Episode:Thought Adjusters—Selfhood, Death, and Survival (Part 10)

From Symmetry of Soul

Personality and the relationships between personalities are never scaffolding; mortal memory of personality relationships has cosmic value and will persist. On the mansion worlds you will know and be known, and more, you will remember, and be remembered by, your onetime associates in the short but intriguing life on Urantia.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Morontia Self, Soul, Personality

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Review and Previous Broadcast

The stages of existence from material mortal through the system headquarters are characterized by much growth of a punctuated and discontinuous nature. These discontinuities are suggested by the fact that each of these transitions is accompanied by a surrender of consciousness and acquisition of a new morontia form. Each of these discontinuities presents a new foundation on which to bring the truth of you into relationship with the fact of you.

To clarify paragraph 9 of section 5, the "Capital-J Judges‏‎" (Ancients of Days) do not decree the execution of persons. It is only after a final personal choice to de-identify the personality from the mindal self that the energy manifestation of the resultant ongoing entity is terminated.

As emphasized earlier in our study, you do well to make the error of rejecting TA communication as being purely of human origin, rather than the other way around. A question was posed concerning genuine personality function or manifestation and whether the same caution need be followed. Personality is a much more fundamental fact than the TA. From childhood, there is a need for your relationship to the fact of personality to become increasingly conscious. You are attempting to be increasingly aware that you are a mindal self, with the potential to stand above the mindal self as a personal fact and to master it. The discussion continued on to explore the dynamic process of the discovery and recognition of your natural responses to stimuli, reflective interpretation of their relation to the cosmos and their modification through genuine personal choice. A point about differences between the personality and the TA, the personality is not another self. Personality is the potential to alter the nature of the self to which it is identified. The TA is a separate self with its own functions and decisions, doing things to and for much the way the environment does things to you. The TA matures over time through experience enhancing its ability to better respond to various situations, whereas the personality can choose to have an existential imposition into the moment.

Continued discussion touched upon the difference between self-respect and self-love and the danger of keeping the self as the focus of positive regard, from kindness on the 4th LoM up through self-esteem on the 5th, to self-love on the 6th LoM, rather than shifting the focus on the 5th and 6th LoM to God or others. Such was a hallmark of Lucifer’s downfall.

Picking up the thread of our text, note that the difference between the life experience on the nativity sphere and the new life on the mansion worlds will be so great, chiefly because the mortal adjutant self is not resurrected. That which is resurrected is another self, seated on the soul, the morontial self, of which we are hardly conscious. Remember, the morontia self is a copy of the unconscious (superconscious) self, a most unfamiliar self to most while yet in the flesh. Fortunately the TA and guardian seraphim connect up the new life with the old. Even so in the new realm, much of the former mortal life will seem to be as a vague and hazy dream.

As to those memories which persist in the morontia life, only the worth-while experiences of this life will survive. Those events and memories deemed to be non-essential to your universe career will be lost. However, personality and relationships between personalities have cosmic value and are retained. We will remember and be remembered by our onetime associates of our life in the flesh.

112:6. The Morontia Self

The last half of the broadcast was taken with this section on the morontia self. The metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly is given as illustration of the vast differential between the two domains. The whole of the morontia career in the local universe is about the continued uplift and advancement of the personality mechanism to the threshold of progressive spirituality.

As far as the new bodies (forms) which await us, we are told that “in the last analysis they are beyond our comprehension, being morontial rather than material. About all the revelators can tell us is that they serve the same purpose on the local universe worlds as do our material bodies on our nativity sphere.

SoS has commented many times that in our mortal estate, we are minimally personal. As such, many of our activities and experiences in the early stages of material existence have little meaning for us in a personal sense, but do have consequence in the Supreme.

Intriguing to longtime students of the revelation is the idea that the outer appearance of the personality form (body), increasingly reflects the character of the personality identity. The discussion on this point made use of our friend the hourglass analogy of mind. Consult the archive for more details.

Our author proceeds to give details of the morontia estate concerning the new mind circuitry, and the conservation of the meanings and values of the mortal mind and the continuity of identity. Through contributions by the surviving soul, TA, seraphim, and numerous beings concerned with the final evaluation of ascending mortals including Universal Censors and on beyond to the Supreme, certain phases of mind and experiential values are conserved in the morontia self.

We are reminded of our limitations in volition when we are told that immediately following resurrection, personality is “guided” by character patterns form human life and the new initial action of morontia mota. The significant duration of this phase is suggested when the author tells us these “guides” function in the early stages of the morontia life prior to the emergence of morontia will as a full-fledged volitional expression of the ascending personality.

Having left the adjutant mind circuitry behind, morontia mind evolves through direct contact with the cosmic mind as downstepped by the Local Universe Creative Mother Spirit. At this level of local universe function, the cosmic mind is differentiated into morontia mind and the spirit core of the cosmic mind, the Holy Spirit.

The soul is not animate (self-conscious) when deprived of the material-mind mechanism, but it does possess continuing character patterns derived from decisions of the former adjutant mind, which become active memory when energized by the returning TA. Note, decisions not choices form the basis of character. The importance of the TA in the quickening of memory is illustrated in the immediate after-life of Spirit fused mortals, who must depend on angelic assistance for the recovery of memory.

We are given a clue as to the reason for the revelators suggestion that the initial recollections of our life in the flesh will seem like vague and hazy dream. It is based upon the likelihood that we will not have attained the first circle of cosmic development on our nativity world, and until we do attain the first circle on the mansion worlds we will not manifest the full-fledged volitional expression that is morontia will.