Favorable conditions

From Symmetry of Soul

All synthesized from [Paper 100], these are things that don't come naturally and require reflection to use.

Man cannot cause growth, but he can supply favorable conditions. [100:3.7]

You cannot build a better self. You can be grown.

And [Paper 16] describes reflective thinking, suggests we begin to practice it (pulling back on the reins). Recognize the self-evident cosmic intuitions when they make an appearance in your life.

Step 1: Stop thinking existentially

  • The existential concept frame is all around us and can percolate into ideas of personal growth.
    • You might subtly assume your temporal nature is some eternal state.
    • Do you say "I just am who I am, and I can't change this and just rationalize living with it." That's an existential, self-limiting statement.
    • And remember patience as one of these conditions!
      • Do you say "I must do better next time?" That is an impatient declaration and if said willingly your freewill overrrules experiential deity from growing you.





Be just

i.e., honest and law abiding