Episode:Thought Adjusters—Selfhood, Death, and Survival (Part 9)

From Symmetry of Soul

If ever there is doubt about advancing a human to the mansion worlds, the universe governments invariably rule in the personal interests of that individual. Such a soul is advanced as a transitional being and further observed for emerging spiritual purpose. Thus is the mortal ascension plan built upon patience, tolerance, understanding, and merciful sympathy.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Human Self, Justice, Mercy

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Previous Broadcast

The final paragraph of last week’s reading was examined in greater detail. Four cosmic responsibilities tied to creature choice are enumerated: the integrity of human volition, sincerity of mortal free will, faithfulness of mortal choice, and finally the steadfastness and wisdom of decision-actions, the last two of which we discussed in greater detail. Our discussion of the faithfulness of mortal choice and the steadfastness and wisdom of decision-actions explored how they are stimulated by the adjutants of worship and wisdom respectively, and further linked to the twofold consecrations of the creature will to the perfect will of God the Father, and creature mind to the universal harmony of God the Mother.


Our author definitively informs us that resurrection is extended to all who harbor intentions and desires of survival value, notwithstanding the incomplete attainment of the cosmic circles of personality growth. Such growth is in reality, the consequence of the mindal consecration to the universal harmony of God the Mother. This second consecration is a long-term experiential process and is not accomplished with the immediacy of the initiating consecration of your will to the perfect will of God the Father, the faith grasp of sonship.

Our subsequent discussion centered upon the criteria for “intentions and desires of survival value.” This question centers on the state of the soul. The initiation of the soul by grace signals the initiation of a thread supremacy, which manifests a tendency to have an intention and desire of survival value. Unless actively, consciously, and knowingly rejected (not merely ignored or disregarded) this soul is resurrected. Here again we can take our salvation for granted!

The probationary period following resurrection furnishes time and circumstance for completing the achievement of the cosmic circles. The question frequently arises, why would anyone reject survival following resurrection? We are reminded that the nature of our resurrected morontial faculties afford greater capacity for self appreciation progressing to self love, according to the principle that enhanced capacity for creativity is accompanied by the same measure of capacity for destructivity. As immature mortals a protective “bubble” of mercy allows for the individual to persist long enough come to eye level with divine justice (law) and face the binary choice of destiny, eternity or oblivion.

Inasmuch as the governments of Orvonton and Nebadon are not direct manifestations of absolute law, they do not claim absolute perfection for the detail working of the plan for mortal repersonalization. They do manifest patience, tolerance, understanding, and merciful sympathy in such things, making the astounding claim that they would rather risk a system rebellion than deprive any evolutionary mortal of the rewards of pursuing the ascending career.

As mercy abounds in these matters of survival, divine justice is certain of achievement. All will creatures are given one true opportunity to make one undoubted, self-conscious, and final choice concerning their eternal destiny. Cessation of existence at the hands of the Ancients of Days is not decreed for any being of personality status until such a being has finally and fully made the eternal choice.

As mentioned previously, mortals who have personal seraphic guardians proceed immediately to the mansion worlds. Others are resurrected at the special or millennial resurrections, or they may join sleeping survivors to be resurrected en masse at the end of the current planetary dispensation.

The revelators confess two difficulties in explaining just what happens to the surviving you as distinct from the TA. Besides the restrictions placed on our author by the celestial governing planetary authorities, the nature of the borderland realm between the physical and morontia realms is so incomprehensible to mortals that no adequate explanation of such things can be provided. Nonetheless, the soul, the morontia self survives the death of the material self, the physical body and material mind. A point of reflection here is the idea that the resurrected and surviving soul is so transcendent of our material self, of which we are now conscious, that continuity of recognition of selfhood is likely to be tenuous at best. This condition being due to our minimal degree of genuine personal nature.

Our author proceeds to provide precise details of the phenomena associated with the interplay of an individual’s constituent parts, of body, mind, spirit, soul, and personality during death, through the intervening period to resurrection in morontia form. The various roles of celestials who foster, support, and execute these processes are likewise disclosed. These details are intricate, and complex and as such are not well served by a cursory synopsis. Re-read the text and listen to the archive of this program to properly appreciate the literal, and exacting procedures and processes involved in personality survival.

Further discussion is encouraged concerning the question of the nature of the immediate continuity of selfhood we might possess upon the morontia awakening, given the profound changes in the nature of the realities of the morontia realm in comparison with the material realm in which we now live.