Episode:The Eternal Isle (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

When mortal ascenders attain Paradise, social relationships are greatly expanded. We must fraternize with numerous types of Paradise inhabitants, brilliant beings who will guide us into the fullness of ethics, conduct, knowledge, philosophy, and worship. And worship is the highest joy of Paradise existence.

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Keywords: Urantia, Heaven, Cosmology, Afterlife, God

Summary by Kermit

27:2. Chiefs of Assignment

These angels engage us extensively prior to our induction into the Corps of the Finality. Study and instruction are supplemented with service in our prefinaliter educational experiences.

Ascendant mortals, during their periods of leisure are most fond of fraternizing with the reserve corps of this group of angels. The mortal ascenders find respite from the sustained contact with the mighty intellects of Paradise consisting of upwards of three thousand different orders of Paradise Citizens. These angelic types of mind are reminiscent for the pilgrims of time of the refreshing association they have long enjoyed with the seraphim.

Our commentary on paradisiacal service was illuminating, when trying to envision what our notions of service become when we try to eternalize them.

3. Interpreters of Ethics

While the pilgrims of time have been fully instructed in ethics prior to becoming citizens of Paradise, they do require, after attaining the Isle, the help of this group in the interpretation of the vast storehouse of ethical knowledge they have acquired, when confronted with so much that is new. These companionships with so many diverse type of beings are beneficial to all concerned. Reciprocity of service pertains in all these relationships.

Our commentary and cross references highlighted the contrast between the often static ethics here which we are told are only slightly super animal and the high ethical relations of perfect and perfected beings. Yet even here, we can set these tradition bound ethics free through engagement with truth.

4. Directors of Conduct

Being instructed in the ethics of Paradise relationships, ascendant mortals find the counsel of the Directors of Conduct most serviceable in learning the usages of the perfect conduct of the high beings who sojourn on the central Isle.

On Paradise the pilgrims’ progress by way of knowledge, through philosophy, to spontaneous worship requires a divine technique which can be acquired only after they attain Paradise. The spontaneous (literally “of freewill”) conduct on Paradise is in every sense natural and free. Yet pilgrims still need the assistance of these directors of conduct in avoiding the confusion and uncertainty which would be otherwise be inevitable. And of course confusion never appears on Paradise, even though Paradise is still inexpressibly strange and unexpectedly new to these new arrivals.

We had an interesting commentary on the use of the biblical citation from Exodus “strangers within the gates”, referring to the still new residents. The biblical quote was in reference to proper conduct of the Israelites and foreigners on the Sabbath. And of course every day on Paradise is the Sabbath.

5. The Custodians of Knowledge

These are the “living epistles” known and read by all who dwell on Paradise. They are in reality living, automatic libraries. Untruth is impossible of lodgment in the minds of these repositories of the truth of eternity and the intelligence of time. Even the reference system for this storehouse of knowledge consists in the finders of knowledge, who designate the director of the group holding the information sought, and requisition the brilliant beings who are the very thing you wish to know, and who possess all the known facts of all universes. For these angels are the final and living summaries of the vast network of the recording angels, ranging from the local and superuniverses to Havona.

While wisdom of truth takes origin in the divinity of the central universe, experiential knowledge largely has its beginnings in the domains of time and space, necessitating the maintenance of the vast recording staff of the superuniverse organizations.

These custodians also organize and classify this universe knowledge into seven grand divisions of about one million subdivisions. One of our co-hosts threw the down gauntlet challenging all of us to speculate on what these divisions might be.

Interestingly, this living library is available only to the central and superuinverses, not the local creations.

6. Masters of Philosophy

Only the supreme satisfaction of worship exceeds the exhilaration of philosophy. Regardless of how high we climb, or far we advance, there always will remain a thousand mysteries demanding the use of philosophy in their attempted solution.

With these angels, knowledge attains to truth and experience ascends to wisdom. They have knowledge; they know the truth; they may philosophize — think the truth.

These are the “wise men of heaven” who discourse on the plans and purposes of Infinity and seek to coordinate the experiences and compose the knowledge of all who have access to their wisdom.

They use all manner of instruction methods, all of them utterly beyond the comprehension of even the most highly developed human mind, one hour’s instruction on Paradise being the equivalent of ten thousand years of our word-memory methods.

This instruction and interpretation of the universe of universes can never be settled in its conclusions as the facts of knowledge and truths of experience, yet upon listening to these primary supernaphim discourse on the unsolved problems of eternity, we will feel a certain and lasting satisfaction concerning these unmastered questions.

This instruction is not broadcast, the philosophy of perfection is available only to those who are personally present, who in turn carry this wisdom to the universes of space.

We had another interesting commentary on this emergency philosophical revelation, which is The Urantia Book and how we need to challenge ourselves to go beyond our fact finding and accumulation of knowledge in our study of the FER. Can we come to the point where we can see this revelation as a living letter from God, and strike step with its truth.