Episode:The Third Epochal Revelation to Urantia (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

Machiventa Melchizedek has continued in a unique role since his extraordinary emergency mission on Urantia. He currently holds a position on the Jerusem corps of Urantia directors, the four and twenty counselors; and he is also the Vicegerent Planetary Prince, the personal representative of Christ Michael. There is much speculation about the future duties of this exceptional teacher on our irregular and unusual world.

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Keywords: Urantia, Melchizedek of Salem, Four and Twenty Elders, Christ Michael, Planetary Prince

Summary by Kermit

10. Present Status of Machiventa Melchizedek

This Melchizedek author indulges in considerable speculation concerning the future of Machiventa. Various scenarios involving Machiventa, with Michael’s promised return to Urantia, the possible return of Adam and Eve, as well as a Magisterial Son or even Trinity Teacher Sons are here offered. Central to these conjectures are Machiventa’s recent appointment by Michael as Vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia and his presence on the Jerusem corps of Urantia directors, the four and twenty counselors. The fact that the four and twenty are all ascenders, save Machiventa lends credence to the stated opinion that he is destined to follow us through the ascension and progression scheme even to the Paradise Corps of the Finality.

A point of interest, should Machiventa become an ascender to the Corps of the Finality he will need an Adjuster or other Father fragment. Inasmuch as he’s already been host to a Thought Adjuster during his Urantia sojourn, he would be most unique in having two Adjusters in his career.

Also, in our speculations about Machiventa’s visits to Urantia, we figure that since he was on Urantia for a period of one hundred years, less than a thousand years ago, and is scheduled to return in a little more than one thousand years as Resident Governor General, that he was last here in that capacity in A.D. 930, and scheduled to return in A.D. 3330. Of course his prominent participation in the formulation of the Urantia revelation would have him on the planet during the first third of the twentieth century.

Suffice it to say, with all these series of developments in play, Urantia is one of the most interesting and intriguing planets in all of Nebadon.

We decided to forego the immediate legacy of Melchizedek’s teachings as they developed among the Hebrews and were spread to Orient and Occident for the time being, turning to Paper 114 to examine more current Urantia affairs and Machiventa’s possible role therein.

Paper 114. Seraphic Planetary Government

Seven circumstances are cited by the Chief of Seraphim of Urantia (a mighty supernaphim) as reasons for the uniqueness of our plan of universe supervision.

Life modification status, exigencies of Lucifer rebellion, disruptions of the Adamic default, Michaels’ bestowal and title of Planetary Prince, the special function of the four and twenty counselors, the presence of the archangels circuit, Machiventa’s recent designation of Vicegerent Planetary Prince.

We discussed the fact that the presence of the archangel circuit on Urantia seems have a major and as not fully recognized significance in our planetary affairs, and that the Most Highs, who assumed planetary sovereignty upon the outbreak of the planetary rebellion have not relinquished it. The authority and function of the four and twenty counselors is thus more advisory than direct. Regardless of any uncertainties in our planetary status, we can abandon any anxiety we may have regarding the security and safety of our world and fear not, as the Most Highs indeed and in truth rule in the kingdoms of men.

1. The Sovereignty of Urantia

The original sovereignty of Urantia was held in trust by the System Sovereign (Lucifer’s predecessor). It was subsequently delegated to a joint commission of Melchizedeks and Life Carriers at the time of the arrival of Andon’s and Fonta’s Thought Adjusters, until the arrival of Planetary Prince Caligastia. Following Caligastia’s betrayal until the completion of Michael’s bestowal in the flesh, Urantia had no settled relationship with the local universe, being under the seizure of the Most Highs (sustained by the Ancients of Days).

Michael was proclaimed Planetary Prince of Urantia by Immanuel upon completion of his bestowal mission. Aside from Michael’s establishment of the four and twenty counselors of planetary supervision, Michael has made no gesture of personal administration of Urantia. Rather, he recently elevated Machiventa to the position of Vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia.

As mentioned, all the speculation as to Urantia’s future seem to revolve around the high probability that Machiventa in some fashion, at sometime will most likely directly engage the direction of Urantian affairs in the role of Planetary Prince.

2. The Board of Planetary Supervisors

We cited Paper 45:4 where eighteen of the twenty-four planetary supervisors are named. These twenty-four were all leaders when on Urantia and all, save Machiventa are ascenders who have completed the mansion world experience augmented by Jerusem citizenship training.

Each of the thirty-seven rebellion isolated worlds in Satania has a board similar to the four and twenty, albeit these other commissions are subordinate to the four and twenty as a consequence of Michael’s Urantia bestowal mission. The twenty-four counselors make frequent trips to each of the quarantined planets, especially Urantia. They directly supervise only Urantia, and except for certain domains concerned with mortal survival, their authority is limited.

3. The Resident Governor General

One of the twenty-four is designated to serve as resident governor general of a period of one hundred years. The current RGG is the twentieth to serve since its inception at the completion of Michael’s Urantia bestowal. He serves in this role more as a fatherly advisor than a technical ruler. The previous governing general sits as a temporary member of the System Sovereign’s cabinet of Planetary Princes, inasmuch as Machiventa, designated as Vicegerent Planetary Prince has made no move to assume his place in this cabinet.

The supermaterial government of Urantia does not maintain a very close organic relationship with the higher units of the local universe. The RGG does however, represent both Salvington and Jerusem, in that the four and twenty are directly representative of Michael and Gabriel. Being a Jerusem citizen, the RGG functions as spokesperson for the System Sovereign. The constellation authorities are represented by the Edentia observer, a Vorondadek Son.