Episode:The Corps of the Finality (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The mortal finaliters have fully complied with the injunction of the ages, "Be you perfect." Such beings have attained the present limit of spirit progression but not finality of ultimate spirit status. They have achieved the present limit of creature perfection but not finality of creature service. They have experienced the fullness of Deity worship but not finality of experiential Deity attainment.

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Keywords: Urantia, Glorified Mortals, Seraphim, Material Sons, Midway Creatures

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Further consideration of the commonality between Gravity Messengers and mortal finaliters led to a deeper discussion of personality and Thought Adjusters as distinct individuations of Deity. Listen carefully to the explication of the significant differences between them; Thought Adjusters being relatively tangible avatar-like reality objects (spirit fragments) in distinction from personality, being a less tangible influence (spirit pattern) lacking in the reality quality of “thingness.” There is logic in the fact that Deity manifesting over such a broad spectrum (personality) would be less tangible than the Father-spirit fragments which are more narrowly manifest throughout creation.

The revelation invites and challenges us to begin thinking of the Father in terms of Deity, and its nature and quality impacting Reality in ways transcendent of a single object in Reality. The Father is not a reality object. Initial consideration of existence begins with Deity, then engages the elements of reality as downstepped manifestations of Deity. The conversation then moved to some significant differences between the 4th and 5th ERs. Jesus sought to liberate man in his search for God in matter and time by fostering the recognition of spirit in an eternal relationship. The 5th ER is transcends the 4th to levels and in ways hardly conceived by man. The four phases of religious philosophy [101:7.4] were referenced in relation to the above mentioned topics.

The paper continues with thumbnail depictions of the remaining permanent members of the Mortal Corps. In keeping with our previous arc on experiential Deity, we make attempt to maintain the top-down perspective instead of approaching the Corps as an end point of our bottom-up ascent.

31:3 Glorified Mortals

We note the term “mortal.” Inasmuch as our mortal status will have been long transcended we are pressed to ask if there is some aspect of being a mortal apart from having experienced death? We tried to envision ourselves as eternal individuals in the cosmos-infinite downstepped to an appearance at a point in time.

The one-time occurring term Corps of Light and Life speaks to the finaliters' role in administering evolutionary worlds which have progressed to the stages of light and life.

The revelators cited three facts in speculating about the transition step from 6th to 7th stage spirit status. Sixth stage spirit status is attained upon entrance into the Corps of the Finality. This is the location in the revelation where the stages of the spirit career are described, beginning with first stage status in the minor sectors, speculating that seventh stage spirit attainment signals their assignment to service in the mobilizing spheres of the outer space levels. But they confess that these are merely conjectures, supported by inference; noting that their entire ascent has consisted of training in every aspect of universe administration.

It was noted that while adopted seraphim and midway creatures lack certain characteristics of the lower attributes and nature of humans, they can still have a place in the Corps as their missing experiences can somehow be eventuated in them. However, material mortals who are deficient in certain very early experiences (e.g., the probationary nursery kids) are unable to remediate these deficiencies for the purpose of finaliter service and are destined for Paradise citizenship but not the Corps.

31:4 Adopted Seraphim

The relatively brief description of these seraphim is covered in greater detail elsewhere e.g., [39:8-9] as there are manifold paths by which seraphim can ascend (be glorified). But only seraphim who have served as destiny guardians are admitted to the Corps of Mortal Finality [113:7.8].

31:5 Glorified Material Sons

There are essentially three paths whereby Material Sons can join the Corps of the Finality. If they are long delayed assignment to planetary service, they can be released from permanent planetary citizenship and join the ascending pilgrims and gain entrance to the Corps. They can also elect to humanize following the attainment of their worlds of service to the later eras of light and life, receive Adjusters and ascend to Corps membership. Defaulting Material Sons as our Adam, can also be reduced to the status of mortals, receive Adjusters, pass through death, and ascend to the Corps.

31:6 Glorified Midway Creatures

Midwayers are of diverse origins and natures. Permanent planetary citizens usually until the planet is settled in light and life, they then pursue the ascension career to Paradise. All are destined to some one of the Paradise finality corps. The secondary midwayers are all eventually Adjuster fused and mustered into the mortal corps.

31:7 The Evangels of Light

Currently all finaliter companies consist of 999 personalities of permanent status with one vacancy, which is occupied by an Evangel of Light. The designation Evangel of Light applies to any celestial personality assigned to the service of any finaliter corps. They are of transient assignment, not required to take the finaliter oath and can be any type of celestial being, e.g., Solitary Messenger, supernaphim, seconaphim, Paradise Citizen, and others, required for completion of a finaliter assignment.

Our authors speculate further on the seventh class of members destined to join the six classes of permanent members of the Corps. One conjecture is that Corps members may be permitted to trinitize some of their assistants should their future be the administration of the universes now in the making.

This paper was co-sponsored by a Divine Counselor, and One without Name and Number. SoS invites your speculation as to which co-sponsor holds which of the two following opinions regarding the filling of the final vacancy in the Corps.

Opinion #1: A being of origin in the new universe of their future service.

Opinion #2: Some type of Paradise personality not yet created, eventuated, or trinitized.

Notes by Brad

  • Being a serious student
    • Can you start with eternity instead of time? Deity instead of reality? At every opportunity?

  • We are mortals, and always will be in truth. But we aren't principally defined by the fact that we experience death.
    • There is something inscrutable about being a "mortal" that we won't really discover until we are a finaliter.
    • Really, from the eternity viewpoint, we are an individual in the cosmos infinite that has been downstepped.

  • A fourth-stage spirit is a graduate spirit--they've reached the 6th circuit of Havona and gotten above the mindal womb of their origin superuniverse.

  • "hitherto unrecorded and unrevealed spheres" carefully indicates in its phrasing that, from the absonite being's point of view, those future spheres already exist.

  • For more on seraphim joining Corps of the Finality, see [39:8] and [39:9].