Episode:Thought Adjusters—Mission and Ministry (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

There are no intermediaries functioning between the divine Adjusters and their human subjects; God and man are directly related. Adjusters are not actually assigned until the human subjects make their first moral personality decision. Creature mind must exhibit the ability to choose between good and evil—moral choice.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Moral Choice, Bestowal, Pentecost

Summary by Kermit (abridged notes)

We commented on the meaning of the title “Mission and Ministry.” Mission means to send and ministry means to serve. The mission is “the what” and the ministry is “the how.”

108:2. Prerequisites to Adjuster Indwelling

The revelators give an average time frame for TA bestowal (in the current generation) as “just prior to the 6th birthday.” They then go on to specify the 2134th day of terrestrial life to convey to us that the universe administrators and servers aren’t fuzzy about details. Individuality consciousness is precise on high. Note when giving information on the origin of Urantia, they explain that the dates they give are rounded to the nearest thousand, million, or billion years though the exact dates are of record.

The use of the term “personality forecasts” should give us pause, as personality function is not predictable, so what do they mean? The predictability pertains to the functioning of the mindal self seated upon the genetic foundation of the individual occurring at conception. The mindal self is very predictable.

Here ensues a lengthy discussion of the distinction between choice versus decision, beginning with an examination of causality, free will, and self-assertion and morality. [5:6.8-9, p. 71] The Divine Counselor speaks of personality bestowal as liberating the individual from the fetters of antecedent causation in the mind-energy stream. Most humans’ understanding of our existence is limited to the body-mind duality. Mind is separate from the body (matter) and transcendent of it—dominant over it. The causality experienced in the external world suggests that mindal intervention in a material causal sequence can alter such a causal sequence. An example is the dropping and catching of a falling ball. This mental intervention is erroneously called “free will”. More correctly this is “self-assertion”, the modification of the material causal stream of events by a mindal self. The confusion is only clarified if we reckon actuality to include a third element—spirit, in addition to matter and mind. In this threefold actuality the spirit energy system transcends the mind energy system, which dominates the material energy system. Free will and choice pertain to something above the mind energy system. Mind energy follows certain definite laws. Here is where the mindal self is a “victim of antecedent causation”, i.e. causation in the mind energy system. The question regarding free will speaks to whether one exercises a choice above decision, i.e. a choice from the realm of spirit imposed down upon the mind energy system, or is the mindal self allowing the mind energy causal stream to play out? Choice through the gift of personality is able to intervene in the mindal causal stream to change its course—this is free will.

This personality (spirit pattern), allowing us to escape the fetters of antecedent causation is centered in the personality circuit of the Universal Father.

The TAs cannot invade the mortal mind until the coordinate functioning of all seven adjutant mind-spirits, plus its encircuitment in the Holy Spirit is accomplished. A moral being consists in more than the isolated functioning of the second cosmic intuition, the moral discrimination. We are told, “Creature mind must exhibit the worship outreach and indicate wisdom function by exhibiting the ability to choose between the emerging values of good and evil.” Worship outreach requires the spiritual insight of the third cosmic intuition, and choosing between the emerging values of good and evil requires the first cosmic intuition, the discrimination between fact and figment. Thus the moral choice involves a relationship with the whole of the threefold actuality of the cosmos.

So what about this first moral choice that triggers the TA bestowal? [34:5.4, p.379] introduces the idea that the Holy Spirit encircuited mind possesses the capacity for (consciously of unconsciously) choosing the spiritual presence of the Father. Herein is the mystery of the first moral choice. On a world where the Spirit of Truth is functioning the first moral choice is an unconscious choice made when the material life vehicle of the mortal has been touched by the liberating divinity of the Universal Father (the personality). Thus, the Father chooses for your personality to identify with your mindal self identity. This is the Father initiating you as person, thus launching you upon the seas of experience as a self-conscious and a (relatively) self-determinative and self-creative personality.

The coordinating of the SoT allows the TA to come automatically. On worlds without a SoT, arrival of the TA is not automatic and requires conscious choice.

When is human personality bestowed? An aside on the nature of human personality—existential human personality has no relationship to time. The Father, who inhabits eternity, bestows human personality in eternity, not at any particular time. The question that should be asked is rather, when does human personality become observable? That is, when does the existential influence called personality begin to manifest experientially? In short, roughly age six on our world, in our time.

Personality is individuated will, a potential. Actualized will is volition.

The initial gifts given by grace must eventually be confirmed by your own choice. The Father’s choice (unconscious) of your personality to identify with your mindal self must be re-chosen of your own free will.

The difference between volition and choice—volition is a dynamic flow, to which choice adds specificity. Thus choice is volition specified.

Celestials observing a creature’s mind energy can detect an interruption in the causal sequence of mind energy. This “sequence” is only interrupted by the intervention of a transcendent influence, and an unforeseen effect is observed. There is a personality decision form in the mind-energy system that is not the result of any antecedent mind action.

The remainder of the text is given to the prerequisites of TA indwelling on worlds without a Spirit of Truth. The list of six prerequisites is divided into three conditions pertaining to the individual and the latter three conditions are in relation to the whole. Here are the influences and conditions, which appear to be associated with the arrival of TAs on such worlds.

  1. Assignment of personal seraphic guardians.
  2. Attainment of the third psychic circle of cosmic development.
  3. Following the making of a supreme decision of unusual spiritual import in a personal planetary crisis.
  4. The spirit of brotherhood— when an evolving mortal becomes dominated by the love of his fellows and consecrated to unselfish ministry to his brethren in the flesh.
  5. Declaration of intention to do the will of God.
  6. Cosmic reflex action originating in the Supreme Being.