Episode:Thought Adjusters—Relation to the Soul (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

Of all the dangers which beset man’s mortal nature and jeopardize his spiritual integrity, pride is the greatest. Courage is valorous, but egotism is vainglorious and suicidal. Pride is deceitful, intoxicating, and sin-breeding whether found in an individual, a group, a race, or a nation. It is literally true, "Pride goes before a fall."

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Keywords: Urantia, Divine Spirit, Soul, Cosmic Philosophy, Heavenly Helper

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Review

We considered the vertical pathway and processes involved in the translation of a true motive arising in the upper domain of the mind into a true or false intention.

Beginning in the upper domain of the mind, the recognition of an ideal via a relationship with a value, begets a positive desire that leads to a true motive. As this motive comes down into the adjutant self-consciousness an intention is formed and may be executed in the external world. Our discussion focused on the transformation of the good motive into a true or false intention. Whether the resultant intention is true or false is dependent not upon the consecration of the will to the perfect will of The Father, but upon the consecration of the mind to the universal harmony of The Mother. The formation of a true intention requires wisdom and an objective understanding of the relevant conditions in the cosmic system, such that its execution in the external world embodies the ideal that originally gave rise to the motive. This is a tall order indeed, but attainable by and through grace, and the reflective thinking that is catalyzed by the indwelling TA.

While not an easy assignment, for the first time in human history we now have the revelation required to grasp the true meaning of words like:

  • true
  • false
  • evil
  • error
  • motive
  • intention

This led to a comment on the nature of the 5th ER’s message regarding this consecration of mind. The revelators’ challenge to consecrate your mind to the universal harmony of God the Mother is expressed in the wholeness of the revelation and is not discovered by an analysis of the revelation. Rather it is to be found through the process of synthesis. The parts of the revelation need to be interpreted in the context of the whole of the revelation utilizing the three gifts of grace we all possess; the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, and the Thought Adjuster.


We began our session’s reading with [111:6.4]. We are reminded of the vertical relationship, wherein spirit can dominate mind, which can control energy. And we are further reminded that the creature mind control of matter and energy is achieved only in so far as it has become master of the energy secrets of the physical universe. This should disabuse us of notions of mystical mind over matter scenarios. And in addition, this control does not involve transcending the universal laws of matter and energy.

We are part of a universe that is mind made and personality managed, and our ultimate goal as creatures in this universe is, through the top down sequence of personality, spirit, mind, and matter to the external world to increasingly control and even dominate is physical level in the universe—dominion!

The emphasis in our first two paragraphs on science (divine law) is brought into holistic relationship with divine love (religion) as the author instructs us that unless we experientially unify the divine law and divine love in a personal living cosmic philosophy we will never begin to appreciate the infinite symmetry, the supernal harmony, the exquisite repleteness of the all-inclusive nature of the First Source and Center.

Wherein is the connection of all this with the soul? It is the personal living philosophy that the TA is able to copy into the soul. This personal living philosophy in the inner life can thus be manifest through the aforementioned top down vertical process out into the external world for others to witness as a noble personal philosophy of living.

Mortal man is naturally beset by feelings of insecurity being inextricably bound to nature while possessing spiritual powers enabling him to transcend all things temporal and finite. Listen to the archive of this broadcast and follow the discussion as we step through the clarification and synthesis of the concepts of religious confidence, living faith, soul trust and how the second consecration of the mind to the Mother capacitates the reason of science and the faith of religion to be joined in the logic of the personal living philosophy enabling man to courageously live securely in the face of the manifold uncertainties of this life.

The final two paragraphs of the section serve as a warning of the real dangers of pride. The ability of man to transcend himself, can easily lead to the elevation of his opinion of himself, from a reasonable self-confidence to the “pride that goes before the fall.” As we discussed, even the incorrect use of the word “pride” can create dangerous forms in the mind. Two citations put a finer point on these dangers:

  • [163:6, p. 1808] Jesus warning of the dangers of the spiritual pride of Lucifer.
  • [66:1, p. 742] a Melchizedek’s awakening to Caligastia’s growing self-love.

111:7. The Adjuster's Problem

As was mentioned on the broadcast, this section begins with the encouraging “Uncertainty with security is the essence of the Paradise adventure”, followed by a list of back and forth uncertainty and security circumstances to be encountered on our Paradise ascent. No doubt exhorting us to allow our faith to be grown into trust.

The next two paragraphs consist of admonitions and appeals to allow the TA to catalyze our relationship with the cosmos by ever keeping in mind the big picture, real motive, the final aim, and the eternal purpose of all this difficult, uphill struggle with the commonplace problems of our present material world.

The paper ends with recognition of the difficulties encountered by TAs and guardian seraphim as a result of the composite racial nature of the higher human races of Urantia. It is worth noting that these difficulties are not limited to our natal sphere, but persist after death.

The grand finale is a recital of a guardian angel enumerating the conflicting crosscurrents that attended her subject’s life, making her job of destiny guardianship difficult.

Note, we are told that the statement by this seraphim is a formal statement given in extenuation of these difficulties encountered by this angel.