Episode:Ascending Sons of God (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The ascension career is the most important factor in any consideration of the mortals of time and space. All mortals are divinely beloved, and all may choose to accept the certain destiny of a glorious experience. Join us to hear the intriguing story of our faith sonship with God.

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Keywords: Paradise, Survival After Death, Mansion Worlds, Universal Father, Sons of God

Note: Ann was away this week, and so there were only 3 co-hosts for this episode.

Summary by Kermit

5.17 Series three — mortals of Adjuster-fusion potential

All Father-fused mortals are animal-origin beings. The brain type series to which mortals belong is not a factor in Adjuster bestowal, seraphic ministry or any other phase of spirit ministry. The differences among mortals occasioned by the brain type series are of ever diminishing significance over the creatures ascension career.

Differences among mortals do not disappear upon resurrection to the mansion worlds. There is nothing magical about death that obliterates individual differences among individuals. Re: brain type series. All lower functions in three brained types are handled by the “third” brain, which frees the two upper hemispheres to be more balanced. Three brained types struggle less in seeing matter and spirit as a dichotomy, but see them as “harmonizable” and set about doing that. Our “two brained” nature contributes to our conflict in this light, in that one of our hemispheres is required to handle many basic bodily tasks. This sets up the dichotomy between material pragmatism and spiritual idealism.

The Urantian two brain types do have a rudimentary “third brain” the cerebellum which does perform many functions of a regulatory nature like the third brain in the three brain types. However, with the two brain types, there is more of a vertical differential between the left side (individuality) and right side (unity) than in the three brainers.

5.18 The unnumbered series

There are differences too numerous to narrate even between the revealed orders of living creatures as between planets of the same group, but this presentation makes clear the essential differences in relation to the ascension career. And the ascension career is the most important factor in any consideration of the mortals of time and space.


Here we have the promise of mortal survival, provided we cooperate with the Adjuster and exhibit a desire to find God and attain divine perfection.

The authors are very “crafty” in their use of Bible quotes. They pick a translation that requires less modification in order to convey more truth. The faint flicker of faith is enough to achieve survival.

Reflect on the use of the phrase “as to the chances of survival”. The Mighty Messenger is attempting to turn our historical human perspective around, from the idea that survival involves any element of chance to the view that survival has nothing to do with chance. Survival depends on a simple act of consecration, not necessarily even in this life. Grace will carry us to mansion world number one, where choice is made clear.

There is much that we aren’t being told and don’t need to know. This mitigate against fundamentalism, totalism in study of the book.

It’s not just every tenth or decimal planet that is different, but there are other distinctions they don’t reveal.

6.1 The Faith Sons of God

The mortal races stand as the representatives of the lowest order of intelligent and personal creation. While we may each choose to accept our divine destiny we are till wholly mortal. Upon fusion we become ascending sons, but prior to this we are reckoned as faith sons.

We are immediately presented with a hard “fact point” that we are not now of a divine order. Our author wants us to feel some tension regarding the differentiation between fact and truth. We are not in FACT an ascending son, but we are in TRUTH ascending sons.

Hold this in mind, the FACT and TRUTH of these distinctions. With this perspective, we can begin to perceive in a 3D focus. Cosmic consciousness.


Here we have a literal anthology of bible citations speaking to our sonship status.

Fragments from the Bible here are strung together into a sequence. Many authors used, John, Paul, Isaiah all used together. We see how often the Bible speaks to this truth. Also, a tweaked passage from John, elevating the passage from “the power to BECOME the sons of God” to “the power to recognize that they ARE the sons of God.


Our sonship is based upon the following:

  1. Our faith grasp of sonship makes it real.
  2. Jesus’ incarnation as the Son of Man, our kinship with him as “elder brother” also links us with his and our Father.
  3. The bestowal of the Spirit of Truth which draws us toward the Creator Son and toward the Father.
  4. The Father’s bestowal of personality on us endowing us with divine spontaneity of freewill action.
  5. The bestowal of our Thought Adjuster

Not all of these are contingent of Michael’s bestowal. Example, personality has been bestowed for close to a million years. Choice has always been available. Both 1 and 4 are long in play. Also, not all involve specific ministries. Number 2 provides a catalytic context which “boosts” number 1. The consecration (number 1) is augmented by the knowledge of Christ Michael’s visit.

Another little fact. The word spontaneity in number 4. The root of spontaneous means of freewill. Translate this as divine volitional potential of freewill action.

7.1 Father-Fused Mortals

Adjuster indwelling is indeed one of the unfathomable mysteries of God the Father, carrying with them the potential of creature immortality.

The Adjuster is a fact that brings with it a potential. The Father is the initiator, His gifts are gifts of potentiality not of actuality. He gives divine volitional potential of freewill action. And He gives the potential of creature immortality. Then we have to choose to actualize this potential. If we don’t choose, the gifts lies dormant. Use the faith grasp! We MUST do something as well as be something.


This is our designation, sons of ascension potential. When we fuse with our Adjuster, when we are made one, even as Christ Michael, Son of God and the Son of Man are made one, we will have become ascending sons of God.

At Jesus’ baptism represents a literal phenomenon. The point at which Jesus’ soul fused with the spirit substance of Michael. At this point, a normal human would have fused with his Adjuster, but Jesus’ Adjuster “stepped out”. Which is why it is necessary to have a very adept and highly experienced Adjuster to do the job of helping a Paradise bestowal Son.

Note, ascending sonship may be attained by faith AND freewill cooperation with your Adjuster. Twofold consecration, 1. consecrate our will to the perfect will of God the Father, by faith and 2. consecrate the mind to the universal harmony of God the Mother. these spiritualizing activities of the Adjuster are about us acquiring a harmony in our soul, which is a copy of the high domains of our mind in which we’ve established a measure of harmony.

It’s one thing to delight in the grace of initiation into sonship, but one must do something as well as be something. We can’t just rest on our laurels of grace. These are still gifts of potential. And this potential must be actualized in order to reach Paradise.


The Adjusters are with us from the very early days of our physical existence up through our entire ascending career to Paradise and beyond. Throughout our eternal adventure this same Adjuster is one with you and of you.

This process starts at a very very early stage and takes a very very long process encompassing passage through the domains of the local universe, superuniverse and central universe. By the time we get to Paradise we are completely infused into a significant portion of the Adjuster, we’ve actualized quite a bit of potential. There remains an infinite amount of potential to carry us all the way to eternity. That is not OF us, but just WITH us. When we arrive at Paradise, we have completed the first half of our finite career. The Father dwells at the infinite level, so His gift is of infinite magnitude. The two potentials He’s given us are infinite in extent. When actualized we will not be literally an infinite being in “quantity”, but when actualized through endless cycles of eternity we will have an infinite depth of quality.


We are they who have been commanded to be perfect. With the bestowal of the Father’s own spirit upon us comes the demand of ultimate perfection. This human ascent from the mortal spheres of time to the divine realms of eternity should be the supreme study of mortal man.

In light of the admonition that our ascension career should be the supreme study of mortal man, while so much of our thought and activity is spent on frivolous and meaningless pursuits. This recommended study is not simply an intellectual exercise. It is of great value in this life and helps us to eternalize our consciousness. Wherein the vicissitudes of life assume their “normal” proportions. Never before in human history has mankind possessed this kind of authoritative information concerning our origins, history, and destiny.

Without this revelation, we can’t truly make this our supreme study because the rebellion and default have obscured our past. Why didn’t we receive the revelation sooner? Because it was not indispensible to our progress as it is now. If we do not take up this challenge, things will become very difficult for us. We have a philosophical emergency building on the planet.

The use of the italicized “therefore”. It’s impossible to have a true religion without a true philosophy and a true science. Instead we have so-called science, so-called philosophy, and so-called religion. Lazy subjective humans don’t like the word “demand”. We have always had a problem with God. We like to find a way to believe in a God that doesn’t make demands on us. We want everything free and without effort. The Father does demand ultimate perfection. It is not just independent cosmic thinking, but independent AND courageous thinking. Choosing to actualize these Father gift potentials takes transcendent courage, because when we choose to finally recognize what we know faintly, we begin to look towards God in our mind, and let the full force of it into our consciousness, we know He demands ultimate perfection of us. This can be scary. The reason for the vast amount of information in the FER is so that we can somehow temper the recognition of a Father’s demand, but there are enormous resources, beings, ministries, time and worlds available for the accomplishment of this demand! Just start, knowing we are on a very long and demanding journey. Not a supreme journey, but an ultimately demanding journey. We must wholeheartedly consecrate ourselves to this effort, even here in the beginning. Half-hearted effort will be unavailing. We’ve dismissed the idea of duty as an artifact of institutional religion. Duty is to be accepted, it’s the second cosmic intuition. This is objective reality, not a subjective one. Commentary on spiritual v religious, an attempt to avoid the Father’s demand. This is a difficult transition (interregnum). The revelation is here to help us muster the courage to take on our duty so we can grow. The world needs us to grow. Here we are given commands and demands from God.


Fusion with a fragment of the Universal Father is equivalent to a divine validation of eventual Paradise attainment. We are the only class of human beings who all traverse the Havona circuits and find God on Paradise. Our career of universal service is wide open. Do we grasp and appreciate what has been done for us?

8.1 Son-Fused Mortals

Surviving mortals of fusion candidacy usually fuse with their Adjusters on the mansion worlds. Some however, don’t fuse until after reaching the final training spheres on the local universe headquarters. Still others don’t fuse at all.


While having been deemed worthy of survival, these mortals still have been unable to fuse.

Commentary on the “seventy times seven”, demonstrates the interesting use by the revelators of an olden Biblical reference (seventy times AND seven), with a new meaning, “seventy times seven” referring to the number of training worlds in and around Salvington.


After considerable scrutiny involving personal representatives of the Ancients of Days, this mortal becomes immediately fused with an individualized gift of the spirit of the Creator Son.

Son-fused mortals are not so easy to understand as the other two “fusers”. What is the individualized gift of the spirit of the Creator Son? Literally Michael can not fragment himself. The individualized gift to which they refer is this. At the next level (superuniverse-a certain mother domain) the Reflective Mother Spirits have an amazing ability to produce a fragment of their spirit substance that is a direct reflection of the nature of the Creator Son. So this aforementioned gift is their substance imbued with that qualities of the Creator Son. Another manifestation of this is the ability of the ascenders when they leave the local universe they don’t leave behind the Creator Son spirit ministry (unlike the Divine Minister’s Holy Spirit). Thus they can contain and bring to bear the Son’s ministry, apart from the local universe. Here we have an ascender having a “synchronizing difficulty”, which is remedied by Reflective Mother Spirits’ synchrony with the Creator.


Son-fused mortals ascend with us up as far as the superuniverse.


This group is very small in number (<one million in all of Orvonton). They are our equals in every way except as regards residential destiny on Paradise. They visit Paradise, but are usually confined to their superuniverse.

These ascenders are confined to the superuniverse regime, although some do (seldom= not never) achieve Paradise residency. To do so they must be modified. Their numbers are incredibly rare.

9.1 Spirit-Fused Mortals

They are not Third Source personalities. They have fused with individualizations of the premind spirit of the Third Source and Center. Fusion takes place upon mortal awakening on the mansion worlds.

Both Spirit-fused and Son-fused mortals are confined to specific mindal domains. If these ascenders were given some type of spirit fragment that possessed some form of transcendent self-mindedness (like a n Adjuster), then they could leave their confines. But these premind individualizations don’t allow the ascender to leave their assigned domains. These fragmentations obviate much struggle and effort on the part of the ascender, thus they don’t have some much ascension, but a lot of horizontal work.

There must be beings who encompass these domains of experience.


They enjoy the ministry of Adjuster indwelling during their earthly careers and have souls. The Adjuster takes eternal leave of them upon mortal death.


Upon repersonalization on the mansion worlds, they are fused with an individualization of the spirit of the Divine Minister. They are our equals in mind and spirit and share with us the ascension training regimes of the mansion worlds.

Note the use of the word “infusion”. At fusion, only the “surfaces” are brought together. The soul is not yet infused with the Adjuster. There remains the whole local universe career to infuse the soul fully into the Adjuster, enabling us to leave the local universe. Whereas, with Spirit fusers, they receive an “infusion” at the beginning of their morontia career. The entire upper portion of their ascension path has been “filled in”. Their achievement is by grace, not by works. They have more horizontal orientation to their tasks in addition to their vertical progress with us Father-fusers.