Episode:Thought Adjusters—Relation to Individual Mortals (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

There is only an indirect relation between cosmic-circle attainment and actual spiritual religious experience; such attainments are reciprocal and therefore mutually beneficial. Purely spiritual development may have little to do with planetary material prosperity, but circle attainment always augments the potential of human success and mortal achievement.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Cosmic Circles, Soul Growth, Adjuster Fusion

Summary by Kermit

In addition to the usual review we re-read paragraphs 6.12-6.15 and discussed the meaning of the author’s descriptions of the minimum and maximum limits of the two stages of maturity realization, i.e., the conquest of the seven psychic circles. The stage I, encompassing the 7th circle to the 3rd circle is generally characterized as the stage beginning with the completion of the engagement of the seven adjutants, encircuitment in the Holy Spirit, first functioning of the Spirit of Truth and the arrival of the Thought Adjuster (TA). Thus the 7th circle constitutes a mortal creature a truly potential citizen of the local universe (potential for fusion). During this first phase of circle attainment (7th to 3rd) the seven adjutant mind spirits strive for increasing and symmetric function through the development of the powers of personal choice, individual decision, moral responsibility, and the capacity for the attainment of spiritual individuality. These powers represent the fruits of the consecration of the mind to the universal harmony—cosmic achievement. The capacity for spiritual individuality is another way of saying potential for fusion. And as we’ve mentioned, this fusion is what separates us as individuals from the whole that is the Supreme.

Stage II begins with the attainment of the 3rd circle and culminates with arrival in the 1st circle. In addition to the TA’s attainment of self-activity, comes the assignment of a personal seraphic guardian of destiny. At this point, the sevenfold ministry of the adjutant mind begins to merge into the unitary ministry of morontia mind which is completed in the 1st circle. The seat of consciousness begins to be transferred from adjutant mind (seated upon the physical brain) to morontia mind (seated upon the morontia soul).

Should one ponder his own circle level, look to Jesus. The revelators give clues to his circle attainment through his life, and we discussed this here and in previous programs.

Inasmuch as this circle progress, growth and development is predicated on personal free will choice and decisions, we did briefly discuss the other side of the question, so to speak, and examined some of the processes in play when choices and decisions take a mortal in a cosmically negative direction towards iniquity.

These circles of mortal progression can be thought of as cosmic levels on the path to consciousness of the relationship of the soul with the emerging Supreme Being. They are only relatively related to God-consciousness. A most important discussion of the difference between God-consciousness, God-knowingness and the dual nature of the Supreme Being ensued. The long journey to God-consciousness—a very advanced state that is defined in the revelation—begins with God-knowingness, sonship consciousness. The faith grasp provided by the 3rd C.I., spiritual insight initiates the way. However, this faith-grasp is not to be seen as an end, but a beginning. Exalting this beginning step to a final attainment level short circuits circle progress. Such elevation of a part of the truth shuts off the possibility of integrating this part into the greater whole. The faith-grasp (sonship consciousness) provides the initial connection to the Father and marks the consecration of will. However, circle progress is tied to increasing awareness of relationship with the Universal Mother (personal-purposive aspect of the Supreme). This is what is referred to as the consecration of the mind to the universal harmony of God the Mother. We are sons of God the Father and children of God the Mother. For the first time in human history the 5th ER provides for the foundational understanding of this hereto for dimly known aspect of Deity, and consequently is the relationship elucidated between the dual consecrations of the will and the mind necessary to reach each of our divine parents. The serious student is strongly encouraged to review the archive of this broadcast for finer points of this discussion that are beyond the scope of this review.

In response to one of our regular callers, notable points were made concerning the consecration to doing the Father’s will and actually choosing to do that will. It is only by doing we encounter tribulation and hence gain wisdom.

The revelators persist in reminding us that there is only an indirect relationship between circle attainment and spiritual religious experience. Cosmic advancement includes the individual and unity aspects of living in a triunity with associativity. Thus psychic circle attainment is characterized by increased potential for human success and mortal achievement as well as spiritual consciousness.

110:7. The Attainment of Immortality

Thought Adjuster fusion represents the secure irrevocable attachment of a mortal creature personality to eternity—immortality. Completion of the attainment of the seven cosmic circles is a necessary condition for Adjuster fusion, but not sufficient. Fusion requires further achievements, the final and complete attunement of the mortal will with the will of God, as it is resident in the TA.

The initial faith-grasp consecration of will to the Father’s will initiates those steps towards immortality. The second consecration of the mind to the universal harmony builds upon the first, and represents the dynamic process of circle attainment. Upon completion of the seven circles another consecration of will is required, described above as the complete attunement of the mortal will with the will of God as it is resident in the Adjuster. The danger of fixations of will prior to 1st circle attainment was examined.

The sequence of the personality identifying first with adjutant mind and the transfer of this identifying personality to the morontial soul at the 1st circle renders this material adjutant mindal self no longer necessary. Thus, is this mortal disconnected from the adjutant mind system and the physical mechanism unraveled to ultimatons, while the fused adjuster-soul is translated to mansonia. We speculated on the physics of the fusion flash as described in the Bible in 2Kings 2:11 as Elijah was taken up to heaven in “chariots of fire”.

The resulting soul-Adjuster is a composite of the qualities of each. All of the experience and all of the values of the one eventually become the possession of the other. They are thus one entity, of the eternal past and for the eternal future. It must be made clear that while all that is experientially divine in the Adjuster becomes the possession of the new ascending personality, the same cannot be said of the existentially divine qualities of the Adjuster. Further, that complete exhaustion of the endowment of an Adjuster can only be realized in eternity, subsequent to the final attainment of the Universal Father (i.e., post-finaliter, co-absolute status).

Again we are reminded that in our present state of well-nigh compete domination of the energy patterns and chemical forces inherent in our material order of existence, the Adjuster (and we) must patiently await death deliverance before we can consciously enjoy direct contact with one another.

In the touching message of a TA to a destiny reservist mortal, among other things, he implores the mortal to not deprive him of the reward of his struggle. The reward being the attainment of personality.