Episode:The Fourth Epochal Revelation to Urantia (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

A Paradise Creator Son becomes supremely qualified to rule his universe and administer its affairs with perfection of insight and wisdom of execution by bestowing himself after the similitude of seven differing orders of his diverse creation of intelligent beings. For the final act in the drama of his acquirement of universe sovereignty, Michael of Nebadon chose Urantia, a disordered and disturbed planet, to execute this extraordinary event as Jesus of Nazareth.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Christ Michael, Immanuel, Paradise Trinity

Summary by Kermit

To set the stage for our series on the Fourth Epochal revelation to Urantia we read the following introductory material: Paper 21:0.1-0.3, p. 234 and Paper 20:1.13-1.15, p. 224 and Paper 21:5.10, p. 241and Paper 77:9.9.

As we’ve seen many times past, the authors utilize the vocabulary of our records to illuminate new truth, as here with their use of the term “only-begotten Son” the convey the uniqueness of each of the many Creator Sons as opposed to the traditional idea of “one and only” solitary son.

We are here introduced to the sublime bestowal plan of the Creator Sons, whereby existential Deity is down stepped, into the domain of creature experience. And in so doing, attains “creature-creator unifying Deity”, what we call Supreme type Deity.

Recognition and gratitude were also given to Machiventa Melchizedek as the revelatory director for part IV of the Urantia Papers; and the midwayers, custodians of our planetary history and traditions who have graciously made this record of the fourth epochal revelation to our world available to us.

Paper 120. The Bestowals of Michael on Urantia

We spent considerable time unpacking the preface to this paper. In addition to the description of the facts involved in the bestowal plan, we were treated to a profound elucidation of the meanings of Michael’s bestowal in relation to the Paradise Isle, the Paradise Trinity, and The Supreme Being. I strongly recommend that the serious student review this archive broadcast for the in depth explication of these relationships, as they are crucial to a fuller understanding of the 4thER.

In this, his seventh and final creature bestowal, Michael is completing his requirement to attain supreme sovereignty of the local universe of his making. Heretofore, he reigned as vicegerent sovereign by virtue of his relationship to EXISTENTIAL Deity. Now he will add the final aspect of seven-fold EXPERIENTIAL Deity to his nature.

In the bestowal plan, Michael is acquiring “an essential experience in Paradise co-operation”, and “actual experience in co-operative subordination to the Paradise Trinity” whereby he ascends in universe status and becomes qualified to rule Nebadon in the exalted manner of the Supreme Being.

Looking at Michael’s relation to those central Paradise things, we have the Paradise Isle below and the Paradise Trinity above. Here are the Three Persons, (UF, ES, IS), firmly planted on the Isle below and synchronized with the Trinity above (Remember, the Paradise Trinity is not merely the association of the Paradise Deities, but a distinct fourth fact).

This is the EXISTENTIAL analogy to Michael’s EXPERIENTIAL Paradise co-operation and co-operative subordination. Whence comes supremacy and the Supreme Being in all of this?

The Supreme Being as previously mentioned is creature-creator unifying Deity. But He is also a power-personality synthesizing Deity. The power side derives from the Isle, while the Personality and Spirit attributes of the Supreme Being are derived from the Trinity.

That Michael chooses not to rule Nebadon outright, but to ascend through the cooperation and subordination to the Isle and the Trinity, establishes that he is a freewill creator in every aspect of his being. The universe is created, controlled and upheld by the will of God.

Another eye opener is to be found in recognizing that in the bestowal plan, Michael’s subordination to the Paradise Trinity is accomplished by his synchronizing the creature viewpoint through the seven-fold expression of the Seven Master Spirits, rather than directly with the Three Persons.

Michael needed no counsel and advice in the process or technique of incarnation. However, he did receive counsel and advice with regard to the very precise expression of the Will of the Father from Immanuel. (this precise expression of will is not the absoluteness of the Paradise Father, but the downstepped expression of the Father’s Will as expressed by Master Spirit #1). Why is Immanuel acting as the representative of the Universal Father you say? It goes like this, the Union of Days (Trinity origin) is a deputy of the Ancients of Days to the local universes. In the hierarchy of Fathers, the Ancients of Days (Trinity origin) are the “Super-fathers”, the downstepped expression of the Universal Father, the Havona Father. Thus, Immanuel is the Ancients of Days’ agent of “Fatherness” to Michael. (God with us! or with him!)

So Michael can enter into the bestowal with the assurance that Immanuel will exercise full authority of the Father in his absence, and the safety of his realm is vouchsafed him by the Ancients of Days.

1. The Seventh Bestowal Commission

Here we read excerpts from Immanuel’s commission to Michael promising the safe conduct throughout the unrevealed vicissitudes of his mortal career. And further that upon his return he will be Universe Sovereign, confirmed by Paradise.

Universe administration is hereby protected by Immanuel and even the instigation of insurrection will be met with automatic extinction, so say the Ancients of Days.

And again, the freewill nature of all of this divine drama is underscored by Immanuel’s assurance that Michael can re-claim universe authority anytime he so chooses, but it would be for purely personal reasons.