Episode:The Fourth Epochal Revelation to Urantia (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Before Michael of Nebadon began his seventh and final bestowal mission as a mortal on Urantia, he was well briefed by his elder brother, Immanuel. He outlined certain necessary limitations of divine power and specific local universe duties to be performed. Wise counsel and advice were also proffered, and then occurred the miraculous mystery of the incarnation. Christ Michael was not God in association with man, but, rather, God incarnate in man.

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Keywords: Urantia, Immanuel, Jesus, Son of Man, Miracle

Summary by Kermit

2. The Bestowal Limitations

The bestowal limitations portion of Immanuel’s commission to Michael as excerpted by the Melchizedek of record (Machiventa—Contents of the Book notwithstanding), is presented in nine numbered items. Distilled and abbreviated they are here represented along with annotations of the SoS team commentary.

1. Here is Immanuel’s thumbnail sketch of Michael’s bestowal as prepared for by Immanuel in conformity with the technique of Sonarington and compliance with the mandates of the Eternal Son of Paradise.

  • Discussion: note the reference to Paradise.

2. Technically terminate the Lucifer rebellion in the system, in the weakness of the flesh, made powerful by faith-submission to the will of the Father, as a mortal (Son of Man).

  • Note: “Similar challenges to your authority can never recur in any part of” Nebadon. Lucifer’s original challenge was on the basis of Michael’s vicegerent authority v. supreme authority. Also, elsewhere noted that even with supreme sovereignty, Michael would likely respond in the same manner of allowing the rebellion to run its course rather than summarily ending it.
  • Note: Discussion of the use of the term “Son of Man” predating Jesus’ choice of that term for his earthly designation.

3. Receive the title of Planetary Prince of Urantia. And further to atone for the sorrow and confusion occasioned by the Caligastia betrayal and Adamic default.

  • Note regarding author’s attempt to redeem the word ‘atone’ from the unfortunate current day association of that word with Christ Michael’s mission.

4. Gabriel et al. will assist in the dispensational judgment of the realm, termination of the age, resurrection of the sleeping mortal survivors, and establish the dispensation of the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth.

5. For the immediate generation on Urantia, function as a teacher; as spiritual uplifter, intellectual illuminator, healer of souls, and liberator from fear. Also, wisely minister to their physical well-being and material comfort. Live the ideal religious life for the inspiration and edification of all Nebadon.

  • Note how these are aimed at providing benefits to mankind which were unfulfilled in previous dispensational visitations.

6. Extend the sovereignty of the Supreme in Nebadon. Experience the enlightenment of attaining creature-creator unifying deity. Enable all normal mortals to receive Thought Adjusters by bestowing the Spirit of Truth on Urantia.

7. Michael’s bestowal life is lived for the spiritual inspiration of every human and superhuman that has lived, now exists, or may yet live. Jesus life is to be an inspiration not an example for all past, present and future intelligent beings in Nebadon, not just Urantia.

  • Discussion: Using a number of UB citations we compared the popular Christian guideline for action: WWJD with what Immanuel advised Michael to do i.e. exhibit creature loyalty to supreme values. Let us strive to manifest creature loyalty to supreme values, rather than imitate the outward acts of Jesus’ life. We can know God not so much by understanding what he taught, but by knowing him as a revelation of God.

8. Here Michael is enjoined to reveal God to humans, enhance the interpretation of God superhumans, and finally make a new revelation of man to God. In one short lifetime in the flesh exhibit the transcendent possibilities attainable by a God knowing human, and to make a new interpretation of man to all superhumans in Nebadon.

  • We were reminded such an impression on the observing celestials made by Amadon through his heroic acts.

9. Michael was cautioned concerning the fact that his creative attributes as a Paradise Creator Son are inseparable from his personality, and as such will accompany him on his bestowal. Further, that he retains his free-will prerogative to terminate his bestowal at any moment of his choosing (following the arrival of his Thought Adjuster).

  • We spent some time clarifying the statement that no superhuman repercussions apart from the Father’s will would attend his earthly career. Note: The, wine, healings, resurrection of Lazarus were ALL in accordance with the Father’s will. So what is Immanuel talking about? Is he referring manifesting a divine will other than that of Master Spirit #1?

3. Further Counsel and Advice

Immanuel added eight more items of advice and counsel concerning minor phases of his bestowal life. They included recommendations to exemplify some things practical and immediately helpful to his fellow men; live in accordance with the norms of contemporary family life; avoid entanglements in economics and politics, remaining confined to spiritual regeneration and intellectual illumination, to wit live the ideal religious life. Additionally, he was proscribed from interfering with normal progressive evolution of the races, notwithstanding his role as a dispensational Son in advancing the spiritual and religious status of the peoples of the world. Advised to avoid the establishment of an organized cult, crystallized religion, or segregated ethical grouping of mortal beings, his immediate and subsequent followers saw to it that the very opposite came to pass. To this end he was directed to leave no writings, likenesses, or things potentially idolatrous behind on the planet. While marriage was not forbidden him, leaving human offspring behind was. Lastly, regarding all other details of his bestowal, he was committed to the leading and teaching of his indwelling Adjuster which would enable him to live the perfect life of man on the planetary spheres, wholly and supremely replete as evaluated on the more advanced worlds of Nebadon.

4. The Incarnation—Making Two One

Michael’s incarnation, his life of self-forgetful service forever serves as a rebuke to his unworthy children who had accused him of selfishly seeking rulership and insinuated that he was upheld arbitrarily and autocratically by the unreasoning loyalty of subservient creatures.

He was truly of dual origin, but not a double personality. He was truly God incarnate in man, not in association with man. He was truly God and man, one even as the Paradise Trinity of three beings is in reality one Deity.

Regarding Immanuel’s advice to keep clear of pronouncements and teachings concerning politics and economics, and the UB’s more direct engagement of these areas of human activity; how are we to balance these potentially contradictory revelatory messages?