Episode:Thought Adjusters—Origin and Nature (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

Thought Adjusters are indeed spirits, pure spirits, but spirits plus; they are truly Godlike. They truly and divinely love you; they are the prisoners of spirit hope confined within the minds of men. Every created being would delight to host an Adjuster, but no orders of beings are thus indwelt excepting evolutionary will creatures of finaliter destiny.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Will, Volition, Choice

Summary by Kermit (abridged notes)

Some elements we talked about:

  • Adjusters are pure spirits plus more. They're fragments of Deity, not fragments of spirit substance.
  • Fragmentable Deity has a self-animating quality. When Solitary Messengers see this functioning, we can liken it to the spirit of goodness in our mindal activity.
  • Thought Adjusters spiritize you, not spiritualize you; there is a difference. Spiritize means to actually create spirit substance, not spirit-like substance. Where does this substance come from? A secret of Ascendington.
  • The loneliness of Thought Adjusters. Isn't that an animal sentiment? Not only. It has to do with the Thought adjuster bridging such a large gulf, stretched between the most extremes of nature.
  • Given the spirit and energy nature of the Thought Adjuster, we mostly interact with the spirit side. Perhaps in the absonite age we go beyond this and interact on the pure-energy side of the Thought Adjuster. Many implications for this, particularly thinking about the force-charge of space. Lots of speculation.
  • Navigation by gravity circuits, instead of spirit gravity circuits. This is a puzzling aspect of Thought Adjusters.
  • Thought Adjusters get no rest or relaxation under the mortal dies, and if there's fusion in the animal-origin life they don't even get that rest!