Symmetry of Soul:Ideas for future study arcs

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Part I ideas

  • The 3-fold Pentateuch: 3 sets of 5 papers at the start:
    • God the Father (1-5) (completed in 2019)
    • Existential Deity (6-10) (completed in 2023)
    • Cosmology (11-15)
  • 16-19 Spirit-origin beings

Part II ideas

  • <none at this time>

Part III ideas

  • 72 and 113: Government on the planets
  • [Winni] Growth of the Trinity Concept in paper 104
  • [Jenny] Evolution/creation of man; the first humans

Part IV ideas

Hint: papers that start with the year sometimes delineate large chunks.

  • 156-164: Pick up where we left off in April 2019
    • Just 6 months of time!
    • Some way to break this up into 2 arcs?
  • 189-194: Post-resurrection events
  • The Final Word (195-196 again)

Topical studies

Review of key concepts and teaching aids developed in SoS and by Dr. Chris over time.

  • Words that are 180-degrees flipped (visionary, etc)
  • Individuality, associativity, and unity. Or more generally, the threefold actuality and all major patterns of it.
  • Hourglass analogy.
  • Favorable conditions.
  • Being born of the Spirit (born again)
  • God the Mother (where is the handle to grab ahold of text-wide? Is there one?)
  • Table of Contents: The mechanics of engaging the Urantia Book
    • Its super-structure. It's not like any other thing you've read. You can't just read it.
    • Why the authors of papers are the authors that they are
    • Con: could be exhausting, dry, etc, and we tend to cover this as-we-go

  • [Jenny] Threefold actuality
    • Science, philosophy, and religion. Reconciling these with philosophy
    • Matter, mind (and brain), spirit and Deity
  • [Jenny] The emergency.
    • Why the 5th ER has been given to us (also some context with the first 4 revelations)
    • Requirements for civilization to progress
  • [Jenny] Rebellion and default: how it is still impacting society today
  • [Jenny] Structure and origin of the cosmos
    • Paradise, Havana, Superuniverses, local levels
    • Con: already somewhat covered this in the Paradise Ascent.
  • [Jenny] Jesus/Michael who is He and why did He come to our world
  • [Jenny] Our destiny: why we are here and where we are going
  • [Jenny] How we can have eternal life
    • And how that happens; Our binary choice: yes or no to eternal life
    • The work of the Thought Adjuster within us
  • [Jenny] Fatherhood of God, Our sonship and brotherhood of man

  • Closing Argument: a 2-4 episode look back. Sum up. Synthesize.

100% Untouched Papers (as of late 2023)

  • Paper 12. The Universe of Universes
  • Paper 13. The Sacred Spheres of Paradise

  • Paper 17. The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups
  • Paper 19. The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings
  • Paper 22. The Trinitized Sons of God
  • Paper 23. The Solitary Messengers
  • Paper 24. Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
  • Paper 25. The Messenger Hosts of Space
  • Paper 28. Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses
  • Paper 29. The Universe Power Directors

  • Paper 37. Personalities of the Local Universe
  • Paper 39. The Seraphic Hosts
  • Paper 41. Physical Aspects of the Local Universe
  • Paper 42. Energy—Mind and Matter

  • Paper 57. The Origin of Urantia
  • Paper 58. Life Establishment on Urantia
  • Paper 59. The Marine-Life Era on Urantia
  • Paper 60. Urantia During the Early Land-Life Era

  • Paper 61. The Mammalian Era on Urantia
  • Paper 62. The Dawn Races of Early Man
  • Paper 63. The First Human Family
  • Paper 64. The Evolutionary Races of Color
  • Paper 65. The Overcontrol of Evolution

  • Paper 72. Government on a Neighboring Planet

  • Paper 78. The Violet Race after the Days of Adam
  • Paper 79. Andite Expansion in the Orient
  • Paper 80. Andite Expansion in the Occident

  • Paper 104. Growth of the Trinity Concept
  • Paper 105. Deity and Reality
  • Paper 106. Universe Levels of Reality

  • Paper 156. The Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon
  • Paper 157. At Caesarea-Philippi
  • Paper 158. The Mount of Transfiguration
  • Paper 159. The Decapolis Tour
  • Paper 160. Rodan of Alexandria
  • Paper 162. At the Feast of Tabernacles
  • Paper 163. Ordination of the Seventy at Magadan
  • Paper 164. At the Feast of Dedication

  • Paper 189. The Resurrection
  • Paper 190. Morontia Appearances of Jesus
  • Paper 191. Appearances to the Apostles and Other Leaders
  • Paper 192. Appearances in Galilee

Discarded ideas

  • Something that would pair with or play off PHI's Friday night study
    • No. Organic is better.
  • Papers 104-106.
    • Unlikely we'll ever cover these on SoS because of their dense nature.
  • Topical study: The local universe
    • Covered previously in Paradise ascent arc and The Five Epochal Revelations arc.
    • Beginning paper 32. maybe thru 35 or 36 or more...who can say? to Morontia life??