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From Symmetry of Soul
  • The Urantia Book only reveals what we cannot figure out for ourselves in 1,000 years.
  • It only authoritatively eliminates error when it needs to for the purpose of letting truth flow more freely.
  • As a result, serious study of The Urantia Book will benefit from the very best of existing human knowledge brought to bear.
    • Example: The so-called geology papers circa [Paper 57] are not at all some comprehensive scientific treatise on geology. They provide just enough for a true philosophic framing and authoritative elimination of error. Bring the latest and best facts from human geological sciences to bear—get professional geologists studying this text—and our understanding will only deepen.
    • This is just as much the case for all the other human knowledge pursuits. We need historians who study The Urantia Book!
  • Source: March 3, 2015 episode