Episode:Thought Adjusters—Origin and Nature (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

There are seven orders of Thought Adjusters, ranging from virgin to personalized, but there are many ways in which these mysterious God fragments can be classified. Mystery Monitors are eternally uniform in divine nature, although they gain experiential differentiation as a result of actual experience in universe ministry. And no Adjuster has ever been disloyal to the Paradise Father.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Universal Father, Divinington, Solitary Messenger

Note: Brad was away this week, and in a rare moment the episode had only 3 co-hosts.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on the Review

Three points of clarification on the review from the previous week included a most intriguing consideration of the Thought Adjuster (TA) as pure energy as well as pure spirit, and the associated meaning of actuality and reality. Remembering that a reality is a patterned actuality, whether applied to spirit or matter. And these concepts applied to the TA involve conjecture into the advanced topics such as, the next universe age—the Absonite, power-personality synthesis, and the possible nature of the doings of the finaliters. They are profound, mysterious and plain old mind boggling, and thus beyond the scope of this review. If you’re truly interested, please listen to the archive.

107:2. Classification of Adjusters

We spent over an hour of the broadcast, reading and discussing the seven classifications of Adjusters.

  1. Virgin Adjusters are serving on their initial assignment in the minds of evolutionary candidates for eternal survival. These Monitors are eternally uniform in divine nature and uniform in experiential nature when they first leave Divinington on assignment. Subsequent experience in universe ministry confers upon them experiential differentiation. Consider the mystery of how the Adjusters could be experientially uniform following their training “of tremendous scope and range” in the educational institutions of Divinington.
  2. Advanced Adjusters have served with will creatures destined for Spirit-fusion, either on planets of the Spirit-fusion series, or on planets of Adjuster-fusion series during their primitive stages. It is most likely that given the post-Pentecost status of Urantia, many of the Adjusters serving here today are of the Advanced type.
  3. Supreme Adjusters have served on evolutionary worlds, but their human partners have declined eternal survival. While no more divine, than the Virgin Adjusters, i.e., possessing a uniform existential nature, their previous indwelling experience enables them to do things in the human mind a Virgin Adjuster cannot do. We had a dense discussion about the reciprocal and hierarchical relation of existential and experiential reality when viewed from “bottom up” and “top down” perspectives. From the mortal perspective we view experiential reality as our starting point and “reach up” to attain the existential Father; and we view Adjusters as beginning from an existential nature and origin, seeking to penetrate down to Supreme experiential levels. Whereas, from a more objective perspective, Adjusters begin at an existential foundation and move up above the Father to super-Father experiential levels. To be designated a Supreme Adjuster, the Monitor must accompany the human partner in their descent to iniquity and destruction—full supreme negativity, while reciprocally it experiences the attainment of supreme nature in a positive sense.
  4. Vanished Adjusters, so-called fourth stage Adjusters, according to the teachings of the Melchizedeks are on detached assignment roaming the universe of universes. Our Solitary Messenger (SM) author believes they are one with the First Source and Center, and further asserts that an Adjuster could be doing both simultaneously. This led to another formidable discussion concerning the SM’s sensitivity to the focalized presence, including proximity, of a TA, the absence of which they cite as leading to their belief. Their assertion of Adjusters possibly being simultaneously roaming and at one with the Father leads to speculation that their universe service abroad is in a non-focalized mode and synchronized with the omnipresence of the Father. This conjecture, when applied to TAs as pure energy, has implications for a mysterious relation to the ubiquitous force-charge of space, the foundation of the physical cosmos! But wait, there’s more! Add to this, speculation concerning the next universe age and the finaliters’ overtly powerizing the Adjuster in power-personality synthesis mode.
  5. Liberated Adjusters have been eternally liberated from the service of time for mortals of the evolving spheres, and the SM’s do not know what their functions are.
  6. Fused Adjusters are finaliters. These TAs have become one with ascending creatures of the superuniverses. Being the eternity partners of the time ascenders of the Paradise Corps of the Finality they are registered in and out of Ascendington (not Divinington). Here again we see the reciprocal relation of the hierarchy of existential and experiential reality in the careers of the ascending mortal and TA. As alluded to above, the TA individuates on the existential level of reality and progresses to the supreme-experiential level (on its own). The mortal ascenders are initiated on the finite-experiential level, and in the inner life work up to where the TA is. It is the ascenders’ first experience of the supreme-experiential level that constitutes fusion. The TA now for the first time, has a relationship with the finite-experiential level, thus creating new vistas of attainment for the ascender-Adjuster partnership.
  7. Personalized Adjusters are those who have either served with the incarnated Paradise Sons on mortal bestowal missions or who have achieved unusual distinction indwelling a mortal who rejected survival. The SMs believe that this latter group of Supreme Adjusters are personalized by the Father on recommendation of the Ancients of Days, the capital “J” Judges of the superuniverse of their assignment.

Other forms of classification exist, based on different criteria such as universe assignment, measure of success in indwelling an individual mortal, or racial ancestry of the mortal.

107:3. The Divinington Home of Adjusters

(We supplemented this section with the information about Divinington from a Perfector of Wisdom in [13:1.4-6])

The final twenty-five minutes of the broadcast was given to reading and discussing about the sacred sphere of the Father, Divinington. A sphere of mystery, the SMs as well as the Perfectors of Wisdom know next to nothing about it. None but Adjusters and other entities of direct origin by the solitary acts of the Father abide there, all other beings are forbidden to go there.

“The secrets of Divinington include the secret of the bestowal and mission of Thought Adjusters. Their nature, origin, and the technique of their contact with the lowly creatures of the evolutionary worlds is a secret of this Paradise sphere.” In addition, a special manifestation of the Father’s divinity is on Divinington—that facet of the Father’s Deity that is being fragmented to individuate the Adjusters.

We are encouraged to use the revelation in the fashion of the SM author, gathering information from multiple sources, assembling, associating, and correlating it such that it may be informative.

Additionally, we are told that the “headmaster” of the Personalized Adjuster teachers and trainers on Divinington is the PA of the first Paradise Michael Son to complete his sevenfold bestowal upon the races and peoples of his universe realms.

Finally, the SMs confess to only contacting and communicating with the personalized orders of Adjusters, and they are known by name. All others are known by number as are we, prior to fusion.