Episode:Thought Adjusters—Selfhood, Death, and Survival (Part 11)

From Symmetry of Soul

Mortals pass through a relatively short and intensive testing on the evolutionary and morontia worlds. When your earthly course in temporary form has been run, you are to awaken on the shores of a better world, and eventually you will be united with your faithful Adjuster in an eternal embrace—an at-onement of the identity of a creature of time with the spirit of Paradise Deity.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Soul, At-Onement, Personality

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Review

We further explored the caterpillar-butterfly analogy used to compare the difference between life on the nativity sphere and life on mansion world #1. Putting one’s self into the analogy, it’s easy to see how a butterfly might not recognize a caterpillar as a previous stage of his own existence. It’s entirely likely that for many, awakening on mansonia one will be like a completely new existence.

112:7. Adjuster Fusion

The potentials in human personality for: fixation of divinity quality, past-eternity experience and memory, immortality, and more, are eternally actualized with TA fusion. Fusion constitutes the mystery of finite creature evolution, making God and man one. Note mystery (divine secret) is not discoverable by analysis. Fusion is a secret of the sacred sphere of Ascendington. Only those who have experienced it can comprehend the true meaning of the actual values which are conjoined when the identity of a creature of time becomes eternally one with the spirit of Paradise Deity. In order for the identity of a creature of time to fuse with the TA, some degree of likeness must be present in the fusion partners. Wherefrom comes the divinity quality in the evolving mortal to warrant fusion with the deity fragment of the Father? It’s the other divine parent, God the Mother.

Interesting to note that many celestial beings are subjected to a long experience of universe testing. Thanks to the catalyzing presence of the TA, which enables mortals to have a significant relation to the whole more rapidly, do mortals pass through a relatively short and intensive testing on the evolutionary and morontia worlds.

It should be recognized that TA fusion is not something the ascender does, rather only after the final and irrevocable choice for the eternal career is the at-onement authorization is issued, signaling the authority for the fused personality to continue the ascension struggle on beyond the local universe even to the portals of Havona and the Deity adventure. As has been reiterated many times, the creature does not cause growth, but supplies favorable conditions for the creator to do the growing. This principle is ever in play when thinking about aspects of universe progress as cosmic circle attainment. Concerning how long it takes a mortal to ascend the cosmic circles and fuse remember, fusion signals coming into factual relationship with eternity. The length of time required for this is meaningless in the eternal sense. But alas, it will surely take some time before we can cease to be enamored of time.

Paragraph six portrays truth vs. factual expressions in the material, morontial, and spiritual phases of selfhood progress in the universe career. It is in the material stage that survival decisions must be formulated. In the morontia state, these decisions are being confirmed. Upon the attainment of the spiritual level (post fusion), the self has become a secure value in the universe demonstrating that survival decisions have been made. Consult the archive of this broadcast for more details of the discussion as it relates to some of our favorite topics, choice versus decision.

As the selfhood goes from a material fact, subject to laws of matter on the evolutionary worlds, to a more enduring universe reality in the morontia state, and then to a secure value on the spiritual level, survival decisions must be formulated, confirmed, and have been made respectively at each level. This discussion explored the process of the selfhood maturing, through acquiring a cosmic character by actualizing and realizing creature consecration to the universal harmony of God the Mother, capable of being fused with the spirit of the Father. Listen to the archive of this broadcast for the details.

The fused being is one being, one personality. Note the difference between indivisible oneness that encompasses the triunity and unity one of the three aspects of the triunity. They are not the same.

Our author asks concerning fusion, has the Adjuster won personality by his magnificent service to humanity, or has the mortal acquired immortality through efforts to achieve Adjusterlikeness? To which he answers surprisingly neither. But, both who have participated in the superadditive phenomenon of achieving the evolution of a child of the Supreme, capable of perfecting to the point of standing in the worshipful recognition of the actual personality of the Father on Paradise.

Fusion, regardless whether it occurs on the nativity sphere or the local universe capital, is a divine pledge of the future and full spiritual stabilization of the ascending mortal. At the same time the mortal free will allows for the Adjuster an eternal means for liberating the divine and infinite nature.

Reflect: the Adjuster without the mortal’s free will does not possess true liberty, hence can not choose happiness.

On Adjuster fusion worlds such as ours, the ascending mortal and Mystery Monitor share the destiny of membership in the Paradise Corps of the Finality. The Solitary Messenger author refers to this partnership of mutual dependence “one of the most engrossing and amazing of all the cosmic phenomena of this universe age!

Upon fusion, the status of this new being is that of an evolutionary creature who will call Ascendington home rather than Divinington, the mortal partner being the first to enjoy personality, and thus outranking the Adjuster in all matters concerned with the recognition of personality.

Interestingly, fusion (again, wherever or whenever that occurs) marks the completion of the Father’s promise of the gift of himself to his material creatures and the consummation of his plan of the eternal bestowal of divinity upon humanity. This is astonishing! How can this be accomplished so early in the game? Especially for one who fuses while yet in the flesh. Such is the nature of the Father as initiator. The Father’s initiation is in truth attained. In fact it will require the mortal ascender to realize and actualize the limitless possibilities inherent in this supernal partnership. This longer experiential process is all about acquiring God the Mother.

We mused over the summary of disclosures in the revelation of the vast organization and personnel of the various levels of grand universe and beyond. Here we are being challenged to synthesize this information and attempt engagement of the truth of the revelation.

The revelation even goes beyond the Father’s factual initiation in speculating about the likely future activities of Finaliters in the role as experiential children of the Supreme of participating in the Supreme Being’s unrevealed tertiary function as administrators of the certain to be inhabited galaxies in the first outer space level.

The final two paragraphs of this last section of the concluding paper of our arc on Thought Adjusters echo something the revelators do throughout the text and that is to complete the threefold sequence of origin, history, and destiny in their treatment of a sequence of papers on a major topic. And with a soaring lyric quality that sings to us in the harmonies of divine inspiration, stirring exhortation, and sublime assurance we are identified in our true nature as children of the Supreme God and divine sons of the Paradise Father of all personalities.

Takeaways of the entire arc

After 35 weeks, what did this all mean?


  • Despite all we studied, remember: We cannot cause growth. Supply the favorable conditions for growth. (from the religion papers)
    • Keep your religious life stable.
  • The element of danger around the study of Thought Adjusters.
    • We want a cookbook of material steps to grow ourselves. Self righteous thinking.
    • Yet these papers speak about things that appear "actionable" to us, but they are not.
    • Don't try to wield your Adjuster. Don't try to hear the voice in your head. Patience.
    • I've read these papers for years and have always wanted to do something.
    • The exclamation marks at the end of [Paper 112]? Very compelling.
    • But even in the face of exclamation marks scribed by a Solitary Messenger, can you be patient, humble, loyal, just? Supply the favorable conditions for growth.
  • The megastructure of the 5th ER
    • The religious experience papers are separated from the TA papers by some very impenetrable material.
    • Surely deliberate, to set us up for recognizing how deep these TA concepts are.


  • A deeper understanding of personality and how TAs are entwined with it.
    • Personality is a level of deified reality
    • If there is a circuit, there must be a conductor. For personality, that conductor is deity.
  • Machiventa Melchizedek received a TA [Paper 93], which later was the TA for Michael of Nebadon in his incarnation here.
    • "Mentor of the flesh" used to describe the TA. Intriguing phraseology.


  • The mustard seed. Concerning character building: [Paper 143]
    • Not character building, but character growth. The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed.
    • The reason Jesus taught it this way is precisely because we cannot grow ourselves—cannot build a relationship with our TA. You can't. Thinking you can do so is dangerous.
  • The so-called psychic circles are the closest the 5th ER comes to explaining one's growing relationship to your TA.
    • They are cosmic levels, not spiritual levels. So spiritual choice won't move you up through them.
    • You do choose to open yourself up to that growth. But the choice doesn't do the growth. You can give permission to be grown.
    • Moving upward also can be thought of as moving inward. The TA is at the center of those converging psychic circles.
  • The journey to the TA is not a religious journey. It's a cosmic journey, a philosophic journey.
  • So this is the challenge: can you trust that you are being grown toward the TA? Can you remain humble?
  • Can you avoid trying to figure out the inscrutable physics of the psychic circles?

  • OK. I get it. But Favorable conditions: Is there something I can do? Consciously? Something simple?
    • Think about the frog and the tadpole. [Paper 100]
    • Loyalty is a favorable condition. You can do this in the moment, in any given situation.
    • Humility is a favorable condition. Also doable in the moment.
    • Sincerity is a favorable condition.
    • Being just is a favorable condition. Be honest. Be law-abiding.
    • Patience is a favorable condition.


  • Even the TA is still growing. This was a new way to look at it.
    • "There is an -ing to a TA." Hence a TA can be thought of as an ascending son.
    • Evolution is everywhere, even in them.
  • A cosmic perspective—this is the beginning, not the end—saves one from a lot of trauma and suffering.
    • And you are not the agent that is growing you. This should come as a relief, upon reflection.