Episode:Thought Adjusters—Relation to Individual Mortals (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Adjusters are playing the sacred and superb game of the ages; they are engaged in one of the supreme adventures of time and space. The success of your Adjuster in the enterprise of piloting you through the mortal life and bringing about your survival depends not so much on the theories of your beliefs as upon your decisions, determinations, and steadfast faith.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Love, Service, Cosmic Citizenship

NOTE: Dave Tucker joined us this week, as James was not available to fully participate

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Review, 110:2. Adjusters and Human Will (cont.)

Connecting up with our final paragraph of the previous broadcast, the TAs perfection, along with the perfection of their persistence and ingenuity in the methods of their work were put into perspective, noting that the results of their work, are not always so perfect, being dependent upon the cooperation of the host mortal. We are reminded, that which we perceive to be of divine Adjuster origin in our minds needs to be critically and reflectively scrutinized before we can claim validity of such insight.

TAs are not trying control our thinking as such. Nor are they (or angels for that matter) devoted to directly influencing our human thought. TAs are familiar with our mind energy system, and are able to manipulate it undetected. Yet, should a TA’s creation come down to our awareness it could be considerably distorted by the material currents of our minds as to be virtually unrecognizable.

TA’s are however, indirectly modifying, adjusting, and co-ordinating our thinking processes. Note the congruence of this language with the mortals’ developmental stages of being during which the Monitors are variously designated as [107:0.7]

  • Thought Changers (modifying),
  • Thought Adjusters (adjusting), and
  • Thought Controllers (co-ordinating).

TAs are attempting to be an influence from eternity, elevating our adjutant minds to a more cosmic nature. In terms of the hourglass analogy of the human mind system, they seek to elevate our adjutant minds into the upper domain of spiritualized mind, to eternalize it.

We discussed the process of the TA’s work of building up spiritual counterparts of our careers, morontia transcripts of our true advancing selves for survival purposes. The process of modifying, adjusting, and coordinating is an ascending progression whereby human thought forms attain the level of being cosmically coordinated, capable of being copied into morontia or soul substance.

The point was made repeatedly that our lack of awareness of the TA’s activity, our lack of ability to communicate with our Monitor, is actually a cosmic safeguard. It is in this naïve state that we are rendered relatively powerless to cause serious damage to our evolving soul. In our current state of grace regarding our deliverance from the flesh, we are encouraged to take our salvation for granted. The TA is attempting to gain more influence over our personality directionization and not over our material course.

We made a final point concerning the idea in paragraph one of this section about the TAs bringing with them a definite and predetermined plan for the intellectual and spiritual development of their subjects, not a plan for our material progress and development. The Adjuster’s goal is to enhance our recognition, realization, appreciation, and love of the truths of eternity. Yet current day humans in the material comfort era are more concerned with the facts of time.

TAs work in the higher levels of mind, attempting to produce morontia duplicates of the concepts of the mortal intellect. Within the human mind circuits are the two influences of the mortal self (having personality), and the indwelling immortal gift from God. The mortal self harbors the individuated will of the human personality. The Adjuster’s will is of the whole (the Supreme) as yet un-individuated. The human exercise of this will in cooperation and coordination with the Adjuster provides a vehicle for separation from the whole of the Supreme.

In paragraph five of this section we find a beautiful description of the mind of the creature unifying with the premind of the Adjuster. Following which the human will enforces the execution of the decisions of this combined mind whereupon the Adjuster’s prepersonal will attains to personality expression, thus human mind attains divinity attunement and the Adjuster’s will achieves personality expression. This process illustrates the appropriate order in which the mortal ascender is to commit the consecrations of the mind to the universal harmony of God the Mother, and the will to the perfect Will of the Heavenly Father.

We had another discussion about current thinking whereby rather than the Adjuster expression coalescing (individuating) into time, the mortal experiences loss of individuality in absorption into the unity of the whole. Beyond the scope of this summary, our discussion involved the levels of meaning and their individuality and unity expressions as possible explanations for the attraction unity consciousness has for us.

110:3. Co-operation with the Adjuster

TAs are from eternity, yet engaged in one of the supreme adventures of time in space. Even in their larger tasks of eternity, they can and sometimes do lend assistance in our short struggles of time, but only when our cooperation permits. Adjuster communication is most often lost in the material currents of the energy streams of the human mind. It is only occasionally that we catch an echo of the divine voice. Interestingly this echo is usually a reflection from our own mind, and of the nature of our own inner voice. We discussed the dangers of interpreting this voice of God in our likeness and elevating it to the delusional state of thinking we are in fact God. All of which is why our safety lies in attempting to co-operate rather than communicate with our Monitor. Being unconscious of our TA’s activity in the upper reaches of our superconscious is completely normal and appropriate in our religious life. It is our decisions, determinations and steadfast faith and not the theories of our beliefs that contribute to the Adjuster’s success in bringing about our survival. It is the supreme human desire to be Godlike and the associated willingness to do and be any and all things which are essential to its attainment that constitute the secret of survival.

Our author gently upbraids us in our preoccupation with trifles of living while overlooking the more essential realities of everlasting import. He further tells us that the great goal of human existence is to attune to the divinity of the indwelling Adjuster. However, our efforts to do this do not entail self-abasing behaviors or mock piety, rather the ideal life is one of loving service.

Our author, likewise assures us that being distracted, confused, or discouraged does not necessarily signify resistance to the Adjuster’s leading, nor do they interfere with the certain survival of the God-knowing soul. But they do connote lack of active co-operation and may delay spiritual progress. Only conscious resistance, not ignorance, can prevent survival of an evolving immortal soul.

Again it is emphasized that co-operation with the Adjuster is not a particularly conscious process. The final portion of our text provides a four step, progressive path for consciously augmenting Adjuster harmony, which we discussed. In short these steps are:

  1. Basing your life on the highest consciousness of truth, beauty, and goodness; and coordinating these through wisdom, worship, faith, and love.
  2. Loving God and desiring to be like him.
  3. Loving man and sincerely desiring to serve him.
  4. Joyful acceptance of cosmic citizenship.

Thoughts from the chat room

As mentioned at the end of the broadcast, chat room participants requested the SoS team to be more responsive to questions posted there. In that spirit I recovered some of those questions.

In response to our discussion of the dangers of thinking our thought forms are the product of Adjuster activity, our chatter asked.

What else besides the Adjuster might be capable of presenting these "thought forms?" And how to distinquish among them?

I believe in response to Brad’s question about someone thinking that their current career is destroying their soul and they try to make a change, to abandon greed and selfishness. The response that such activity from selfishness to fairness was all lower domain mind activity and fancy animal stuff. To which the question was posed:

Why then, Chris, this program? Or the teaching programs? The Urantia Book revelation? What point does it make toward our soul building, spiritual growth? What, me worry? Wouldn't it be good to be concerned to DO GOOD?

Following the advice to take our salvation for granted, the comment was posted:

Take your salvation for granted....AFTER YOU HAVE ENTERED INTO THE KINGDOM! Don't you think?

Finally, in discussing our Monitor’s predetermined plan being more about personality directionization and not material pursuits. The post:

What you do with your time matters doesn't it? We want to be in tune with the three-fold actuality. Matter matters!