Episode:Thought Adjusters—Relation to Universe Creatures (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

In a sense the Adjusters may be fostering a certain degree of planetary cross-fertilization in the domains of truth, beauty, and goodness. However, their work is not only interfered with by the innate natures of the mortal races, but this ministry is also greatly retarded by your own preconceived opinions, settled ideas, and long-standing prejudices.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Mystery Monitor, Communion, Personality

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on review

SoS provided a citation in the revelation [40:9.3, p. 450] for the statement that Spirit-fusers awake on the first Mansion world fused with an individualization of the spirit of the Divine Minister. This “spirit infusion “fills” the vacancy left by the Thought Adjuster. The additional help afforded to the mortal during the life in the flesh, by this temporary association, enables the greater degree of bonding of Spirit-fusion compared with the TA fusion.

109:4. Adjusters and Human Personality

This section concerns the dynamics and mechanics of the engagements, interactions, and relations between the mysterious Monitors and the transcendent fact of human personality. In our attempts to understand these nearly ineffable doings, we called upon our friend, the hourglass analogy of the human mind. So dense is the text and so deep is our reach in this study that we nearly used the first hour of the program to unpack the first two paragraphs.

The higher forms of intelligent intercommunication between human beings are greatly helped by the indwelling Adjusters. At this time and place in our racial evolution, we animal-origin humans manifest minimal genuine personal nature. Most of our thinking is merely of the “fancy animal” variety, rather than genuinely personal. Yet, the highest elements of our selves do have a personal nature. The holistic nature initiated by grace through the encircuitment in the Holy Spirit (spiritualized mind), can be encompassed by personality (personalized self). It is in this spiritualized mind that the TA resides. And it is with this spiritualized mind that these intelligent intercommunications between persons are conducted via the language symbols of ideas and ideals, something not found in animals. Herein does the TA catalyze and facilitate these manifestations of genuine personality (spirit pattern).

In describing the crude communication among animals, the revelators say there is little or no personality therein. Since we know animals don’t have personality, how can there be any personality so demonstrated? Further, that while Adjusters aren’t personality, they hail from the source of personality, and those Monitors with previous indwelling experience are able to augment the qualitative manifestations of human personality far better than the inexperienced Virgin Adjusters. Remember that the TAs are at their core, existential in nature, and as they acquire experience indwelling the minds of time-space mortals they accordingly accumulate an experiential nature.

Now regarding the qualified statement about the “little or no personality” present in the primitive contact between animals, we turn to [112:1.17, p. 1227]. Here we find the statement that “…for in a cosmic system the individual members are not connected with each other except in relation to the whole and through the individuality of the whole.” The whole referred to is the Paradise Trinity, and the individuality of the whole is the Mother. The “local” individuality of the whole is the Universe Mother Spirit. Here presence defines the extent of the local universe and it is her adjutant mindal circuitry all living things (above the level of mechanical mind) utilize for ordinary consciousness. The higher animals are encircuited in the first five of her adjutants. Thus, any small measure of personality (implied in the above statement) in the communicative interactions among animals is due to the personal presence of the Local Universe Mother (the individuality of the whole).

The importance of the previous experiences of the TA in facilitating the expression of human personality is driven home when we are told that many of the great intellectual and spiritual leaders of Urantia exerted their influence chiefly because of the previous experience of their Adjusters. In collective influence, our author tells us that TA’s have cooperated extensively with other spiritual influences in transforming and humanizing the descendants of our primitive ancestors. The Divine Monitors represent one of the most potent potentials for advancing civilization. Were they withdrawn from the inhabitants of our world, Urantia would slowly descend to primitive levels of old. In terms of the cosmic physics involved in this phenomenon, simply think of the dynamics of the opposing forces of material and spiritual gravity, and what would happen in the event of the withdrawal of the spirit gravity upward pull exerted by the TAs. The result would be a downward drift, slowed only by material inertia. Additionally we discussed the role of reflective thinking as something we mortals can do to supply favorable conditions for cooperating with our TA.

A finer point is put upon the value of previous Adjuster experience when we are told of the specific Adjuster, at the time of the writing of the revelation, indwelling a mind on Urantia, having indwelt fifteen minds previously in Orvonton and more suspected in other superuniverses. Pause to consider that some of those previous host mortals likely proceeded to iniquity. In an homage to the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke our author reminds us that in this regard, “from him who has not survival qualities, shall be taken away even that experienced Adjuster which he now has, while to him who has survival prospects, shall be given even the pre-experienced Adjuster of a slothful deserter.” This point led to a discussion concerning what it takes to go to iniquity. The mention of a slothful deserter as iniquitous suggests that lack of activity is a characteristic of the iniquitous, further reminding us of the admonition in Paper 115, that with God the Supreme, achievement is the prerequisite to status—one must do something as well as be something.

109:5. Material Handicaps to Adjuster Indwelling

When the human mind able to strike step with truth (in the liberated but controlled channels of creative imagination), TAs are able to synchronize therewith. Again the cosmic physics of this process involves the act of will to purposefully change the causal sequence of mind. Being sad to record that this is a rare occurrence in this age, the TAs wait for their subjects to sleep before they are very successful in effecting deep spiritual transformation in the upper recesses of the superconscious.

Two major handicaps to the Adjusters’ work are the unsteady and rapidly shifting mental attitudes, our innate natures, and our preconceived opinions, settled ideas, and long-standing prejudices. Thus the work of the Adjuster is often interrupted, and what emerges into our consciousness is unfinished, and can lead to confusion. Thus, must use or spiritual insight from above to examine the content of these partial creations and discriminate between fact and figment.

In this material realm we must perforce serve two masters, being adept in the art of continuous human temporal compromise, while yielding spiritual allegiance to but one master. This evolutionary struggle, on our world without the visible universe administrative leadership causes many to falter and fail, grow weary and succumb.

Yet, we are told that, all of our deficiencies in nature and nurture never prevent eventual spiritual achievement. We need only co-operate with our divine gift and sooner or later, the Adjuster will evolve the immortal soul and following fusion present us to our sovereign Master Son, and eventually to the Father of Adjusters on Paradise.