Episode:The Planetary Princes (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

When the Life Carriers have established life and developed intelligent evolutionary beings, a Planetary Prince is assigned to that planet. On newly inhabited worlds, these planetary rulers are the sole representatives of complete divinity, springing from the Creator Son and the Divine Minister. However, they themselves are not divine, which imposes a certain test of faith and loyalty.

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Keywords: Urantia, Sonship, Rulership, Celestial, Dispensation

Summary by Kermit

Commentary: Reviewing Jesus’ so-called temptation with the “devil” (Caligastia), it was noted that the biblical treatment of the story leads to the conclusion that the devil was tempting Jesus to worship him, while in reality this episode had nothing to do with temple pinnacles, food or presumptuous acts. It was NOT a religious (worship) issue.

As we are reminded: The symbolism of your records was intended for the backward ages of the world's childlike thought.

Remember, the Lucifer Rebellion was and IS about a philosophic war, not a religious war. As has been said on this show before, think of philosophy as the superadditive consequence of the relationship of true science and true religion—a higher fact.

Our intent is now to look at the first epochal revelation, and what first epochal revelations are about, irrespective of our own bizarre tale. Yet, immediately, we see something unique in our case. Human will had been functioning for 500,000 years since the days of Andon and Fonta. Only when the Sangik races started appearing, did the Life Carriers request a Planetary Prince.

1. Mission of the Princes

The Planetary Prince and his assistant brethren represent the nearest personalized approach (aside from incarnation) that the Eternal Son of Paradise can make to the lowly creatures of time and space. The PP is the sole representative of complete divinity on an inhabited world, and as such is severely tested.

The PP brings with him large numbers of helpers and assistants. The directing corps of new worlds consists of lower orders of administrators—beings innately sympathetic with and understanding of planetary problems and difficulties. This increases the liability of these near-human personalities to be led astray by the exaltation of their own minds over and above the will of the Supreme Rulers.

The attenuation of divinity due to the remoteness of these Sons from the Father, and the fact that the Father is not personally present in the local universes make these Sons susceptible to default and rebellion. While there have been three system rebellions in Nebadon, we infer that there have been “several” Lanonandek as well as Material Son and Daughter rebellions below the level of the system.

Commentary: Etymologically speaking, Lanonandek signifies “no longer one-like”.

We are told that the PPs do not often fail. But of course, our story has a different outcome.

Interested readers are directed to Paper 35:8 and 9 for more details about Lanonandek Sons.

2. Planetary Administration

Immediately, the PPs are subject to the authority and mandates of their Lanonandek brethren, the System Sovereigns, while under the universe administrative jurisdiction of Gabriel. Advisory counsel of the Melchizedeks and the four and twenty counselors from the system bestowal worlds, is available to the PPs for counsel and advice, but their assistance must be voluntarily requested. More details about the four and twenty counselors can be found in [Paper 45:4, p.513]

The PP’s entire staff ranges from one thousand personalities of the Infinite Spirit and certain types of higher evolved beings and ascending mortals from other worlds, to one hundred thousand such beings. The PPs also may be accompanied by assistants of the second and third order of Lanonandek Sons. A PP’s rule in the early days of a planet is largely autocratic. Judicially, the affairs of the PP’s world domain are adjusted in accordance with his personal discretion. Justice is further supplemented by roving commissions of conciliators which can command both spirit and physical controllers.

These controllers and transformers in collaboration with angels and other orders of celestials, render these beings visible to mortals. The principal reason for bringing mortal ascenders from the system capital is to facilitate communication with the inhabitants of the realm.

3. The Prince’s Corporeal Staff

Ascending beings, who have attained Jerusem citizenship without fusing with their Adjusters usually accompany a PP to a young world. These volunteers are invested with material forms and constitute the connecting link between the PP and the world races.

The corporeal staff are usually removed from the planet in connection with the next adjudication at the time of the second Son’s arrival (the Material Sons and Daughters). Upon their departure, their various duties are customarily assigned to their mutual offspring or superior native volunteers.

While these assistants seldom mate with the world races, they always mate among themselves and give rise to primary midwayers and certain high types of material beings. In certain emergencies these high types of material beings mate with the mortal races and remain attached to the prince’s staff upon removal of their parents. These grandchildren of the corporeal staff are Adjuster indwelt and in status as of the superior races of their day.

These corporeal staff yield up their material bodies and return to the system capital at the end of the prince’s dispensation. While being a dispensation behind their Jerusem class, these ascenders have gained a rare, unique, and extraordinary experience in their careers.

Commentary: We discussed many intriguing aspects of the experience of these corporeal staff. We remarked on the challenge this information presents to current mainstream traditional religious thought, which is based primarily on a combination of goodness and figment. The biology of reproduction is engaged in a literal way in the revelation and may pose obstacles to such traditions. And yet, the biblical references telling of the Sons of God mating with the daughters of men stem from these very happenings.