Episode:The Urantia Book—Thought Made Word (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The United Midwayers of Urantia are organized for service on the planet in several categories. They are invaluable to the seraphim who work for the uplift of the various races of mankind. Their chief work today is that of unperceived personal-liaison associates of those men and women who constitute the planetary reserve corps of destiny. It was the midwayers who initiated the process that resulted in the Urantia Revelation.

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Keywords: Urantia, Revelation, Planetary Seraphim, United Midwayers, Contact Personality

Summary by Kermit

Looking back

Reflecting back on the previous two sections we noted the emphasis given in each to the idea of wisdom. “Spiritual wisdom”, in Paper 19 and the phrase “human wisdom must evolve” in Paper 101, thus evoking a philosophic perspective. It was reiterated that there is a significant difference between the 5th ER and the previous epochal revelations. Those previous to the 5th were focused on the initiating element of religion. The cosmologies associated with those religious revelations were destined to be outgrown in a short time. But the 5th ER is taking on the fullness of philosophy, not just religion. It must be approached evolutionarily as adults of God rather than children of God. The revelators are expecting more of us. Rather than simply “believing”, this revelation challenges the devotee to engage it, to ascend the LoMs to the fullness of cosmic consciousness.

Remembering that if revelation is to upstep evolutionary religion, the teachings portrayed must not be too far removed from the thought and reactions of the age in which they are presented. Today, and pointing out the Foreword, some readers question whether the authors duly followed this principle, in that the material presented here appears to be well beyond the understanding of so many. It was pointed out that at the time the revelation was being compiled (first third of the last century), the pinnacle of evolutionary science, philosophy, and religion was indeed not far removed from the concepts in the Foreword. Unfortunately evolutionary progress in these domains has undergone a decline over the past century such that the once small step from evolutionary thought to revealed truth has become a greater stretch today.

Start of a new series

We begin a new series, “The Urantia Book—Thought made Word”. Moving from the WHY and WHAT we now begin to look at the WHO and HOW of the revelation. The first of the major players to be considered in the process of “downloading” the revelation and putting it into a book, are the United Midwayers of Urantia. A SoS four part series “Ancient and Permanent Citizens of our World” was presented in November 2011 covering Paper 77 in its entirety.

The United Midwayers, consisting of 9,881 of the primary variety and 1,111 of the secondary type are organized for service with the planetary seraphim in accordance with their innate endowments and acquired skills. We reviewed in Paper 77:8, the nature of the primary and secondary midwayers. Both primary and secondary midwayers are very close to material mortals. This nearness of biological and mindal nature is an important factor in effecting the transmission and translation of the revelation from the celestial authors and agents to the material realm. Mindally, the two types of midwayers are similar to humans, with the secondary midwayers being much closer to humans than the primary. The secondary are differentiated along the lines of maleness and femaleness. They share access to the adjutant mind, being encircuited with the 6th and 7th adjutants, wisdom and worship. Also endowed with morontia mind, these secondary midwayers are able to engage the human soul, and consequently to the indwelling Thought Adjuster.

The midwayers’ work with the planetary seraphim falls into four groups.

Midway messengers—individuals in this group have names and are of great value in the situations where personal communication is needed.

Planetary Sentinels—As the permanent citizens of this world, they patrol the invisible spirit realm of the planet performing manifold duties for numerous supernatural beings of the realm. This group goes a long way to compensate for our world’s loss of the agencies and personnel of the planetary administrations of the Planetary Prince and Adam and Eve.

Contact Personalities—Midwayers are always employed when contact with mortal beings of the material worlds is necessary, such as the transmission of this revelation. The mechanism of such transactions is hinted at in the description of the activities of the rebel midwayers in 77:7.5.

Under normal circumstances (post Pentecost) a midwayer is prevented from penetrating the mind of a material mortal by the spirit ministries of the Spirit of Truth and the Thought Adjusters acting in the manner of “force fields of protection”. (This explains why so-called spirit possession, a phenomenon encountered by Jesus, can no longer occur.) for it is when the Adjuster is “in effect” detached from the personality (during sleep) that a secondary midwayer can contact the minds of the human contact personalities. We would expect to find these midwayer contact personalities assisting the Master Seraphim and their associated activities with the mortals composing the various reserve corps of destiny.

Progress helpers—Consisting of the more spiritual of the midwayers, they assist the various orders of seraphim functioning on the planet.

Again, due to the toll on the superhuman staff of planetary assignment caused by the Lucifer rebellion and Adamic default, these midwayers are called upon to pick up the slack and serve in their stead.

We commented on the ad hoc nature of our current superhuman planetary administration which requires considerable creative adaptation by all who serve here, as they are called upon to assist personnel not usually encountered on a normal planet, such as a Vorondadek Most High observer, and the resident governors general representing the four and twenty counselors.

The loyal 1,111 secondary midwayers are engaged in important missions on earth. Being decidedly material they are able to make physical contact with material things. They can make themselves visible to mortals, and can contact material things while remaining invisible to mortals as evinced by their work in rolling away the stone to Jesus’ tomb on resurrection morning.

We are told that many of the more literal phenomena ascribed to angels have been performed by secondary midwayers. However, interestingly, the archangel author of Paper 77 tells us that it was indeed an “actual angel of the Lord” who opened the prison doors to release some of the early gospel teachers, while it was a midwayer who delivered Peter from prison. This interesting tidbit of history reminds us of the “other” unrevealed order of angels described in Paper 13:1 as follows:

“you can almost comprehend such near orders of existence, and it would be akin to betrayal of trust to present even our partial knowledge of such phenomena.”

The chief work of these secondary midwayers as mentioned is as unperceived personal-liaison associates of the mortals constituting the planetary reserve corps of destiny. They are further exonerated from any implication in the phenomena of spiritualism and mediumship.

We are told further that they do not ordinarily permit humans to witness their sometimes necessary physical activities. Which of course means that in extraordinary circumstances, humans have witnessed their physical activities. Thus, the possibility exists, that secondary midwayers (or the unrevealed angels) could be responsible for some of the unusual and strange happenings that have been recorded throughout our history.

Finally, we can thank the midwayers for bringing about the mysterious coordination of personalities and circumstances which induced their supervisors to initiate petitions that resulted in this revelation.