Episode:The Eternal Isle (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Paradise is the eternal center of the universe of universes and the abiding place of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. This central Isle is the most gigantic organized body of cosmic reality in all the master universe. Here is God personally, literally, and actually present. And from his infinite being there flow the flood-streams of life, energy, and personality to all universes.

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Keywords: Urantia, Heaven, Cosmology, Afterlife, God

Note: Chris filled in for emcee duties in a rare moment. Ann joined late at minute 40. James joined late at minute 97 because he was attending a study group in Chicago.

Summary by Kermit

Paradise is from eternity, the abiding place of the Universal Father, Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. The most gigantic organized body of cosmic reality in the master universe, the central Isle is a literal, material as well as spiritual abode, and spirit things and beings are real. To reiterate, This is a transformative truth, that Paradise is material as well as spiritual, The Father stands on matter.

Physical perfection, intellectual grandeur and the glory of spirit personality characterize the Isle. All of which is utterly beyond the comprehension of material creatures.

11:1. The Divine Residence

Among other things, to material creatures, Paradise is the dwelling place of Deity. In the very center of the upper surface of this elliptical flat abode is the Universal Father, immediately surrounded by the personal presence of the Eternal Son, likewise enshrouded by the unspeakable glory of the Infinite Spirit.

The Universal Father’s center of all things location is known, even though so few universe creatures have actually found Him. Were he to move from His stationary abode, universal pandemonium would be precipitated.

(Interesting note, Pandemonium is John Milton’s name for the capital of Hell, in his work, Paradise Lost) Thus, were the Father to move, “all hell would break loose” and Paradise would indeed be lost.

Paper 27 – Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim

Perfect beings, these high angels, have never been known to stray from the paths of light and righteousness. They serve the Deities functioning mostly on Paradise. However, they also are put in command of the seraphic hosts on the inhabited worlds, isolated because of rebellion, being known as “chiefs of seraphim”.

Their current function has persisted since the Paradise arrival of the Havona pilgrims of time. As the pilgrims attain Paradise, they come under the tutelage of these supernaphim.

They minister in seven orders of service, each of which we will examine in more detail beginning with the Instigators of Rest.

1. The Instigators of Rest

We are told that the one essential to the enjoyment of Paradise is rest. We examined the idea of rest in some detail from the perspective that Paradise is motionless, stationary, thus at REST.

The sevenfold nature of rest, from the rest of sleep and play in lower beings, discovery in higher beings, and worship in the highest type of spirit personality was discussed. These were all contrasted with the sleep of metamorphosis, required when going from one stage of being to another, or a change of actual universe status.

The transition from time to eternity challenges the framework of our consciousness. Time is synchronicity of motion, and is not to be thought of as an infinitely long ruler extending into the future. Our sequential thought is born of motion. As we are continually reminded, these realms, beings, and happenings are beyond the comprehension of our finite minds.

The last paragraph of the Instigator of Rest section was a beautiful “restoration” of some of the truths found in the Book of Revelation.