Episode:Angels Revealed (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Addressing the concept of angels as it is revealed in the fifth epochal revelation—getting to know the ministering spirits.

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Keywords: Urantia, Angels, Ministering Spirits, Jesus, Great Books

Summary by Kermit

Discussion of “angels, authorities, and powers” in general the many Bible quotes deftly used by the revelators to use anything of human origin with rectifying alterations to illuminate truth.

Origin of Seraphim

The Universe Mother Spirit. We traced briefly the growth and development of the Universe Mother Spirit, from her beginnings as the “universe representation of the Infinite Spirit” to the Universe Mother Spirit, alluding to her fuller development into her co-ordinate of the Master Son.

Powerful truth: we live in a growing and perfecting universe. Our imperfection should pale before the truth that we are perfecting, our connection to God.

Angelic Natures

They perceive us as WE are

the “hands of the universe mother” a way to understand our Universe Mother Spirit. “only good can result from your efforts to understand and love them”

We learned that, descendants of the Father and Son designated with male pronouns while children of the Spirit are designated as feminine

p. 1245 Guardian seraphim are not mind, but spring from the same source. Spirit personalities.

Mind similarity of angels and humans and some interesting clues to how closely related they are as seen in the odd behaviors of certain individuals i.e. savants.

linear v holistic domains of consciousness was examined in relation to how similar are the minds of angels and humans yet functionally very different vis a vis the ability of the seraphim to “know automatically” how many hairs are on our heads.

wide ranging discussion of mind, touching on dream states and gender differences…..hints of our future on high.

angels do not judge, neither should we prejudge. Human judging is a collective not a personal function. On high justice (judging is a Trinity function, not father-son function)

discussed the revelators coining of names for an emphasis.

discussion about adoring v loving angels and recent cultural fascination of angels.

as we move up our ascension path, we grow from appreciation, enjoyment to sharing their places of rest and worship.