Episode:The Planetary Adams (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

The plan of race improvement on evolutionary worlds is not uniform–much is left to the judgment of the Material Sons and Daughters. Mistakes are not infrequent, especially on disordered, insurrectionary worlds, such as Urantia. On normal worlds the Planetary Adam and Eve never mate with the evolutionary races; only their progeny intermarry with the superior men and women to effect the biologic betterment of mankind. With the passing of centuries, Adam and Eve become accepted as the common ancestors of an advanced, amalgamated race of humanity.

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Keywords: Urantia, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Biologic Uplift, Cultural Advancement

Summary by Kermit

5. Racial Amalgamation—Bestowal of Adamic Blood

Plans for the improvement of the existing mortal races on a planet are formulated by the Planetary Prince and his staff. The Material Sons and Daughters are fully instructed in the best way to accomplish those plans. This plan is not uniform and much is left to the judgment of the ministering pair. And as we are reminded, mistakes are not infrequent.

Assisting our Adam and Eve, were the twelve Melchizedek receivers, who remained on the planet for seven years.

The violet peoples usually begin to amalgamate with the planetary natives when their numbers reach about one million, however, as we shall see, on Urantia the plan was for amalgamation to begin when the Adamite numbered about five hundred thousand. In the meantime, word goes forth from the Planetary Prince that “the children of the Gods have come down to be one with the races of men”. And the people eagerly await the day when announcement is made that the sons and daughters of Adam are ready to choose those of superior racial strains for the role of evolutionary fathers and mothers of the new and blended order of mankind.

Commentary: We discussed how different the whole idea of race has developed on our planet. Today, the idea of races, cultures, and languages eternally retaining their diversity is touted as a social value. This, in contrast with the original plan (and destiny) of the blending and harmonization of these differences into a civilization of one race, one language, and one religion. Here again we see the application of idealistic thought to material things. The trends towards blending that we see today are primarily incidental by products of global trade and communication rather than intentional objectives.

“On normal worlds, the Planetary Adam and Eve never mate with the evolutionary races.” This statement leaves open the possibility that on Urantia (hardly a normal world) the plan for race betterment might include some form of Adam and Eve contributing their life plasm directly to the evolutionary races. Which, then makes Eve’s transgression more understandable.

It was also noted that the prospects of being chosen for recognition and admission to the garden for the purpose of mating with the Sons of God often lead to the diminution of tribal struggles and racial wars.

The monogamous example of the violet race here, is the first appearance of one of the four “indispensables” of modern civilization, true monogamy.

The biologic benefits of the addition of the violet race to the evolutionary races result in a quickening of progress in racial development and rapid forward strides in civilization. This progress is accelerated by a factor of ten, over former times.

Because this plan for racial improvement and uplift was early wrecked on Urantia, we are told that the gift of Adamic inheritance has contributed, nevertheless to great progress on our world.

We are told that since the Adamic technique of race harmonization was not successful, we must achieve race improvement more along the lines of the human methods of adaptation and control.

6. The Edenic Regime

These Gardens of Eden remain superb cultural centers and function as social patterns of planetary conduct and usage age after age. The Adamic influence contributes to the sudden expansion of culture and the rapid improvement of the evolutionary races of the world. The amalgamation of the evolutionary races and the sons of Adam result in the upstepping of biologic status, quickening of intellectual potential, and the enhancement of spiritual receptivity.

Custom and tradition are responsible for the eventual spread of the ideals of Eden to the world. Normally, the gardens become a second center of world culture. The joint and harmonious cooperation between the Garden center and the nearby headquarters of the Planetary Prince over centuries foster such customs and traditions.

Discussion: There exists today the idealistic viewpoint that the evolutionary processes of custom and tradition are too slow to meet the urgent needs of today’s world leading to the materialistic panic referred to in Paper 195.

The fact that evolutionary progress, while over all slow and deliberate, is naturally punctuated by saltations, or “suddenlies”, leads to the misinterpretation that such occurrences represent a Father-like creative initiation instead of the Mother-like creative unfolding.

In the Adam and Eve, and their pure line nucleus of the violet race, we have the last and indispensible link connecting God with man. These links are illustrated by the seven fathers eventually recognized by mortals who start their careers from an inhabited world. Beginning with the biologic father and ultimately reaching the spirit Father, is the “universalization” of the Father accomplished, inasmuch as He is not personally present outside the central universe.

7. United Administration

This final section describes the united administration of the Planetary Prince, Material Son even including the eventual completions of the mission of a Magisterial Son on normal inhabited. Of course Urantia’s future course remains intriguing, exciting and unrevealed.