Episode:The Planetary Adams (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

On an inhabited world the Material Son and Daughter construct a new center of culture, this Garden of Eden being named in honor of Edentia, the constellation capital. For many generations Adam and Eve remain biologically segregated from the evolutionary mortals while they build up a strong race of their order, the violet race. The planetary helpers, a category of angels, always accompany the Planetary Adams on their world adventures, aiding the pair in all their efforts to uplift and exalt the races of men.

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Keywords: Urantia, Garden of Eden, Angels, Adam and Eve, Evolutionary Races

Summary by Kermit

3. The Adamic Missions

Reminder that this information is general to the local universe. Yet Urantia’s checkered past regarding our own planetary Adam and Eve is frequently contrasted with the “usual” or “normal” course of these missions.

Discussion on the use of the name for the Material Son and Daughter headquarters “Garden of Eden”.

Garden’s location was centrally located, yet secluded for protection in a near tropical zone suitable for a luxuriant garden headquarters.

The plans for race upstepping are prepared by the Planetary Prince. The traitorous and crafty Caligastia, in this role, was able to effectively oppose the Adamic mission. Thus, the wrecked plan for racial uplift reverted to the Melchizedek receivers, as Adam and Eve violated the covenant of their trusteeship as the visible rulers of Urantia.

By nature, Caligastia (a Lanonandek Son) had a greater intellect than Adam and Eve. While he was able to compromise the pair, they did not join the rebellion.

Questions about possible back-up strategies to carry the racial uplift plan forward ultimately boil down to the fact that Adam and Eve, through self-righteous impatience, defaulted in their mission. Had the Melchizedek receivers seen fit go forward with race uplifting, it would have been so arranged, but alas it was not. Here we are challenged to grow our faith into trust, in the plans being worked out on our world. Furthermore, Adam and Eve weren’t without advice and direction. The angelic corps and assistant beings who normally accompany a Material Son and Daughter on their planetary missions were available to them.

We discussed the comment about celestial messengers and helpers often being confused with “the Lord God”, from the Hebrew a combination of Yahweh and Elohim.

The role of the secondary midwayers in the Adamic missions was intriguingly described to include “the subjection of insubordinate minorities who may seek to subvert social development and spiritual progress.”

Here is another challenge to scrutinize our idealistic notions and pay close attention to the midwayer domains of action in this context, being social development and spiritual progress (not material progress).

The summary paragraph of this section reminds us of the orders of sonship and epochal revelations experienced by Urantia. It is a curious reference to how much more effective and beautiful Michael’s bestowal would have been, had the Planetary Prince and Adamic missions been successful. Elsewhere in the revelation, the impression is given that Michael’s bestowal was made possible by the rebellion and default.

When successful, the missions of the Planetary Adams contribute to the development of a great people. In such cases they continue as the visible heads of planetary affairs into the ages of light and life.

4. The Six Evolutionary Races

In this brief introduction to the races of color, prior to a more complete treatment of the topic in Paper 64 we learn something of the hierarchy of the colored races. The red man being the first colored race to appear and the indigo the last. The superior peoples (superior in capacity for intellectual growth and spiritual development) are the first (red), third (yellow) and fifth (blue). The second (orange), fourth (green) and sixth (indigo) are somewhat less endowed. On some worlds only the red, yellow, and blue appear. And of course, on Urantia, the Andonites, the pre-colored race appeared 500,000 years prior to the colored races, something never before seen in Nebadon.

We discussed the interesting correspondence of the colored races and their proclivity, each, to favor a particular adjutant mind spirit. The red, yellow, and blue coinciding with the 6th, 5th, and 4th, adjutants (worship, council and knowledge), and the orange, green, and indigo coinciding with the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, adjutants (courage, understanding, and intuition).

The somewhat less endowed secondary group provide certain very desirable variations in mortal types and affords an otherwise unattainable expression of diverse human potentials.

Early in racial development, the red, yellow, and blue races may tend to interbreed, as do the orange, green, and indigo. The aforementioned racial differentials give rise to the enslavement and/or extermination of the less endowed races by the superior peoples. These harsh realities usually do not survive the dispensation of the Planetary Prince.

The last paragraph of this section mentions how, on normal worlds untainted by rebellion and default, the inferior and unfit strains are largely eliminated, with the Planetary Prince and Material Son passing on the fitness of the reproducing strains. On Urantia, we have no such planetary authorities to help us with this problem of unfit, defective, degenerate, and antisocial stocks. Yet, we are challenged by our author to address this issue, at least the more obvious examples thereof.

We discussed the difficulty of addressing these racial issues in the current social and political climate of the world. The lack of the pervasive spirit of human brotherhood, coupled with a deficiency of objective consciousness makes it dangerous to broach this subject, even with many readers of the revelation.