Episode:Thought Adjusters—Relation to Individual Mortals (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

Every decision you make either impedes or facilitates the function of the Adjuster; likewise do these very decisions determine your advancement in the psychic circles of human achievement. It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Spiritual Capacity, Psychic Circles, Cosmic Levels

Note: This section [Paper 110:6] was previously studied on SoS on broadcasts in February 2011:

Summary by Kermit

The successive conquest of the seven psychic circles constitutes the sum total of personality realization on a material world. Completion of the attainment of these seven circles constitutes the maximum level of mortal maturity attainable while in the flesh. Such circle completion precedes Adjuster fusion, and if it occurs on a material world, may signal that fusion forthcoming. It should be remembered that the circle completion criteria are relative to the stage and age of a world on its march towards light and life. That is, the achievements attained by Enoch, or Elijah (disclosed in the revelation as Adjuster fusers while in the flesh) would likely not be sufficient to trigger fusion by today’s standards. It is the moving target that is the evolving Supreme that conditions circle attainment criteria.

In the first paragraph, we considered the full significance of the meaning of the term “mortal.” The scope of the term mortal must be extended beyond the life in the flesh to include the mansion world experience up to Adjuster fusion, whereupon immortality is attained. With this consideration, the phrase “seven psychic circles of mortal potentiality” takes on a considerably expanded scope. The mortal experiences prior to fusion on mansonia transcend almost anything we can imagine, and are yet considered mortal. Thus there is a vastly greater potentiality to what can be called the mortal life if one considers this mortal mansion world phase of existence.

Entrance upon the seventh circle marks the beginning of true human personality function. Thinking in terms of post-Pentecost conditions for receiving TAs, we stepped through the developmental dynamics of this process of the initiation of true human personality function. From conception the adjutants successively engage the material mind (self). Upon the engagement of the 7th adjutant (wisdom) at roughly age 6 years, the encircuitment in the Holy Spirit (HS) and engagement with the Spirit of Truth (SoT) follow. Very shortly after this a TA arrives. With encircuitment in the HS, the individual has a direct relationship with spirit energy for the first time. Personality (spirit pattern and influence from eternity) identifies with the unity nature of an individual—the spiritualized self, consequent upon HS encircuitment.) This identification allows personality to function in space and time (volition.) Personality can’t begin to function until age six, i.e. the potential which is personality cannot actualize until age six. Volition is the actualization of the potential that is will.

Personality function can be inferred from an observed deviation in the normal causal sequence of the flow of mind energy. The change in mind energy flow that is observed is unpredictable and implies the insertion of an influence from above (personality). The fact that two individuals respond differently to the same stimuli does not necessarily imply presence or absence of personality function, but may simply testify to individual differences in the boundary conditions affecting mind energy (genetics).

The TA is an equal partner in the attainment of the seven psychic circles (mortal maturity), but he attains to supremacy and self-activity independent of the active cooperation of the mortal mind.

The psychic circles have to do with personality status, mind attainment, soul growth, and Adjuster attunement. Successful traversal of which demands the harmonious functioning of the entire personality, the whole self—material, intellectual, and spiritual, or in other terms, the individuality, associativity, and unity aspects of the entire self.

It is dangerous when the intellectual and spiritual natures are not balanced. Also, lack of spiritual capacity greatly handicaps the TAs ability to transmit to such an individual the truths resident in the higher superconsciousness.

We unpacked the oft’ quoted passage:

It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function — when the physical, mental, and spiritual powers are in triune harmony of development — that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted with a minimum of temporal danger or risk to the real welfare of such a being.

The “perfect poise” part needs to be seen as a poise of a relatively low level of cosmic reality. Since the triune cosmic configuration of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical functioning, corresponding to the physical, mental, and spiritual respectively, are all physical, inasmuch as we are, at this time and place in our universe career predominantly materially minded selves. Reflection on these terms denoting distinctly physical characteristics shows increasing material refinement. Pause to remember that our, mental status is conditioned by neural energies and our ability to engage spirit energy is governed by the “balanced chemical function” of certain glands. These physical level domains are within our range of action to either facilitate or hinder conditions favorable to TA cooperation through our material practices and behaviors.

Our author reiterates that it is the balanced triune expansion of intellectual decisions, moral choosings, and spiritual development that fosters the circle by circle progress whereby the TA is increasingly enabled to illuminate our ascendant destiny in our evolving consciousness.

The function of our TAs is either facilitated or impeded by each decision we make. Not only supreme crisis related decisions, but daily numerous, repetitive, and persistent decisions that contribute to salutary habit-forming patterns of practice all conspire to further circle attainment.

Because the whole process of circle attainment is so personal, precise definition and description of these seven levels of human progression are difficult. These levels of triune cosmic evolution are all subsumed under the umbrella of mind attainment. This is the consecration of the mind to the universal harmony. Three specific dimensions are mentioned. Adjuster attunement, the increasing closeness of the mind to the Adjuster presence; Soul evolution, the emergence of the morontia soul is indicative of the depth of circle mastery; and Personality reality, persons become more real with advancing circle mastery.

In broad brush perspective, the relative maturity of the seven circles can be summarized as follows.

  • The seventh circle-This signals the development of the capacity of spiritual individuality (think Adjuster fusion potential) through the exercise of the powers of personal choice, individual decision, and moral responsibility. All seven adjutants are functioning, although not necessarily in a balanced way.
  • The third circle-Here the adjutants are functioning in concert. With the advent of the seraphic guardian comes an unmistakable improvement in all phases of cosmic achievement and spiritual development. From here until the first circle, adjutant mind function begins to blend into morontia mind of a singular nature.
  • The first circle is attended by the direct and immediate contact of the Adjuster with the mortal. This is the highest possible realization of mind-Adjuster relationship in human experience prior to mortal death.