Episode:Thought Adjusters—Relation to Universe Creatures (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Thought Adjusters are rehearsing the realities of the universe career in the evolving minds of human beings. While mortals are in nature evolving inward and upward from man to God, the Adjusters are in nature evolving outward and downward from God to man. Actual living experience has no cosmic substitute.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Mystery Monitors, Experience, Evolution

Note: Brad was absent from this episode, and there were only 3 co-hosts.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Review

An interesting clarification following last week’s review bears mention. That which is experiential is not necessarily registered in one’s consciousness. There are phenomena, particularly the Thought Adjuster’s work in our minds of which take place in our superconscious. These phenomena are most definitely experiential, though we are not aware of them. Experiential reality can be conscious, subconscious or superconscious.

Paper 109. The Relation of Adjusters to Universe Creatures

Thought Adjusters (TAs) are referred to as the children of the universe career. In this respect TAs are to be considered children of experiential Deity, although they can be reckoned as Sons of existential Deity. TAs begin with an existential core and accumulate an experiential nature through their service in the realms of time and space. They gain experience as their subjects grow and develop. Most of what they do in mortals is a rehearsal of the next stage of life. Our limited measure of a genuine personal nature makes it difficult for TAs to make much progress in our short life in the flesh. Even in a first circler, without mota consciousness in morontia mind, the TAs work consists largely of planning, and rehearsing activities pertaining to the next level of our existence. The signal accomplishment of a TA here is the establishment of an embryonic soul of survival potential.

109:1. Development of Adjusters

The Solitary Messenger (SM) expresses certainty in the absence of definitive proof that there is a comprehensive and elaborate plan for the training and development of virgin Adjusters on Divinington. Likewise they aver that TAs are extensively retrained between their multiple missions of mortal association. Since the universe is mind made and personality managed, and follows a logical order, we might take a hint from our SM friends on high to use our own powers of observation, recognition and reflection in our pursuit of universe knowledge and insight.

Actual experience has no cosmic substitute. We are prone to exalt the TAs because they are fragments of the Father, and rightly so, but also should we recognize that even a scintilla of experiential nature is transcendent of The Universal Father. For the first time in human history we are here introduced to the universe fact that the experience of the creature transcends the existential Father. Our Father has relinquished ALL experiential nature so that in the realm of experience He is the initiator, humbling himself for our sake. Had he not done so, reality would have no room for us. How lowly are we that it requires our entire ascension to reach Paradise perfection, to properly initiate us to universe service. We ascend in the universe as a Father seeking fact, to be where the TA IS, the perfection of divinity. Thence with the TA we attempt the penetration to completion of experiential Deity.

The TA is doing now very much what we will be doing as a finaliter, as a person. The issue of the TA coming into relationship with experiential Deity is an issue of completeness, not one of perfection. The command to be perfect is not new to religionists. This is the first epochal revelation that hints at what follows the attainment of perfection, the fullness of initiation. We will then engage experiential Deity as one, fully initiated.

The TA’s accumulation of experience in the mind of a mortal is part of their definite developmental career. They acquire not only increased skill, but enhanced ability regardless of the survival their subjects. The first stage of the TA’s evolution is attained in fusion with the surviving soul of a mortal. Thus as the ascender evolves inward and upward to God, the Adjuster are evolving in nature outward and downward to man, such that the fusion product of divinity and humanity is a son of man and a son of God.

109:2. Self-Acting Adjusters

We learned of the classification of Adjusters in relation to experience—virgin, advanced, and supreme. Now we are told of a functional classification—the self-acting Adjusters. The author proceeds to give six conditions or criteria which characterize them.

Note the term self-acting suggests that TAs have a separate self. And these Adjusters “act” independently of their mortal subjects. Criterion one specifies that the Adjuster has had previous indwelling experience, either as an on loan mission, or where the human subject rejected survival. Hence, only advanced or supreme Adjusters are qualified for self-acting status. This criterion effectively precludes a virgin Adjuster from being self-acting.

Criteria #2-#4 parallel the prerequisites for a mortal receiving a TA on a pre-Paradise Son bestowal world. Namely, has a subject who has, achieved the third psychic circle and received a pair of guardian seraphim, made “the supreme decision” to be Godlike, or who has been mustered into one of the reserve corps of destiny.

We spent some time discussing some of the technicalities of these circumstances and the serious student would do well to consult the archive of this show for the details.

Criterion #5 involves a TA temporarily detaching from the mind of their subject to perform some exploit associated with spiritual administration of the world of assignment. In other words, a duty or task unrelated to the mortal subject. This detachment is mentioned as taking place during the subject’s sleep. We speculated that this is to minimize possible side effects to the consciousness of the subject, precipitated by the Adjuster’s exit and re-entry. It was further speculated that these suspected side effects of consciousness may have been instrumental in spawning the Gnosticism movement of the 2nd century after Christ.

The sixth point characterizing self-acting Adjusters is a Monitor who had previously indwelt an incarnated spirit personality. The now Personalized Adjuster who previously indwelt both Machiventa and Jesus is just such a self-acting Adjuster.

Their self-acting exploits whether within or outside of their subjects such as communication with other realms and functioning in interplanetary matters do not generally involve the human personalities of their indwelling. Further, their activities outside the mortal tabernacles are described as very rare.

Note here the term superacting Adjusters can be taken to mean self-acting, and represent a period whereupon the Adjuster, having achieved the conquest of their intrusted tasks only await either mortal death or fusion.