Episode:Thought Adjusters—Relation to the Soul (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The human personality is identified with mind and spirit held together in functional relationship by life in a material body. This relationship does not result in some combination of the qualities of mind and spirit but rather in an entirely new, original, and unique universe value of potentially eternal endurance, the soul.

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Keywords: Urantia, Divine Spirit, Material Mind, Morontia Soul, Moral Decisions

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Last Week

Understanding this material in the revelation challenges our comprehension of the nature and structure of matter, mind energy, and spirit substance. Our entire inner life wherein we make the dual consecrations of our will to the Father’s will, and our mind to the universal harmony of the Mother occurs in the realm of mind energy. Using the hourglass analogy of material mind, we examined the term “material mind” and sought to clarify its extent and characteristics in the context of the author’s explanation of this material mind being the arena in which human personalities are self-conscious, make decisions, choose God or forsake him, and eternalize or destroy themselves. The details are yours to revisit in the archive of the broadcast.

In [111:1.7] we read that evolutionary mind is only fully stable and dependable when manifesting itself upon the two extremes of cosmic intellectuality. Further, that between these extremes are an enormous group of evolving and ascending minds whose stability depends upon personality choice and spirit identification. We invoked the vertical column analogy of mind and an amusing analogy of the flopping flailing plastic wind-sock cartoonlike figures used in street-side advertising displays to attempt to clarify the meaning of these statements.

It is not the passive surrender of man’s will to the Adjuster, but the active and positive cooperation with the Adjuster’s leading, particularly when such leading differs from the desires and impulses of the natural mortal mind that constitutes the creature’s effective cooperation with the indwelling TA in its achievement of the spiritual goals of thought adjustment and character transformation.

We also spent time in appreciation of the beautiful maritime analogy wherein mind is your ship, the Adjuster your pilot and the human will the captain on the voyage to not only the morontia harbors of eternal survival, but even to the Paradise Father of Adjusters. Not immediately apparent in this analogy is the idea, that while the pilot is above reproach, even with a consecrated human will to survive, the seaworthiness of the “ship” is of paramount importance for a successful voyage. It is the consecration of the mind to the universal harmony of the Mother that ensures the succession of stable and balanced mindal selves fit to surmount the barriers of time and handicaps of space on this voyage.

111:2. Nature of the Soul

Attempting to understand the nature of the soul begins with attempting to grasp the physics and logic of our mind energy system. Here is where the analogies of mind can aid us. In horizontal relationship visualize material energy side by side with spirit energy. Mind is the literalization of the relationship between them, and as such partakes of the quality of unity, being derived from spirit, which is unity. This unity quality of mind is functional as associativity, i.e., a unifying influence. It is this unity of mind that invariably seeks for spirit coordination on all levels of its association with selves of will dignity and ascension prerogatives. Mind thus functions in spite of the unwise actions and choices of a misguided self (error and evil).

On one hand we are encouraged to trust in the natural attraction mind has for spirit coordination, but on the other hand, the application of our will carries with it the potential for creativity or destructivity. It is this natural attraction of mind for spirit coordination that, when carelessly applied to some quality of individuality, elevating a part to the status of the whole, that results in an formation of an “-ism”, of which we have a over abundance today.

The author introduces another analogy of the mind being a cosmic loom that carries the morontia fabrics, on which the indwelling spirit threads the spirit patterns derived from the spirit patterning action of personality, resulting in soul. We also discussed these transactions in light of the vertical column analogy of mind.

The third paragraph of this section provides a beautifully succinct and technical description of the soul in terms of the relation and interaction of the reality elements of the body, mind, spirit, and personality. Note the superadditive dynamic in the interaction of the mind and spirit.

Two supplemental citations from [0:5.10, p. 8] and [133:6.5, p. 1478] provide further description of the reality that is the morontia soul.

Further emphasizing the superadditive process that results in the birth and growth of the soul we are presented with three antecedents of the morontia human soul. They are the human mind, the divine spirit indwelling this mind, and the relationship between these two. The soul is thus the reality of or stemming from this relationship. When viewed from the perspective of human disciplines of science, religion, and philosophy, the soul can be likened to a personal living philosophy made thing, a triunity.

Yet another description of the soul is given from the perspective of the midwayers, as the mid-mind, a morontia phenomenon existing in the realm between the material and spiritual. The potential of this morontia evolution is driven by a bi-directional flow of the up reach of the finite mind of the creature to know and become like God; and the down reach of God to know and attain the experience of the finite creature. This process can be viewed as a downstepped expression of the evolution of the Supreme, wherein the bi-directional flow consists of the upwelling of the Almighty (summation of creatures’ experience) and the down reaching of the fact of the Deity of the Mother.

The evolving soul is made possible because the mortal mind is personal and in contact with the superanimal cosmic intuitions of the Holy Spirit, particularly the moral discrimination which insures a moral nature with moral decisions, which in turn effects the faith grasp contact with the Holy Spirit ministries and the divine Adjuster.

We ascend as a series of mindal selves in a selfhood continuity. This selfhood continuity is a unity quality that threads through each individual self. As previously mentioned, in this material estate we consist of three selves—the material mindal self (destined to die), the TA spiritual self, and the morontia self, the soul, the embryonic next self.