Episode:Thought Adjusters—Origin and Nature (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Although the Universal Father is personally resident on Paradise, he is also actually present on the worlds of space as the spirit fragments which indwell the minds of his countless children of time. The Thought Adjuster is an absolute essence of an infinite being imprisoned within the mind of a finite creature. It is man’s infallible cosmic compass, always and unerringly pointing the soul Godward.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Thought Changer, Thought Adjuster, Thought Controller

Summary by Kermit

Paper 107. The Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters

We began this new arc of the Thought Adjusters with some reflection on the author of these Papers, a Solitary Messenger (SM). SMs are very high beings who take origin from near eternity in the Infinite Spirit. Their nature is such that it is impossible for them to communicate directly with the midwayers who were responsible for actually putting the words of the revelation to actual paper. Thus, was it necessary for the Thought Adjuster, residing in the mind of the sleeping subject, to serve as communication liaison with the transcribing midwayer(s) to record the paper.

We took over one hour of our broadcast to go through the preface to this first “Adjuster” paper, paying close attention to the specificity and precision of language, in order that we might establish a solid conceptual foundation on which to build, what promises to be, a long and deep study arc.

The Universal Father is personally (really) resident on Paradise and personally (really) present only in the Central and Divine Universe of Havona. He is however, actually present on the worlds of space in the minds of his children of time as the Mystery Monitors. We discussed the important distinctions among the three terms designating a progression of existence: potentiality, actuality, and reality. Specifically and precisely, reality implies personality function, whereas, actuality implies absence of personality function. So being actually indwelt by a Thought Adjuster is NOT tantamount to being possessed by a person, God. The revelation must be read very carefully, as it is here to elucidate the specificity of these words inasmuch as our dictionaries are of little help in this regard. Consider the word pairs, actuality-reality, spirit-soul, self-personality, and truth-fact, we humans need revelation to discern their true meanings.

Note that the term Mystery Monitor is used in the first reference to Thought Adjusters. Examining the meaning, mystery suggests “divine secret” as in mystery cults, and monitor denotes one who warns. We see this meaning is illustrated in our previous study when we are told that Jesus’ faithful Monitor, admonished him that his hour had not come, as “he burned to give vent to the declaration of the real truth about his Father's loving character and merciful conduct in the universe.” The sustainability of the self mastery of even first circler Jesus, required the “warning” (admonishment) of a faithful Monitor.

Paragraph two of the preface reminds us that the Adjusters are the actuality of the Father’s love, in contrast with the reality or personal nature of his love. TAs are the essence (beingness) of man’s perfected finaliter personality as opposed to the “doingness”, which is a function of the personality. We are here also introduced to the idea of the Adjuster being imprisoned within the mortal mind, an allusion we will find repeated as we go forwarding our study, which should cause us only humility and gratitude as we contemplate the degree of the Father’s condescension to be with us.

Paragraph three of the preface introduces the term “fragment of God.” So what is going on here? Can they mean that the indivisibility of the Father’s personality is broken and we get a piece stuck into our mind? More about that later. Also, the word sonship is a verb here. As an animal-origin being, regardless of gender, we are a son of God the Father and a child of God the Mother. The Adjuster is the absolute and unqualified assurance that we can find the Universal Father, and this is accomplished through the Father’s Adjuster presence, sonshipping the creature.

To be indwelt by a divine Adjuster is to be indwelt by the Paradise Father. Yet, it defies logic that a fragment of God, is literally a piece of the indivisible and infinite personality of the Universal Father. Divinity designates Deity-likeness. A divine Adjuster then is a pre-personal fragment of the Deity substance of the Father. We are told that consciously or unconsciously following the leading of the Adjuster is living in accordance with the will of God. Thus, recognize that the Adjuster works in secret, and you may be entirely unaware of this action. Cultivate humility in the faith recognition of the Adjuster’s presence, whether you are overtly conscious of it or not.

The partiality of the individual in contrast with the universality of the Father is not bridged by fiat. The Thought Adjuster fragment is in harmony with our partiality. While we may not be conscious of this presence, the resultant unquenchable yearning and incessant longing to be like God should serve as evidence of this very presence and lead us to worship Him. The Adjuster actually links us to the Father, and literally with spirit gravity draws us nearer and nearer to him.

The truth of sonship is literally made fact by the fusion with the spirit fragment. Prior to fusion we are known as faith-sons, following fusion we are denominated ascending sons.

In contemplating the presence of a spirit fragment, recognize that as a spirit fragment the Adjuster is relating eye to eye as it were with the soul, which is above the mind, while being imprisoned in the mind. Note also the Adjuster is referred to as an infallible cosmic compass, not a spiritual compass pointing the soul Godward. As experiential beings we will not relate to the existential core, but as a fragment of cosmic nature.

The section concludes with the intriguing reference to the developmental stages of being of will creatures, with the designations Thought Changer, Thought Adjuster, and Thought Controller Our author further states that these stages and ages have no connection with the Adjuster progress in psychic circle achievement.

107:1. The Origin of Thought Adjusters

Thought Adjusters being of the essence of original Deity, our author admits that no one may discourse authoritatively on their nature and origin. Without engaging the complexities of differences between the Reality perspective of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, specifically the Universal Father, and the Deity perspective i.e. the First Source and Center, think of the Thought Adjusters as fragments of a facet of the Father’s Deity. Then note the wording “..and as far as we are able to discern, they are God. While not personal the Adjusters are a manifestation of the Father’s personal ministry to the creatures of time. They are in effect God, not literally personalized Deity.

Forget not, elsewhere in the revelation the Adjusters and the many other unrevealed “flavors” of Father fragments are referred to as the mystery of mysteries. As such, definitive and explicit explanations of their origin and nature are not possible. Even our author admits uncertainty. Concerning their origin and number, we have only questions. Coming from the Father in eternity, are the Adjusters being constantly individualized as candidates for indwelling increase or like God are they existentially infinite? We are told however, that from their appearance on the planets of time to indwell human minds they have three possible destinies, two of which involve acquiring personality, either by fusion with a mortal ascender, or by fiat of the Universal Father, the third being yet another mystery—liberation from the known assignments of Thought Adjusters. Even the full possiblitites of the finaliters destiny remain unknown, except to say that it encompasses the possibility of the attainment of God the Absolute.

As the Father fragmentizes his prepersonal Deity, so does the Infinite Spirit individuate portions of his premind spirit to indwell and fuse with mortal ascenders. The Eternal Son is not fragmentable, but Son-fused creatures do unite with individualized bestowals of the spirit of the Creator Sons.