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Publicly discoverable by the intrepid website used through search and what links here, but presently (2017) not otherwise linked to. They are mostly brainstorm facilitation and planning note takeing by the Symmetry of Soul Hosts.

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Emcee intro text

Welcome to Symmetry of Soul, an ongoing endeavor by able and willing students to grasp The Urantia Book in a synthetic wholeness. Tonight, Paper 135, Section 11

It's our arc: "Jesus Goes Public."

[Psalm 13] How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord? for ever? how long wilt thou hide thy face from me? How long shall I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart daily? how long shall mine enemy be exalted over me? Consider and hear me, O Lord my God: lighten mine eyes...I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation. I will sing unto the Lord, because he hath dealt bountifully with me.

Dr. Chris Halvorson continues to be our teacher, and we three co-hosts, Andrea Barnes, Kermit Anderson, and I strive to be able and willing students.

I'm Brad Garner, and we're so glad you've joined us this evening or in our archive. Please call up the text of The Urantia Book by paper or electronic means, and take a virtual seat with us as we seek new wineskins.

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Notes on Paper 56, Universal Unity

It is the final paper of Part 2. It follows papers concerning Light and Life, and is the logical endpoint of a progression up through Light and Life, a block of papers on universal coordination.

Perfecting Horizons Institute's Friday night public discussion group studied this paper in October 2016.

  • Unity is about 2 or more phenomena being together as one.
  • But unity is a word with multiple usages.
  • Desire of the author: most sweeping, transcendent exploration of unity. But let us explore how unity comes into reality in an experiential domain and its complex coordinated processes.
  • As science searches for a first cause, philosophy searches for universal unity--for cosmos. The ancient Greeks knew that Universal Unit was there to be found, and one's life could be predicated on it (philosophically). They were searching for it.

  • The whole=The Paradise Trinity. The individuality of the whole=the Mother. The individuality of the parts=the Father.
  • Concerning The Paradise Trinity, see the [0:12].
    • The Paradise Trinity is the whole in actuality.
    • But Mother deity originates from the Paradise Trinity, and it is the root of experiential reality. And Mother Deity, through the individuality of the whole, is the origin of the entire celestial hierarchy (including humans).
  • See also [196:3]. A reference to Universal Unity.
  • So Universal Unity bookends the entire revelation.

  • The fundamental quality of Deity is unity. And God is personalized Deity, hence the opening sentence.
  • If mind is involved, then the Mother is involved (the Father is not involved with mind)
  • If there were only parts (and no whole), there's be no way for a material part (like us) to be related to a spiritual part (God the Father).
    • But these two parts (us and God the Father) are interrelated in the whole.
    • If they weren't, none of this would work. We couldn't have thought adjusters and a zillion other things wouldn't work.
    • Mind bridges the gap between matter and spirit, and mind is of the Mother. This isn't magic.

  • The Architects of the Master Universe are absonite beings.
  • Is there really a universal harmony? You bet, it's cosmos. It's universal coordination. If you stop knowing this, then despair sets in (because of thoughts about chaos).
  • A greater awareness of the big picture will help you with the art of detecting this universal coordination.
    • And this a great comfort: no part can be lost. From the top-down, things are perfectly coordinated, all those gazillion parts, including us!
    • We each have been given the potential to remain an individual amid all of this unity. But it takes our active participation.
  • A single purpose? See [Paper 118], very last sentence.

  • Synchronize with the Whole, or you don't exist. That's the bottom line. This is scary to on'es self-righteousness, but it should be! We are not God.
  • Source and Center... Source=Mother, Center=Father

  • The first four sections: matter, mind, spirit, personality, in order.


Secular cults are everywhere, even if we don't call them that. Cult films. Trekkies. Audiophiles are a cult (with money to burn). Those dudes who play Frisbee golf every Friday and are really into it. Fanatics of a sports team. No one minds this. In moderation it's cool. The problem is applying religious thoughts to secular things. Trekism would be a problem. Audiophilism would be a problem. Frisbeeism would be a problem (and darn weird).

We each have this powerful energy. It can be directed outward or inward. Outward it's called zeal. Inward it's a religious impulse (hence its etymology of "worship"). I myself like "render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's, and unto God what is God's." The kingdom of heaven is within. I strive to not misdirect this precious energy.

This is a denotation versus connotation. Often the connotation wins, especially if its negative. The denotation of "cult" is okay, but the connotation is usually negative if it has even a whiff of a religious air around it.

The Stoic Human

  • Marcus Aurelius says: we can only control ourselves (stoicism)
    • There's no point in complaining about things you can't control, because it won't help.
    • No point in complaining about things you can control, because you're the only one who can improve them
  • Prudence: balance between existentializing (preserving) the past versus conserving the past.

Move to a new platform ideas

from Phil Calabrese, 2018-01-08

Chris Calabrese ( is sure YouTube offers a broadcast platform for free! (Even Video is free.) Perhaps there are fees for ad-free experiences. It is described as nothing more than:

  • Get a Gmail account and a YouTube account dedicated to the Symmetry of Soul talk radio show.
  • Copy existing archive of files up to the YouTube account so that they can continue to be heard.
  • Continue as before with YouTube.

Consider talking to BlogTalkRadio and asking what benefit there is over doing it free on YouTube and see what they say.

A movie of Jesus facing death

  • Mark Erickson likes the idea and says we should talk about it.
  • A very different "passion of the christ" for sure.
  • Or maybe a play.