Episode:The Urantia Book—Thought Made Word (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Contact between a secondary midwayer and a destiny reservist’s indwelling Thought Adjuster can circumvent the handicaps of Urantia’s isolation from the communication circuits. The Adjuster of the human being thus used to communicate portions of the fifth epochal revelation was highly experienced, and it was indeed fortunate that this mortal remained consciously quite unconcerned about the entire procedure.

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Keywords: Urantia, Revelation, Thought Adjuster, Secondary Midwayer, Contact Personality

Summary by Kermit

Having learned of the pivotal role of the secondary midwayers in the liaisons of the spiritual and material domains, we turn our attention to the Thought Adjusters in our examination of the WHO and HOW of the 5th ER. In particular we are interested in the Adjuster of the human subject used in the transmission of certain of The Urantia Papers.

[108:4.4]. We are told that on isolated worlds such as ours, the only possibility of direct interplanetary OR universe communication is via Thought Adjusters. Thought Adjusters’ ability to communicate with any part of the local universe, superuniverse, or even the central universe is unaffected by our post-rebellion quarantine. We know that the revelatory commissions came to our world for the purpose of delivering the revelation. So interplanetary communication between the revelators and the secondary midwayer was not necessary. But the universe communication system which normally enables beings high and low to communicate more or less directly, is not operational here. Therefore, the liaison function of the Thought Adjuster of the human subject is required for the transmission of those portions of the revelation presented by beings who normally cannot communicate directly with a secondary midwayer. From other references, we infer that beings like, Divine Counselors, Perfectors of Wisdom, Universal Censors, along with Archangels and Solitary Messengers would require Thought Adjuster liaison to transmit revelatory content to a secondary midwayer for recording. This means that not all of The Urantia Papers necessitated the participation of the human subject.

It should be noted that in those transmissions requiring the human subject, the mechanisms involved in such liaisons are most delicate. For these transmissions to be successful, the individual mortal must be carefully selected for his/her extraordinary capacity, stability, balance, and constitution.

110:4—The Adjuster’s Work in the Mind

Students of the revelation might ordinarily study this section from the standpoint of “the Adjuster’s work in MY mind.” However, in an effort to understand something of the mechanism and process of transmitting and recording of those portions of the revelation requiring the human subject, we approach the study of this section from the perspective of the Adjuster’s work in the mind of the human subject.

The Adjusters are fully aware of the spirit intelligence and energy of the universes. However, they are unable to transmit very much of it to the minds of their mortal subjects. The primary job of an Adjuster is to spiritualize the mind and evolve the morontia soul. We are reminded that in this interior realm, there are three “selves” functioning; the material self (adjutant mind), the morontia self (soul) and the spirit self (Adjuster). For the purposes of transmitting the revelation, this realm carries a risk of contamination of the transmitted material with the content of the material mind. Thus, the human subject is in a deep sleep (unconscious) during this process.

We are warned concerning our attempts to distinguish and discriminate between the work of the Adjuster in the superconscious realm of the mind and the subconscious emanations of the normal and ordinary psychic function inherent in the evolving animal mind. We are told pointedly that we are quite incapable of making such distinctions. We are encouraged to envision our consciousness as a thin (vertical) plane with (horizontal) 2-D dimensionality. The super and sub conscious domains reside above and below this “dead level” of consciousness. In purely energetic terms, spiritual gravity and material gravity act on the content of these levels. Part of supplying favorable conditions for individual growth involves enabling spirit gravity to lift our consciousness up in the direction of the Adjuster. This takes the form of trusting (elevated faith) these matters to the custody of the Adjuster. Our survival on the mansion worlds will witness the resurrection of every worthy treasure of the mortal mind.

Discussion—In this Post-Pentecost era, the question of eternal survival is extended to include the mansion worlds. Eternal survival is signaled by fusion with our Adjuster. This is not automatic and must be effected by our choices and decisions. Consecration TO eternity is required.

Lest we feel too smug basking in this super-knowledge, the Solitary Messenger reminds us of the vast gulf between the human and divine. Because of our animal origin nature, coupled with our lack of courageous decisions and consecrated cooperation, the Monitors find it very difficult to communicate directly with the human mind. In those rare occurrences when the Adjuster is able to flash a gleam of new truth to the evolving soul, such light blinds the creature and precipitates phenomena which result disastrously. The author goes on to explain that fewer and fewer humans in each generation are able to function safely with self-acting Adjusters, which are of course needed for this process. All of this underscores the magnitude of the challenge for the revelators in finding a suitable human subject for employing these transactions to give us the 5th ER.

And by the way, what are those proposals advocating measures designed to foster and conserve the higher types of the Urantia races?

110:5—Erroneous Concepts of Adjuster Guidance

We are admonished to not confuse the purpose and work of the Adjuster with what is commonly called conscience. Conscience, while not to be despised, admonishes us to do right and is of origin in the human psyche. The Adjuster actually endeavors to tell us what really is right, and is indeed the voice of God to the soul.

The Adjuster’s failure to harmonize and associate the divergent factors of man’s mind can observed in our chaotic and disordered dream experiences. When the Adjuster is able to coordinate and synchronize the widely disparate types of thinking as the human and divine, fusion occurs.

During sleep, the Adjusters are able to achieve for us only that which we have fully approved during full wakeful consciousness. The Adjuster’s attempts to register their creations in the higher levels of the material mind often meet with failure and are further subject to distortion by the substitution of our own passions and urges for the Adjuster’s spiritual concepts. Thus, the importance of choosing a human subject for an epochal revelation who is not prone to distort the Adjuster’s work.

We are persistently warned as to the danger of attempting to postulate the Adjuster content of our dream life or differentiating the Adjuster’s work from that of our own conscience. It is far better to reject an Adjuster’s expression as purely human than to exalt the product of our mortal mind to the sphere of divine dignity. It requires human wisdom and superhuman insight to correctly discriminate between the Adjuster’s voice and the emanation of our own intellect.

[109:5.3, p. 1199] During our wakeful hours it is our preconceived opinions, settled ideas and long standing prejudices that greatly retard to Adjuster’s work.

Success in transmitting the revelation is attributed to a highly experienced and versatile Adjuster in liaison with a human subject who is indifferent to any outward manifestations of the Adjuster’s presence and unconcerned about the entire procedure.