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Tuesday evening

Arc-Series Platform Rotation ID Co-host 1 (lead "unpacker") Co-host 2 (emcee) Co-host 3 Co-host 4 Summary writing
Rotation of co-hosts, summary assignments, and broadcast platform
Local System—Headquarters (Paper 47) BTR A Chris Brad Andrea David Part 1: Andrea
Part 2: David
Part 3: Andrea
Part 4: Brad
Local System—Evolutionary Planets (Paper 49) B Chris Brad Andrea Justin Part 1: Justin
Part 2: Andrea
Part 3: Brad
Part 4: Justin
Part 5: David
Jesus of Nazareth—Childhood Career BTR C Chris Brad Justin David Part 1: Brad
Part 2: Justin
Part 3: David
Part 4: Brad
Part 5: Justin
Part 6: David
Part 7: Brad
Part 8: Andrea
Jesus of Nazareth—Transition and Adolescence A Chris Brad Andrea David Part 1: David
Part 2: David
Part 3: Brad/Andrea (TBD)
Part 4: TBD
Part 5: TBD
Jesus of Nazareth—Adult Son of Man B Chris Brad Andrea Justin TBD
TBD (ideas) TBD (ideas) C Chris Brad Justin David TBD

🎤 = emcee duties
TBD = To Be Determined

Thursday Evening

Main article: Symmetry of Soul:Video podcast concept

A 20- to 25-minute podcast with Brad and Ruthie, further reflecting on the Tuesday evening episode that just preceded, and/or general arc topical reflection. Plan for it being prerecorded and lightly edited (not heavily edited or overproduced)


  • Pilot a novel broadcast format to appeal to a different audience.
  • Let a newly married couple speak on relevance of the present study to their lives and their relationships with God.
  • Experiment with a new broadcast platform, given BlogTalkRadio's apparently aging and failing infrastructure.