Episode:Our Relation to Cosmic Mind (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Join us as we expand on the nature of the three domains of reality introduced in the last broadcast.

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Keywords: Urantia, Virtues, Cosmic Mind, Three Cosmic Intuitions, Holy Spirit

Opening thought: It’s very important to recognize the significance of the frequently mentioned “temple within” that heart domain within each of us that’s the core of our mindal being, to this discussion of the Cosmic Mind, the three cosmic intuitions.

Note: The significance of the three cosmic intuitions cannot be overstated. They are the very important first step for genuine religionist to begin that long joyous privileged adventure of becoming ascending sons of God. Sincere students should listen to the previous episode, then listen to this episode for congruency and context in their studies.”

Summary by Dave

Commentary After Review

We describe the Cosmic Mind as the three cosmic intuitions in the Holy Spirit, the personal spiritual ministry of our local universe mother, The Creative Mother Spirit. One of the aspects of her nature, fundamentally, is the type of Deity she possesses, by encircling all her local universe children in the Holy Spirit. This gives each of her children within her universe a potential for internal capacity. The initial encircuitment by grace in the Holy Spirit doesn’t begin with length and breadth but begins with some depth. There are these three levels that we’re engaging with in terms of the cosmic intuitions. It’s not one level, that this space we contemplate getting into is some plane. Instead, it has three stories, a room with three stories. That temple within’ capacity comes about because of this encircuitment. This is an internal space with depth that she creates within our mind space. It's a domain of objective peace that each of us can lift ourselves up to out of the subjective chaos. The longer we can dwell there before subjective chaos drags us back down again, the more we can try to build the breadth and length of that space.

To build the breadth and length of that temple within, making it a larger and larger domain, is what it means to take delight in cultivating courageous and independent cosmic thinking. Growing the size of that temple within allows more of God’s ministry to us, to “fit” within us. The literalness of God’s ministry is in no sense magical and requires a space to be. Enlarging this space within us supplies the necessary favorable condition for God’s ministry to get to us., less there be no room for God within.

These cosmic insights are given to us, to know what’s in front of us. To effectively engage with the facts we come upon in our daily lives we must engage them with these cosmic insights.

16:7 Morals, Virtue, and Personality

Many readers get off on the wrong foot when interpreting the first couple of sentences in this section. Parentheticals are commonly defined as equating to. That’s one definition of parentheses. The revelators use the other mode of definition for parentheses by what proceeds the parenthetical representing where they recognize most likely our consciousness is. They challenge us with the parenthetic to add a bit more precision to our understanding of things. So in one mode, we can use parentheses to mean equal to. The other mode challenges the reader to recognize the difference between what precedes and what proceeds the parentheses.

Word - Equal to

Word - (challenge) What’s the difference between?

A point that was stressed in the previous episode “Cosmic Gathering in Salt Lake City [Paper 16:6, p. 192]”, was that these three cosmic intuitions are a threefold recognition mechanism. The words recognition and realization are different, they cannot be equated. In the second sentence of section 7 we see moral intuition. That’s a recognition, but when the parenthetic says the realization of Duty, they’re bringing in a point of contrast. It’s also tied to the previous pair of morality and virtue and teases them apart so that readers can begin to think and speak about things with greater precision. Be sure to listen to the show for an in-depth analysis of the differences between recognition and realization.