Episode:The Second Epochal Revelation to Urantia (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

When the biologic development of Urantia's population had reached its apex, about 38,000 years ago, a Material Son and Daughter were authorized to uplift our races. The Garden of Eden was prepared for Adam and Eve by Van the Steadfast, along with Amadon and a corps of volunteers. This new home settlement of the violet race featured advanced design and occupied the most beautiful spot of its kind in all the world. The site was projected to be the worldwide center of progressive civilization and existed on a now-submerged peninsula in the eastern Mediterranean.

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Keywords: Urantia, Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Evolution, Land of Nod

Summary by Kermit

A note worth reiterating concerning the speculations in which we indulge in this study, we are advised to entertain such speculation accompanied by the sincere attempt to refute such speculations using the revelation.

As we’ve been told, the biologic status of the Urantia peoples was little affected by the consequences of the planetary rebellion. According to the normal channels of administration as applied to Urantia’s atypical post rebellion state of affairs, a petition of origin with the resident Life Carriers, and with the concurrence of the Melchizedek receivers was submitted to the Most Highs of Edentia requesting a planetary inspection, to the end that biologic uplifters (a Material Son and daughter) might be sent.

Accordingly Tabamantia, came to inspect the planet and duly recommended that Urantia be granted Material Sons. We are subesequenty told that eighty-three years following the inspection, our very own Adam and Eve arrived and began their difficult task of attempting to untangle the confused affairs of post-rebellion Urantia, resting under the ban of spiritual isolation.

Commentary: The spiritual ban is of no practical consequence to the mortals of Urantia, but of enormous importance to all celestial personalities, as their connection with the authorities and advisers on high is not available to them.

Note on Tabamantia, sovereign supervisor of experimental worlds of Nebadon, the agondonter of finaliter status, and veteran of the first system rebellion in the universes of time and space; why is he sovereign supervisor of decimal, experimental worlds?

1. The Nodites and the Amadonites

This section provides a thumbnail summary of the Nodites and Amadonites origins and background leading to their being the most advanced and cultured races on Urantia, prior to the arrival of Adam and eve.

Discussion: We reflected upon how different things would be today, , with respect to our scientific and technological progress had Adam and Eve not defaulted. We would have established the full flowering of the foundations of scientific understanding some ten thousand years ago.

2. Planning for the Garden

We are told that Van and Amadon began seriously preparing for the arrival of the promised Son(s) of God, racial uplifter, teacher of truth and worthy successor to Calagastia almost one hundred years in advance of their coming.

Van and Amadon, during their longtime efforts to maintain the culture of the Planetary Prince had established sixty-one far scattered settlements. From these settlements, they recruited over three thousand enthusiastic volunteer-workers to the mission of preparing for the arrival. promised Son(s).

The near ten thousand loyal midwayers were instrumental in thwarting the efforts of the greatly weakened Caligastia and Daligastia to frustrate and hamper the Garden preparations.

3. The Garden Site

The location committee, submitted three possible locations for consideration. The first was an island in the Persian Gulf, the second was a river location, which subsequently served as the second garden. The third location, and ultimate choice was a long narrow peninsula, projecting westward from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Discussion: We spent considerable time trying to unravel the precise meanings in the description of the Garden site. Here we encountered differing opinions and were reminded that in our speculations about such things, we always attempt to refute our speculations with the revelation, in the hopes of arriving at the truth of the revelation.

Nevertheless, Solonia in a burst of poetic nostalgia for the site of her assignment as “the voice in the garden”, described the Garden site climate as ideal and its potential for paradisiacal botanic expression in soaring superlatives.

4. Establishing the Garden

The garden home of the biological uplifters is referred to as the Garden of Eden, after the beauty and grandeur of the constellation capital Edentia. The entire peninsula was to be a garden only, and pasturage and animal husbandry were projected for the adjoining mainland.

The peninsula was secured from hostile attacks from the mainland by brick walls and a zoological garden containing all manner of wild beasts. These beasts were organized in twelve grand divisions.

Concerning the number twelve, as the number “seven” characterizes unity and the number “ten” characterizes individuality, so twelve characterizes the domain of biological life.

Only volunteer labor was used in preparing the Garden. The Garden itself and herds maintained on the mainland, along with contributions of food from near-by believers provided the necessary support for the enterprise.

We discussed the possible origin of the model for our religious institutions and the congregational support of clergy as originating from the manner of supporting the Garden labors.

Considerable difficulties arose when Van proposed that the younger generation be trained in the preparation work in the even the Son’s arrival be delayed.

Comment on the span of a hundred years as a limit to our patience of human beings in the absence of evidence of success.