previous arc our Creator Son attained the new status of Master Son, extending beyond God the Supreme to include absonite domains of the Trinity Ultimate. And this leads us to a consideration of the master universe, and the architects thereof. As we engage the study of the Corps of the Mortal Finality, which we are used to approaching from the bottom as an end point of our universe ascent, we now begin to think in terms of what you are as a finaliter rather than how you become a finaliter.

Paper 31 The Corps of Finality

Briefly noted, the word “corps” can sometimes be difficult to ascertain as singular or plural with distinguishing pronunciations. For the record the word in the title of our paper is singular.

In addition to ascendant Adjuster fused mortals two of the six creatures composing the Corps are not ascending creatures. The Havona Natives and the Gravity Messengers are found in each finaliter company of 1000, underscoring the idea that creature ascension is not the only criterion for membership in this Corps. In their characteristically conservative manner the revelators conjecture that future deployment of finaliters are likely to be in the organizing universes of outer space. All members are received in equality and individually distinguishable as to their original nature. Listen to the discussion about the distinctions between equality and equity as in created equal versus born equal.

In this universe age finaliters serve in the time-space domains, and as beings of eternal destiny provide the dual viewpoint of time and eternity. We noted the reciprocal nature of the dual phase careers of Creator Sons and mortal ascenders during which they acquire Supreme type Deity; Creator Sons in a vertical synchronization during their initial phase, and ascending mortals in a horizontal synchronization (penetration to completion) as finaliters during the second phase of their universe careers. Each thus acquiring the sevenfold concept of the Supreme Being, i.e., the diverse wills of the seven Master Spirits.

Serving as they do, on the worlds of time the finaliters bring an absonite, “end from the beginning” influence to the finite domains, a totality attitude. The finaliter companies are self-governing and self-directed and having sworn fealty to the Paradise Trinity are beyond the control and management of any local administration. However, in representing the influence of the whole, they are never in conflict with such authorities. “They are indeed the accumulating tried and true souls of time and space — the evolutionary salt of the universe — and they are forever proof against evil and secure against sin.”

We now proceed to learn a little about each type of being belonging to the corps.

31:1 Havona Natives

Havona natives develop a great attachment to the ascending mortals of their association during their central universe training and volunteer in large numbers for service in the Corps. A registry of Havona native volunteers is presided over by the associate of Grandfanda. Listen to the short discussion of Grandfanda, the first mortal ascender to attain the central universe and note from his mortal origin specifications that he ascended through superuniverse number one well after the first ascenders began their journey, thus preparing for him a fully functional ascension regime to equip him with the necessary education, training, and experience required for completion of the entire ascension program. The Havona natives, while created in perfection, must still acquire an experiential foundation with mortal ascenders, i.e., a soul equivalent nature, before fusion with a fragment of the spirit of the Universal Father is possible—a necessary condition for membership in the Corps. Do not forget that these Father fragments possess both a spirit and a deity nature. Although Havona natives are Trinity origin beings, they are profoundly augmented by their experience and must take an oath to the Paradise Trinity before admittance to the corps.

31:2 Gravity Messengers

These marvelous beings are under the exclusive jurisdiction of Grandfanda, and are assigned only to the primary Corps of the Finality. Literally able to transcend time and space, one is assigned to each finaliter company. Yet this one Gravity Messenger has assigned to him a staff of 999 fellow messengers, and he has access to unlimited numbers of messengers if needed.

Gravity messengers are modified Thought Adjuster and personalized in a most transcendent way such that they are superspirit beings functioning above the finite but contactable by finite persons.

Surprising to find that mortal finaliters and Gravity Messengers have much in common due to the Thought Adjuster nature they share.

Notes by Brad

  • Is corps singular or plural? How and when do you know?
    • Paper 31's title seems singular.
    • The Corps of the Finality is a short, "casual" shortening of "The Corps of the Mortal Finality"
    • It's the primary corps, as in atop the other corps. The mortals are the most experienced.

  • So, 990 mortal ascenders join their company, and find 10 members who were already there from the beginning in a sense (they aren't ascenders).

  • Equality is a unity word, so they must overtly explain that finaliters are received in equality, but they aren't equal.

  • The "salt of the earth/universe" is less about the science of salt, more about the poetry of salt
    • Salt is refined, and noble (compared with using ashes to flavor food)
    • Finaliters are the salt of the universe.

  • When a Havona Native enters a corps of the finality, they must take an oath to the Paradise Trinity, despite being Trinity-origin beings.
    • They've fused with a Father fragment in becoming "glorified", so it'd needed.