False orthodoxies

From Symmetry of Soul

This author is a second-generation reader and grew up hearing the generally accepted so-called correct understanding of The Urantia Book long before he could or would read the text himself. Upon reflection while trying to humbly practive courageous and independent cosmic thinking he began to compile this list of widely held orthodox doctrines/beliefs

  • The soul only gets the good stuff copied into it.
    • This cannot be, since among many other things we're told mortals arrive on the first mansion world with “varied defects of creature character and deficiencies of mortal experience” [47:3.8] (emphasis added). Character is a high word.
  • My soul is self-saving
    • I can freely take have my salvation "taken for granted" per [188:4.9]
    • No! indeed no! This is one of the principles of the Lucifer rebellion. Have you not read that Lucifer contended that "resurrection was natural and automatic"? [53:3.5]
  • Cellular life started 550 mya
  • Light and life is just around the corner: "quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment."
    • The ancient hebrews were so primitive. [146:2.3] Jesus quotes Zecheriah
  • Many statements are just soft, flowery poetry meant to be cooed over.
    • Be ye perfect... perhaps more than all others. But no. This is a mandate, command, etc. Nothing soft or fuzzy about it.

How did these things get set up?

  • Study group culture.
  • A small handful of elders seen as master interpreters of the text.
    • Sadler Sr held sway
      • His genetics seems to incline him to mystic notions we might today call "New Agey"
      • Although he battled against these notions in his professional life, he eventualyl got old
      • Later in his life, the genetic drift back to woo-woo was strong.
      • His understanding of TUB was diffuse. Didn't even recognize E=mc^2 is in the book
    • Before you cast stones: how much exactly like Sadler Sr are you, as well? What's your genetic inclination?
      • Ever tried on being a hippie? ThatSadler was inclined to that sort of thing, too.