Episode:Thought Adjusters—Mission and Ministry (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

We mortals are often known by the numbers of our Adjusters, until we receive real universe names after Adjuster fusion. This union is signalized by the bestowal of the new name upon the new creature by the destiny guardian. Since Pentecost our world has a Personalized Adjuster assigned to it as the planetary supervisor of Adjusters.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, Seraphim

Note: This episode was edited together from two broadcasts, because the 8/26/2015 broadcast had a technical issue and was never published.

Summary by Kermit

Continued Review of 108:2

Prior to our reading we concluded our review discussion of section 2, “Prerequisites of Adjuster Indwelling”. Our commentary went into considerable detail concerning the role of the Paradise Trinity in the foundation of the Supreme Being, Mother Deity; and the conditions and logical sequence of the mysterious transactions whereby Thought Adjusters come to indwell the minds of us material mortals on our post Paradise-Son bestowal world. The summarization of this discussion and commentary is beyond the scope of my ability. Listen to the archive carefully for details.

108:3. Organization and Administration

We are given the speculations of our Solitary Messenger author, based upon his/her long history of observation concerning TA’s organization and administration. Other than concluding that TAs are organized as an independent working unit administered directly from Divinington and organized in numerous series, their universal interchangeability throughout the grand universe makes it difficult to keep track of them, leading us to conclude that the nature and specifics of the TA’s organization is transcendent of what even a SM can imagine.

In the Universe of universes that is “mind made and personality managed”, Thought Adjusters, being impersonal are not self-managing. Reflection on this sparked a discussion on how much more “personality management” of our immature spiritual activities is needed to avoid real danger.

Concerning the fact that TAs are know by their number, and that their number has a significance known only on Divinington, we should understand that the realm of unity is not a perfect, smooth, and homogeneous realm, but a realm wherein infinite individuality exists and has, not just actual significance, but real significance.

Upon fusion with the TA, we will be given our real universe name. This fusion with our TA represents our connection with eternity. Is our universe name then, a universe linguistic expression of the uniqueness of our personality?

And again, confessing a lack of definitive knowledge regarding the administration of TAs, our SM infers such an administrative connection between individual worlds and Divinington in his/her observation that, following the appearance of a Paradise bestowal Son, an evolutionary world has a Personalized Adjuster assigned to it as the planetary supervisor of Adjusters.

Interestingly, when local universe inspectors carry out planetary examinations, they address themselves to the planetary chief of TAs, in addition to delivering their admonitions and indictments to chiefs and leaders of celestials attached to the administration of said planet. We are thus treated with an acknowledgement to the chief of Adjusters delivered by Tabamantia, sovereign supervisor of the decimal worlds of Nebadon.

Upon reflection on this acknowledgement and its context we see that the management of our world by our unseen helpers is most difficult. The use of the terms admonitions and indictments in Tabamantia’s charge to the resident celestials informs us that he addresses not simply errors in judgment, but mistakes i.e. actual evil. Further, his description of our world as strife-torn, grief-stricken, and disease-afflicted gives us a stark view of how our world is perceived from on high.

We explored the idea of “disease-afflicted” keeping in mind the scope of the term includes physical, mental, and spiritual disease. We are reminded that spiritual disease is manifest in mistaken judgments. Thus even celestials can distort their relationship with spirit energy such that they choose what is bad thinking that it is good. Our planetary rebellion provides a dramatic illustration of this.

Again, the SM’s observation that TAs are dispatched from Divinington to indwell their subjects and upon the subjects’ death return thereto, leads them to infer the functioning of a profoundly intelligent and efficient directive administration of TAs from far-distant Divinington.

Inasmuch as the TAs are said to adjust the mistakes and compensate for the shortcomings of all who labor on this confused planet, we wondered about whether or not TAs actually originate thoughts within the mind. We are reminded that TAs are resident in the mind, and subservient to the will of the indwelt. This would allow for the TA to originate a thought form within the mind and “encourage” the individual to take a personality grip on it, but limit the TAs “ability” to modify or otherwise change a thought on which the individual has taken a firm grasp with personality.

The SM admits to the difficulty of discovering the mechanisms of administration among the higher spirit orders, but has no doubt that, along with numerous other personal and impersonal dub-Deity groups, is unconsciously, but unitedly functioning as far-flung universe correlators, due to the fact that they are the only group of personalized creatures (aside from Personalized Adjusters) who are uniformly conscious of the presence of numerous orders of the prepersonal entities.

The author concludes this section with an inventory of those high spirit influences and presences of which he is aware, and sharing his suspicions that his/her order of creature may be the coordinators of these various influences as they register in the expanding Deity of the evolutionary Supreme Being, albeit unconsciously.

Reflect on this consciously unconscious activity of these high spirit beings has a parallel in the first unconscious choice of our personality to identify with our mindal self as an initiating event in what promises to be a universe career that finds no worthy descriptors in our current language.