Episode:Traversing the Superuniverse (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Upon graduation from the training worlds of a local universe, we mortals of time are advanced to the educational spheres of our superuniverse. As first-stage spirits, we will be able to recognize and communicate with the high spiritual rulers and directors of those advanced realms.

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Keywords: Urantia, Ascension, Afterlife, Heaven, Eternity

Note: Ann was away this week, and so there were only 3 co-hosts.

Summary by Kermit

15:9. Circuits of the Superuniverses

As we continue our study of the ascension path of evolutionary mortals we focus on the superuniverse domain. Here we begin with an examination of the circuits of spirit, mind and matter. In addition to the four presence gravity circuits of the Paradise Deities and the Isle, which can be thought of as absolute anchor points of personality, spirit, mind, and matter, we have seven superuniverse circuits which encompass:

  • the cosmic-mind circuit of the Master Spirits (one per superuniverse)
  • the reflective-service circuits of the seven Reflective Spirits
  • the secret circuits of the Mystery Monitors
  • the intercommunion circuit of the Eternal Son with his Paradise Sons
  • the flash presence of the Infinite Spirit
  • the Paradise and Havona broadcast circuits
  • and finally the energy circuits of the power centers and physical controllers.

We discussed some of the many complexities associated with this circuitry and made note of the precision the authors use in the terminology associated with them. We are also reminded that when we actually arrive in this domain, we will recognize and actually observe this circuitry in operation along with the beings who operate them.

The circuits of the local universes appear to be somewhat easier for us to comprehend, being three in number; the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit and the intelligence-ministry circuit which includes the adjutant mind spirits.

A local universe’s swinging into the settled circuits of light and life is characterized by local universe spiritual harmony and the blending of its individual and combined circuits to the point of being indistinguishable from those of the superuniverse. A local universe, thus settled is eligible for admission to the councils of the Ancients of Days. Both physical stability of the local universe and spiritual loyalty to the Sovereign Son are required for admission to the councils of the Ancients of Days.

Our universe Nebadon is not even physically stable, let alone fully spiritually loyal to our Sovereign Son. It will be a very long time by our standards before this event occurs. Notwithstanding, we receive the presence and ministry of numerous beings directly from our superuniverse capital as we continue our forward struggle to solve our difficult problems.

10. Rulers of the Superuniverses

While the superuniverses are presided over by three Ancients of Days, executive authority takes origin in the Councils of the Trinity and is immediately directed by one of the seven Master Spirits through the Seven Supreme Executives from the seven worlds of the Infinite Spirit surrounding Paradise.

The Ancients of Days are assisted by six different groups of beings, three groups of Paradise origin (Perfectors of Wisdom, Divine Counselors, and Universal Censors) and three groups of Trinity embraced beings of ascendant experience (Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, Those without Name and Number). It should be noted that except for the Ancients of Days, members of each of the other six groups served as authors of the revelation.

A note on reflectivity, which is so important to superuniverse administration. From the superuniverse headquarters, midway between the central universe and the local universes the Reflective Spirits and their Reflective Image Aids conduct their tremendous reflectivity operations. Think of reflectivity as a way of connecting all these vast numbers of beings separated in space by vast distances in a way that’s intimate, with no time delay. Fundamentally, it’s an expression of the wholeness of the grand universe which is accessible to certain beings within, that makes up for the energy limitations of the various ways of connecting up point A to point B that require time. The Supreme Mind is this fact of reflectivity. It’s a direct expression of the wholeness of the grand universe.

We also heard a very cogent description of the evolving superuniverse personality of the Supreme Being, also known as the universe Mother, which is worthy of re-visiting on the archives of the show.

The co-ordinate council of the superuniverse is composed of the seven groups of beings mentioned above and also include sector rulers and other regional overseers, including the beings of the order of Days, the Trinity Teacher Sons and the seven Reflective Image Aids.

The role of the Reflective Image Aids in giving voice to the Universal Mother is also very clearly described for new and older readers alike.

The superuniverses are isolated from each other and this is expected to persist until the more complete factualization of the Supreme Being.

18:3 The Ancients of Days

When ascending pilgrims attain the superuniverse headquarters training worlds (third stage spirits) they will be able to recognize and communicate with these high rulers including the Ancients of Days.

They are basically identical and provide a uniform administration of the superuniverses while the Seven Master Spirits determine the divers nature of their superuniverses. They are the most powerful and mighty of any of the direct rulers of the time-space creations. They alone possess the high powers of final judgment concerning the eternal extinction of will creatures. Aside form the Paradise Deities, they are the most perfect, most versatile and divinely endowed rulers of the superuniverses. But they have not experientially earned their right to rule, so they are destined to be superceeded by the Supreme Being, whose vicegerents they will become.

There is an analogy between the manner in which the Supreme Being is achieving sovereignty of the seven superuniverses and the manner by which the Creator Sons experientially earns sovereignty of his local universe. Even now the Ancients of Days exhibit the wisdom of originality and initiative of individually in their decrees and rulings.

The authors take the name Ancients of Days, from the book of Daniel, wherein the Ancient of Days is used for God in a judgmental role.