Episode:The Second Epochal Revelation to Urantia (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

Adam and Eve made a heroic and determined effort to establish a world government on Urantia, but they met with stubborn resistance at every turn. There were so many obstacles to overcome on our savage and confused world, including direct trouble from Caligastia. Even so, the material pair began the new violet race and developed cultural and educational practices to successfully rear their children and teach the evolutionary races the advanced ways of Eden. And thus did Adam and Eve work for the welfare and uplift of this world.

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Keywords: Urantia, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, World Government, Creation Legend

Summary by Kermit

5. Adam’s Administration

The Melchizedek receivers remained on Urantia for seven years following the installation of Adam and Eve as planetary rulers. Adam had asked several times that the receivers remain, but to no avail. Van and Amadon, also were translated off the planet, back to Jerusem along with the receivers.

We commented on the use of the word “translation” here. Often “translation” is used to refer to a mortal’s fusion with their Adjuster and immediate relocation to a heavenly destination. This led to further discussion about the fact that Amadon remained on Urantia some one hundred-fifty thousand years did NOT fuse with his Adjuster. We were reminded that failure to fuse sometimes occurs in individuals, who appear to be ready, but remain “unfused” for the purpose of remaining in their earthly station for further important service.

The author points out that Adam and Eve had been instructed “for ages” on techniques of improving a normal world. But, here they were on Urantia, distinctly not a normal world, where they were faced with the unfamiliar situation of having to establish law and order in a world of savages, barbarians, and semicivilized peoples.

Here it was brought up that dispensational revelations are meant to be “universalized” to the whole planet, but here, outside of the Garden, only a few groups, here and there, were at all ready for reception of Adamic culture.

Adam unsuccessfully attempted to establish a world government. His efforts met with serious trouble outside the Garden, from Caligastia and Daligastia. This rebel pair, presented direct and well planned resistance to all of Adam’s plans. Adam had considerable difficulty warning the races about this evil duo inasmuch as they were invisible to mortals.

We discussed how the ideas of unbridled liberty exerted considerable power on the unsophisticated Urantia inhabitants, even among the Garden dwellers. The question was asked, if Caligastia, still resident here, might be working against our UB revelation. We were reminded that Caligastia’s minions are no longer with us. Yet, we no longer need the evil one to lead us astray, as we are perfectly capable of leading ourselves astray, through the unwitting use of our upstepped spiritual consciousness from the SoT and universal Adjuster bestowal, kindled by an immature culture in philosophic chaos. Look for the badge of self-righteousness as a red flag, signaling the promulgation of false liberty in the eradication of some social, political or economic evil.

We also discussed the idea of the “failure” of a revelation. We also discussed the idea of the "failure" of an epochal revelation. We were reminded that the nature of the Supreme Being makes the actual failure of any divine purposing impossible--within the fullness of the"total finite". There exists no exigency, no set of finite facts or circumstances, to which the Supreme Mind cannot adapt in the realization of the destiny of the grand universe.

Also, of interest was the point that in the evolution of human government, representative government must be preceded by monarchial government. The stages of evolution cannot be skipped.

6. Home Life of Adam and Eve

This section describes many interesting aspects of Adam and Eve’s family life, including the number of offspring and names of their first two sons.

The sex ratio of their offspring was virtually 50-50, ensuring balance with brother-sister mating. Of course, such mating is proscribed today, because of the genetic load of lethal recessive mutations carried by all Urantia races. Pure-line Adamic inheritance factors presented no such detrimental influences.

The nutrition and energy intake of the Material Sons consisted of raw foods, no meat and light and energy in conjunction with the tree of life.

The origin of the historical depiction of holy personages with halos was derived from the fact that Adam and Eve gave of a shimmer of light, due to the interaction of their unique energetics with the atmosphere. Thus, when fully clothed, only their heads would glow.

They were able to communicate with each other and their immediate children remotely to a distance of about fifty miles. This ability vanished upon the mind’s surrender to evil.

We spent some time in speculation concerning the nature of this faculty, concluding it is likely that this phenomenon is distinctly different from what we might call garden variety ESP.

Edenic marital usages were described. These practices gave origin to he notions of royal families being descended from the gods sanctioned their consanguineous mating.

Here, the challenge is to find the thread of truth in Adam and Eve’s lives, and not simply mindlessly copy their practices factually.

7. Life in the Garden

The Edenic educational curriculum embraced seven categories. The laws of the Garden, were based on the older codes of Dalamatia and promulgated under seven heads.

Moral law was much the same as the seven commandments of Dalamatia. In matters of worship, Adam attempted to discourage the use of set prayers as well as substituting agricultural offerings in the place in blood sacrifices, both with little success.

Tremendous gains resulted from Adam’s genetic contribution to the races, albeit far far less than originally intended.