Episode:The Melchizedek Order of Divine Sonship (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Melchizedeks are an order of divine Sons who by nature are at the mid-point of the great personality descent, midway between the highest Divinity and mortal will creatures. They thus function as understanding friends, sympathetic teachers, and wise counselors, to all forms of intelligent life. While the Melchizedek orders are chiefly devoted to the vast educational system and experiential training regime of their local universe, they also function in unique assignments and in unusual circumstances, especially during emergencies.

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Keywords: Urantia, Order of Melchizedek, Sons of God, Local Universe, Emergency Sons

Summary by Kermit

Revisiting this study in the SoS archives is highly recommended for the serious student, as a number of intriguing insights were shared that are beyond the scope of this review to present.

In preparation for our study of the third epochal revelation to Urantia, Machiventa Melchizedek, we began our reading in Paper 35: The Local Universe Sons of God. In the preface to this paper three of the Paradise order of sonship were enumerated, the Creator Sons, the Avonal or Magisterial Sons and the Trinity Teacher Sons.

A note on universe scale: In our discussion, we took note of the seemingly small number of Avonal Sons found in Nebadon—1,062. Considering that each of the ten million inhabited planets in Nebadon are destined to receive an Avonal bestowal at some time in their evolution towards light and life, we see that each Avonal in Nebadon can look forward to over nine thousand such missions in addition to their manifold judicial and magisterial missions. This forces us to reflect on the vast periods of time in play in our universe history. In like manner, considering universe distances, given the travel velocities of various creatures revealed to us, the physical size of the universe administrative units can not be assumed to be overly large, in order to have a manageable domain.

1. The Father Melchizedek

In populating their local universe, the Creator Son and Creative Spirit first create the Bright and Morning Star (Gabriel in our case) along with other beings of personal aid and administrative function. Following this, a new form of creative union between the divine couple results in the Father Melchizedek. In our local universe the Father Melchizedek acts as the first executive associate of the Bright and Morning Star.

The nature of the Father Melchizedek in comparison to the nature of Gabriel, is likened to that of Adamson and Eveson, the first two sons of Adam and Eve. Gabriel being more like the Creator Son and Father Melchizedek more like the Universe Mother Spirit.

In their work together, Gabriel is occupied with universe policies, Father Melchizedek with practical procedures. Gabriel presides over the regularly constituted tribunals and councils of Nebadon, Melchizedek over the special, extraordinary, and emergency commissions and advisory bodies.

Here we are told that Gabriel the Father Melchizedek are never away from Salvington simultaneously, yet we recall that Jesus held conference with both of them on the Mount of Transfiguration. The resolution to this apparent contradiction in the revelation is that while Michael was on his Urantia as Jesus, Immanuel had the full authority of the Universal Father in the administration of the local universe, charging Gabriel with the safekeeping of the Son of Man. This represented an extraordinary circumstance requiring special procedures. With these kinds of issues we stress the recognition of the truth in the revelation as opposed to the checking of facts.

The Creator Son and the Creative Spirit in liaison with the Father Melchizedek created the ten million Melchizedeks of Nebadon. Inasmuch as the Melchizedeks are, in a sense of self-origin, they possess an innate capacity for a supernal type of self-government. All orders of intelligent beings, superiors from above and subordinates from below, are wholehearted in their praise of the government of the Melchizedeks.

The Melchizedeks function primarily in their native local universe though sometimes they do serve as special ambassadors representing Nebadon to another local universe in the same superuniverse. However, the Father Melchizedek may even journey to Paradise when needed.

2. The Melchizedek Sons

The Melchizedeks are the first order of divine Sons to approach sufficiently near the lower creature life to be able to function directly in the ministry of mortal uplift, to serve the evolutionary races without the necessity of incarnation. These sons occupy the midpoint of the great personality descent from the highest Divinity to the lowest creatures of will endowment. This makes them natural intermediaries between these divergent levels of living. They are known to all forms of intelligent life as understanding friends, sympathetic teachers, and wise counselors.

In the role as eldest son of a family, the Melchizedeks perform regular and routine tasks, but also act on their own initiative. They make periodical intelligence reports to the Creator Son, independent of the normal channels of information gathering. Being unprejudiced observers by nature, they enjoy the full confidence of all classes of intelligent beings.

Their manifold special activities help to compose the major difficulties and settle the serious differences which arise from time to time in the affairs of the evolutionary domains.

On extraordinary missions they may be deputized in the name of Gabriel and function with his full authority. Twelve Melchizedeks accompany and support the Paradise Avonal Sons on their bestowal and magisterial missions. On such missions, if the Paradise Son is visible to mortal eyes, the Melchizedeks are as well.

We have already learned of the emergency activities of the Melchizedek receivers, in connection with the planetary rebellion and Adamic default. And of course, Machiventa’s mission to Urantia, in preparation for the bestowal mission of our Creator Son is coming up.

There is no phase of planetary spiritual need to which they do not minister. They are the teachers who so often win whole worlds of advanced life to the final and full recognition of the Creator Son and his Paradise Father. And while well-nigh perfect in wisdom they are not infallible in judgment. In cases where they err, temporary retirement from duty, an audience with the Creator Son, and correctional rest conclude with reinstatement to service. We are told this is a rare event in Nebadon.

3. The Melchizedek Worlds

The Melchizedek worlds specifically, consist of the first seven of the seventy primary satellites encircling the headquarters sphere of Salvington, and their forty-two tributary worlds. All 490 worlds surrounding Salvington (70 primary and 420 tributary) are collectively known as the Melchizedek University.